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    Well Trump beat 2 of those talented patriotic Republicans, and there is nothing stopping them from running in 2024 if Trump wins. Biden will step down in 90 days, which why there is so much lobbying on the VP position, they will still be able to be elected for 2 more terms...11 years is a long...
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    PETA is after a guy in CA - article mentions AH

    So to be clear you think that hunters in 500 years will be compared to Nazis or the Klan? Knowing we have forward thinkers like yourself in our ranks makes be feel good about the future of hunting. Also nice you to throw Walter Palmer under the bus, that was in Mongolia and those hunts are...
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    PETA is after a guy in CA - article mentions AH

    What I am saying is that your point doesn't logically make sense. They will use something else, in fact the LA times story that I read didn't have any photos of the hunter. They have just a story. Also you point about being able to hunt 100% of African is misleading at best and really has...
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    PETA is after a guy in CA - article mentions AH

    If you think that if we stop posting pictures that suddenly the pressure to ban hunting will go away, you're crazy. If they don't find it on Facebook they will find it on here, or an outfitters website, a hunting show, a DSC promotional video, etc. We can't go into hiddening thinking it will...
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    Sable Hunt 2021 With Henry Griffiths Safaris US$3,000

    Fantastic offer!
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    Customs broker in Washington DC

    I think they still have to be cleared in Baltimore. Might want to give hunters international a call. I have used them 3 times.
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    TANZANIA: Has Anyone Hunted With Grand Safari?

    I know he hunts Benin and Cameroon as well. I have talked with him a few times and seems to be pretty honest. Feels like he is a bit of a freelancer.
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    Yeah listen to the scientists...the ones that said we dont need to shut down travel, or for the first 2 months said dont wear a mask, it isnt necessary, or that we should stay shut down till we have a vaccine (how would that have worked with HIV). The one saying hydroxychloroquine is dangerous...
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    The moderate democrat party is just starting, they are called Republicans, i.e. Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, etc...
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    For Sale .416 Ruger With Ammunition

    Damn this is a great rifle, I have one but the thought of a back up was working on me. Thank you to who bought it!
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    Shipping from Africa Shut Down?

    I paid mine back in March and was suppose to make it on the last flight out of Zambia but it didnt make it. I just paid another 170 and it should go out this week or next. But it does seem like stuff is starting to move.
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    My guess is the government is paying them back, I imagine this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to rake in profit with little push back.
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    Draw Results coming in

    That's awesome!!! Congratulations and look forward to the story!
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    Draw Results coming in

    @jeff what unit did you draw? Did you draw as a resident?
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    Different Kinds Of Central African Savanna Buffalo

    I wonder if CAR will ever be safe for hunting again.
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    Biden has already talked about raising capital gains tax. The only way Wall Street is ok with Biden is that he has been in the swamp so long that the lobbyist are so embedded they know they can dictate the terms and exceptions to any tax/stimulus plan he signs off on.
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    Bad Taxidermy

    Dude you are a better man than me. Thank you for sharing, though.
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    Dallas Safari Club Convention 2021 New Dates Confirmed

    Also Valentines Day, not sure if that matters or not.
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    There is a lot of talk of Elizabeth Warren becoming the Treasury Secretary under Biden. Biden might not intend to rock the boat but putting "progressives" in cabinet positions means a lot of their agenda will be pushed through with little resistance.
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    He shouldnt have tweeted the video without really watching it first. He knows everyone is picking apart everything he does and he should come out and tell that guy to shut up. But since we are talking about racism. I pretty sure Joe Bidens gaff below is worse. There is no mistake about how...
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    Which A frame in 416?

    I would go with 400 and not think twice about it.
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    Here is a reason not to vote for Biden. Far leftist in charge of Treasury.
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    @Saul I read the article that you are referencing that said China wants Trump since the short term pain of tariffs/trade will in the long run be outweighed by the benefits of an isolated US where China could step into the power void. My thinking is that this was before Coronavirus where a lot...
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    McCain was a bitter petty person. He did everything he could to be a thorn in Bush's side after he lost the primary and was a thorn in Trumps side since Trump won. MCCAIN WAS THE VOTE, THE DECIDING AND ONLY VOTE TO KEEP OBAMACARE! Do you think he did that out of moral duty. Jeff Flake...
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    @Saul I understand where you are coming from, especially with the national debt, as that is concerning. However, Trump appointed 2 conservative supreme court nominees (though they havent always sided conservative). As well as the 100s of lower court appointees. That alone should be enough to...
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    For Sale Heym Express Martini 404 Jeffery

    Well played sir, well played!
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    For Sale Heym Express Martini 404 Jeffery

    I'll buy a ticket if it comes to a raffle.
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    Leopard - How I Hunt (Zoom Safari #3 by Nathan Askew)

    PM Sent - Look forward to talking with you again!
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    Tsala Safaris Intro to Sable Hunting

    I got my Sable with Tsala and he has a great operation for Sable. Unlike other places I have seen where the Sables just stand around and look at you, you really have to hunt them at Tsala. It took till Day 3 for us to find one. It was a hunt!
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    Super Nova

    I vote for 26 inch. But regardless of your choice you cant go wrong with a Supernova.
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    Here is an article from Politico basically saying the same thing @Wheels is saying.
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    Here is really why the polls are wrong, it is because people wont admit they are voting for Trump for fear of being shamed or hassled.
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    Did the person you opened the door for identify themselves as a women or did you make that sexist assumption!! Shame on you! What amazes me is somewhere there is some asshole who is actually offended you used the word women.
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    Canada moose hunt recommendations

    @ActionBob can you PM the outfitters name you got your goat with? I would appreciate it!
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    I think what @Saul is saying is businesses have a right to choose how they run their business. If they want you to wear one and you dont want to wear one you have the right to shop somewhere else. The masks are a bit silly, I wear an altitude mask it doesnt nothing for protection but looks...
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    500 gallons of gasoline what burn unless you have a dont need to pay a crowd, you need to pay one. Here is carefully around the diversion.
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    Rhodesia/Zimbabwe Loses A Bit More History & Tradition

    Google who paid their bail, and you will see the root of the problem.
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    Nosler M48 Heritage rifle, any good?

    I have 2 of the nosler M48s (not the heritage) and love them and doubt I will ever buy another rifle. But for what it is worth they hate Barnes bullets.
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    China’s trade war w Australia

    Sorry I was feeding a 9 week old baby as I was writing that so my focus was a bit elsewhere. In a silo meant to look at one issue and one issue only, such as voters are taking the country a certain direction or consumers are based upon one issue. So looking at the push for climate change by...
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    China’s trade war w Australia

    I typical agree with you but a lot of these scenarios that you are describing is based in a bit of a silo or vacuum. Using your example, Climate Change, this would assume this is everyone's top issue or an issue that would influence their vote (it also assumes they are informed or understand...
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    Just filled my two Turkey tags today

    Congratulations!! Unfortunately I wasnt able to get out this year but I love turkey hunting more than anything.
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    Draw Results coming in

    Wyoming is actually a little more complicated than that as there is a random pool as well. But in summary, it is really hard to draw some premier tags, the states have made it way to complicated in order to appease everyone, and it is now a major way for agency's to get additional revenue...
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    Draw Results coming in

    I'm 0 for Everything so far...but only put in for sheep and goat. But that includes AK, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, New far. I also put in for a long shot elk tag in Arizona. Still building points but I am pretty much in no man's land. Still a few more states and raffles in...
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    Taxidermy cost and questions for possible upcoming safari

    Definitely get your stuff out of Zimbabwe. There is a lot of good taxidermist state side (lots of crappy ones too) but they can ship the complete work to you.
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    USA: Filling The Void

    Looks like you are making the best of it. As for the snake, I would not tell you to stay calm, it would have been "Run!!!!" Good for you for holding tight.
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    I am kind of with you on that.
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    Do you think the 2021 hunting season will have great deals on African hunts?

    I actually hope they dont go much lower. We always say if it pays it stays, but if prices go too low, obviously it isnt paying it is bad for industry.
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    Is there a game that only can be hunted in Russia and not in Europe?

    Got to go to the "Stans" for Marco Polo...there is a population in China but it is not huntable. I dont think there are any markhor in Russia. But that is unconfirmed.