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    Hunting In Texas

    Well done!
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    Thanks for the add

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    Draw Results coming in

    Struck out on Utah this year
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    Hi from New Mexico

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    ZIMBABWE: Early Season Elephant Hunt With Nyamazana Safaris

    Very cool! Thanks for sharing
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    Reproduction Elephant Tusks

    Came out really nice!
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    New guy from Texas...

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    Hello all

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    So you actually think if 1.3 million people (I think that is a rough ballpark of the current positive tests to date) had gotten very ill, we would be better off? Or that containing the spread of the virus would be easier? I'm sorry, I just don't understand that logic. I would imagine if...
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    Hello from North Carolina

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    Survey: Your Favorite. 30 Caliber

    As of now I would say the 30-06 as it is what I have used to hunt since I started. But I recently picked up a 300 H&H that I'm really looking forward to shooting and more importantly hunting with.
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    Greetings from North Carolina also

    Welcome aboard!
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    2 New builds in progress custom M98's

    Very nice work
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    SOUTH AFRICA: A Lady's First

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    For Sale .450 Rigby CZ 550

    Darn you @ActionBob! (y)
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    Howdy from South Africa

    Welcome aboard!
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    For Sale .450 Rigby CZ 550

    How's the action/feeding? Any dies/ammunition available?
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    For Sale .300 & .375 H&H Die Sets

    I'm going to hang onto them - just purchased a new to me 300 (y)
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    Bringing family

    Welcome aboard! Lots of good info already. I'll second that you should ask your outfitter (or the outfitters you are considering), and I'm sure they will be able to line up some great stuff for the wife.
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    Hi from sunny South Africa

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    New lady hunter from the PNW!

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    For Sale .300 & .375 H&H Die Sets

    I'll take them
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    The Hunting Leopard Which Almost Killed My Client

    Thank you for the quick follow up sir!
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    The Hunting Leopard Which Almost Killed My Client

    Very entertaining story! Thank you for sharing! I do have a question - when the leopard charged the first time and the client accidentally hit the magazine release, all 4 cartridges dropped. Am I to understand that he was following a wounded leopard without a round chambered?
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    See Through or Detachable Scope Rings for 375 H&H

    QD - I like Alaskan Arms or Talley
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    Intro from Arizona

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    Hello from Texas

    Welcome aboard!
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    Hello to All

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    Blaser R8 for Dangerous Game

    Very nice! Congrats
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    Greetings and salutations

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    Hello from Arizona

    Welcome! I'm also a little jealous of the cats - that is definitely on my bucket list one day.
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    Hello from Kansas

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    Hi from NJ

    Welcome aboard!!
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    Thanks @BRICKBURN, very interesting look at where Sweden is at in relation to others.
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    Rockin G Ranch New lodge construction

    Looking great!!
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    Just for conversation's sake - I don't think the point is that they have a much lower death rate than everyone else. I think the point is they are on par, or in some cases have a lower death rate than countries that have gone into full blown lockdowns. The argument I believe is that perhaps...
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    For Sale Browning Safari .338 Winchester Magnum Zeiss 3 x 9

    Someone buy this....
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    Wheels has summed it up nicely. Today was the settle date for May volumes, and due to a massive oversupply prices fell through the floor. Depending on who you listen to, the world is oversupplied by somewhere around 20+ mmbo/d (million barrels of oil per day).
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    What stocks are you trading today

    Today was the settle date for May volumes. There is a massive oversupply due largely to Covid-related stay at home orders (i.e. much less travel) and businesses shutting down, as well as the Saudi/Russia oil spat. Oil will come back when demand comes back. That is a very simplistic...
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    on a lighter note...

    I feel like someone should paint "2020" on the car, and "COVID-19" on the rhino....
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    What Are Your Alternative Plans?

    Was going with Wayne, @Nyamazana Safaris. Will still be going, just have to figure out when!
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    Hello from the UK

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    Hello the camp

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    What Are Your Alternative Plans?

    Was supposed to be my 3rd day in Zim right now for leopard/buff. Instead, I'm working on selling a house due to a change in jobs. Also seriously thinking about trying to do a hunt this spring/early summer here in TX before the move. Looking at you @gizmo
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