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    I actually like that aspect of it but his but that message trickled out. Biggest issue. Additionally, when masks were deemed prudent, he should have set the example: All he had to do was walk out to the podium wearing one and then take it off to talk. I also disagreed with how he handled the...
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    The problem is the damage that can be done by the Dems between 2021 and 2025. They already have a strong majority in the House and the Republicans will be lucky to hold the Senate. Liberal Supreme Court justices... two or pack it. 2nd Amendment. Higher taxes. Do away with the Electorial...
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    What have you been doing since you can’t go on Safari?

    Beautiful background.
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    For Sale Weatherby Mark V .378 Synthetic & Cerakoted

    Nice rifle. It would be great for hunting Alaska as well as Africa. Purchaser must like fast recoil.
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    New guy says Hi

    Welcome pamtnman. Tell us a little about yourself. Have you hunted Africa? Taste in firearms?
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    Sunglasses, yes, no, type?

    I wear photochromatic prescription glasses (grey). When it is seems exceptionally bright, I switch to polarized prescription glasses.
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    Hello Hunters

    Welcome falco. This site will light the fire to hunt Africa. We look forward to your input.
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    8 Remington Magnum

    I had an 8 mag but never shot anything with it. I actually got rid of it because the only bullet it would shoot well was the 220 gr Sierra and I had a bad experience with the 250 gr Sierra in a .338. With it’s introduction Remington basicly made it a poor man‘s .300 Wby with its 185 (3100 fps)...
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    Sight, sound or smell, which evokes African Safari the most?

    A tough choice... Lions roaring at night. Death bellow of a buffalo. (Tie: I waited all my life to hear those sounds)
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    What have you been doing since you can’t go on Safari?

    Hit the range once a week. Do some reloading. Watch African hunting shows or YouTube videos. Started rebuilding part of the deck. Other than that, the usual household chores. 2020 SUCKS! If COVID wasn’t enough, the wife has been having some issues and I tore up my knee plus I’m going to need...
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    NAMIBIA: Has Anyone Hunted With Hunters Namibia Safaris?

    I haven’t hunted with them but I met Marina at SCI 2017. I talked to several references, some of which were well known names in hunting. Everyone had nothing but glowing praise for the operation. I’d hunt with them in a heartbeat.
  12. Casey


    Casey. We should have named him Mayhem.
  13. meigsbucks

    Favorite above .40 Revolver cartridge?

    Gotta love that .475 L. I haven’t taken anything but deer with it but as you stated, there is little you can’t hammer with it.
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    375/06 Encore

    I don’t think you need to crimp for SS handguns. Is your Encore a straight .375/06 or the JDJ version? As others have stated, the Barnes manual gives data for the Scovil version which would be a good starting point for either. As velocity will be around 2400 you should be able to get decent...
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    A man and his dog, lets see yours

    Casey. We should have named him Mayhem.
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    Best Caliber for Tiny 10?

    I shot my Steenbok with a .30/06 and a 180gr Barnes TSX at ~20yds. Hit the offside shoulder. Blew out the whole front half of the off side. For a dedicated T10 gun, I’d find an old Savage 24 in .222/20 ga. Otherwise, as Phillip, Red Leg and BeeMaa stated, solids in a .375 or .416.
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    Boot question

    I wore Rocky Outbacks on both safaris. I’ll wear them on safari three as well. On my first in Zim, my PH wore “river shoes” (sandals) and in Namibia the PH wore Courtney’s.
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    Fourty Something

    I took a .375 and a .416 Ruger to Zim on my first safari. As I thought this would be my only chance for fulfilling a life long dream of taking a buffalo, I wanted whatever rifle I had in my hand to be up to the task. As it turned out I shot my buffalo and seven other head of game with the .416...
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    Is any kind of hearing protection used on safari?

    I used an ear band when checking the sights. I wore them around my neck when hunting but only remembered to insert them in my ears for a couple of animals.
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    hello from Namibia

    Welcome Christian. Look forward to hearing about your hunts and taste in rifles. Plenty of information on reloading on this site. Congratulations on your retirement.
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    A Pair Of Canvasbacks Full Mount Taxidermy

    Very nice. A unique perspective.
  22. 400 gr Barnes TSX & .416 Ruger Bullet Perfrormance

    400 gr Barnes TSX & .416 Ruger Bullet Perfrormance

    I used a 400 gr Barnes TSX out of a .416 Ruger for a frontal shot on the buff in my avatar. The solid was an insurance shot when it was down.
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    Hello from the UK

    Welcome to AH. Good luck obtaining a .375. It is an all time classic round that can do it all.
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    Bullet for Cape Buffalo

    I used a 400 gr Barnes TSX out of a .416 Ruger for a frontal shot on the buff in my avatar. The solid was an insurance shot when it was down.
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    Hello from Texas

    Welcome Will Self. As you’ve already discovered there is a lot of info available on this site. If you can’t find the answer here, just ask. A lot of safari experience on here and everyone is glad to help. Congratulations on booking your FIRST safari. There is no other hunt like a FIRST safari...
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    Welcome JLF. I enjoy hearing from hunters from around the world and look forward to hearing of your experiences.
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    Sako 85 Brown Bear 416 Rigby

    Very nice Toby458! I think the laminated stock is perfect for a DG rifle. I hope to see you and that rifle next to a big tusker someday.
  28. meigsbucks

    28 Gauge Recommendations

    A couple of years ago I wanted a 28ga SxS. As I don’t do much bird hunting anymore, I picked up a little CZ Bobwhite 28ga. Double triggers, extractors, five choke tubes, light weight and only about $650.
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    Want To Buy Ruger 77 Old Model Tang Safety - Trigger Guard

    About three years ago I broke mine and picked up one from Brownells.
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    Welcome Enrico. You’ve come to the right place to learn about African hunting. You already have great taste in rifles. It sounds like you’re going to fit in well here.
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    Trijicon Accupoint

    Not to hijack this thread but Red Leg and Big5 stated that the Trijicon glass wasn’t up to Zeiss or Swarovski levels. I have a question based on this: Is it more in line with a Leupold VX3 or a VX6?
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    Hello all!

    Welcome to AH Andrew. Congratulations on your first safari. It will change your life. Everyone on this site it willing to answer your questions... just ask.
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    Can you bring back used ammunition brass from RSA for memorabilia purposes? If so, how?

    I’d take a small lockable ammo box. On return put the empty brass in an original box and put it in the locked box in you checked bag, just as if I was traveling with a rifle.
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    My new and first Remington 700

    Nice rifle. Looks like a deer killing machine. It should serve you well. I have a 700 Long Range in .25/06 with the B&C M40 stock which I like very much. As others have stated, you’ll probably want to swap out the trigger.
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    I wouldn’t give them S—T!
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    I've found perfection

    Congratulations on your new toy. Let’s see some pics.
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    In memoriam - RIP simple man - Charlie Daniels

    We lost one of the greats and an avid 2nd Amendment proponent.
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    Recommended Binocular Carry Methods

    This is REALLY stir up some s—t. I have a pair of Zeiss 8x20 compacts that fold up and fit in a shirt pocket. They have gone with me on every hunt since the early 1980’s. On my first safari I had those Zeiss plus a pair of Swarovski 10x30’s. My PH told me to just leave the Swarovski’s in the...
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    Comment by 'meigsbucks' in media 'Leupold BX-5 Santiam HD 15X56 Binoculars'

    Very nice but don’t set them on the forest floor or you’ll never find them.
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    Happy July 4th to our US members

    Thanks for posting Von Gruff. Happy 4th of July everyone!
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    Hello from BC, Canada

    Welcome to AH Andy. As you’ve already found this is a great site for learning about hunting Africa. You are absolutely correct, a safari is worth saving for. Your first safari is the hunt of a lifetime.
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    I’ve long said if Condolezza Rice ran for POTUS, she’d get my vote in a heartbeat. I hoped she’d had run in 2016.
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    Barnes LRX

    I’m loading the 250gr LRX in my .338 RUM. I haven’t killed anything with them yet. They give the same accuracy in my rifle as other top loads. To get the higher BC (.602) they take an already long bullet, compared to the 250gr TSX, and make it longer so it does protrude further into to case.
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    Welcome to AH Matt.
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    Hi all

    Welcome to our community.
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    Hello all...

    Welcome to AH. As you’ve already seen plenty of people willing to help answer your questions.
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    Africa Hunts and Relationship with Your Professional Hunter

    Trust me they love to answer your questions. What I meant by doing what your PH says is, if he says always stay right behind him... do. If he says stop... stop. There are some people who “think” they know more or better than their PH. Nope. Take in the sights, sounds, smells... everything that...
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    No1 In 500 Nitro Express With Reloading Equipment

    I can see why that’s your “baby”. I have a “thing” for #1’s. A great chambering. I love the ghost ring sight.