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  1. Bhfs300

    European mount taxidermy questions

    I have done two safaris and just had dip and ship done of most of the skulls. I only had to bleach one skull. I used the wall mounts that you can get at your sporting goods store. One I made my own plaque so I could include the arrows used with one of the skulls. As long as you don’t have any...
  2. Bhfs300

    Delta seats

    Sorry the photo you showed I thought the front seats were business class. What I was referring to are the seats in Premium select. They are the section at the top of your photo clip. We flew back from Australia in that section and it sure made the 15 hours more pleasant.
  3. Bhfs300

    Delta seats

    The comfort + are recliners so your legs will be on the foot rests. I would say you might want to be back a row so you would have the handy room under the seat in front of you. TV and table come out of the arm rests.
  4. Bhfs300

    Tanning vs Dip/Pack

    On my last safari I had one hide a red Hartebeest done there since everyone said it would be less expensive. The rest of the four trophies were just dip and ship. It took more than a year to get things back to the states. It was all about the tanned skin they said there was an electric rationing...
  5. Bhfs300

    What animal to shoulder mount

    I would go for a Chess knight token as a pedestal!!
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    TESLA Is this a close contact to your hunting company.
  7. Bhfs300

    Kudu & Nyala Hunt During The Rut 2023

    Could you change 1 x Kudu 1 x Nyala To 1 X bushbuck instead of the Nyala Tom
  8. Bhfs300

    Input Wanted 375 Ruger vs 375 H&H

    Hi I don’t have a left handed 375 Ruger but I do have a 375 Ruger that I got to go back to Africa for a Cap Buffalo. I also got a Leapold 1-5 for it. i haven’t made it back to Africa and I have shot some 300 grain through it. When I found some 275 grain shells I went from a zero at 100 to one...
  9. Bhfs300

    Red Deer Hunting In Romania 2023 Season

    Hi Of the above photos how many of them would fall into the expectations 5-8 kg category?
  10. Bhfs300

    Africa is just not for me

    I wanted to get my wife to Africa to see what I did but she wouldn’t go on a hunt so I got my first PH who is now on his own to give us a Photo Safari since I knew he was into photography. That was January 2020 for that May-June and it didn’t happened. We pushed it to 2021 still no travel. We...
  11. Bhfs300

    First Safari! Most versatile Plains Game cartridge...

    I would put in a vote for the 300 WM that is what I took on my rifle Safari and it did great. I agree with Aaron N. I now also have a 375 Ruger but only have shot paper with it.
  12. Bhfs300

    100 pound & 90 pound bulls taken in Botswana!

    It might be a better photo if wasn’t shot with a wide angle lense. Any other photos
  13. Bhfs300

    Your recommendations - compact and convenient high quality binoculars

    Muskox I was 20-200 in one eye 20-300 in the other. I had LASIK surgery on both eyes 23 years ago. The next next morning I had 20-19 vision in both eyes. I could see a Canadian Honker in the valley below the friends house we went to. At 69 my vision is still 20-20 the only problem is as I got...
  14. Bhfs300

    SOUTH AFRICA: First African Safari In The Books With Somerby Safaris

    Great story of the hunt but if this was 2018 you must have some trophies in the trophy room by now! Any photos of the end results?
  15. Bhfs300

    Wanted 375 H&H Brass

    And lastly, as an added bonus, I am interested in finding some Norma 300 win mag brass (and even .30 cal Swift A Frames). I have these 300 Win Mag. They are are all once shot since I don’t reload. One of the Barns boxes has 12 the rest are full.(312 total) mare you still looking?
  16. Bhfs300

    Photo Question?

    Might not be correct but most of the photos where the faces are blurred out are when the Safari company is posting the photo. They probably feel they need to have permission to post a photo of a client???
  17. Bhfs300

    Smaller trophy room ideas sought...

    Do the book they are great to pull out and look at with all the text telling the story of the trip. here are my two from 2012 and 2014! Tom
  18. Bhfs300

    Hunt this April with Roche Safari

    In January 2020 at the Denver Sports show I talked to Roche of Roche Safari since he was my PH on my first Safari in 2012 about doing a photo Safari with him. We booked a time in April that year. Then the Covid pandemic blew up and that was changed to 2021. We still couldn’t do it then pushed...
  19. Bhfs300

    Smaller trophy room ideas sought...

    Hi Tiger I put these in a thread about trophy rooms before. But here are a couple photos of my room it is 16’ on this end. the room has a 6’ bump out behind the bar. The room is 28’ long but to the end of the bar is 23’. I take a lot of photos so that space could be more trophies. A couple...
  20. Bhfs300

    Dip/pack and Tanned hides

    My last trip I had four trophies one a red Hartebeest that I had the hide tanned there. The rest was just dip and shipped. With a bunch of excuses like the electricity was being rationed Etc it took nine months to get the tanning done then a month and a half to get it shipped. For me the tanning...
  21. Bhfs300

    Looking for .375 for Dangerous Game... Do They Exist?

    Hi Nomad Didn’t read this whole thread. Did you find one yet? I have a good story and a Ruger M77 Hawkeye Guide Rifle is n 375 Ruger. Went to SA in 2014 and thought I had to go back for a Cape Buffalo. Put the money into the above rifle and then got Leupold to make me a custom VX-3 1.5 X 5 X 20...
  22. Bhfs300

    USA: Wyoming DIY Public Pronghorn

    Here is my story. My father in-law came to Wyoming to hunt for a Pronghorn. Since I wasn’t a hunter I got a local license so maybe one of them could get a second trophy. When I was introduced to my fathers friend (local Game Warden) I didn’t say anything about having one of them shooting a...
  23. Bhfs300

    Alec Baldwin Movie Set Accident

    I am not the best photoshopper and this is a real bad job of copying a photo over another photo. If he didn’t go on SNL would he be getting attacked for this?
  24. Bhfs300

    COVID vaccination required by Safari Company or not, your suggestion

    We have a plan for April 22 and if the company we are working with isn’t vaccinated we will not go to SA.
  25. Bhfs300

    Your avatar and user name

    My Avatar is a photo of what will be my best trophy. A Red Stag from NZ 11-13 454 7/8. My name I have used since I was in WY. We shot NFAA there and my group was Bow Hunter Free Style. In a target shoot a top score was 300. I shot several tie breaker was X count. Best was 60 my best was 52...
  26. Bhfs300

    Tag Draws 2021

    Sounds good haven’t been in that area saw moose in my area and 28. Thought I could help. Have a great hunt!!! Tom
  27. Bhfs300

    Tag Draws 2021

    I hunt up by Red Feather area 7 what area did you get a tag in? Tom
  28. Bhfs300

    How did you select your first safari?

    I talked to the different places at our local sports show(Denver). Stopped in for several years before finally making the plunge. Picked from their packages with my main trophy(kudu).
  29. Bhfs300

    Wanted 375 Ruger Brass

    I have 4 boxes and another 13. Don’t reload but looks like I may need to take it up:( Tom
  30. Bhfs300

    Tag Draws 2021

    Got the Elk tag for area 007.
  31. Bhfs300

    Tag Draws 2021

    Put in for three tags. Picked up points in deer and moose but drew a tag in area 007 and all that included for elk. I am getting older and I have been trying for a ranch hunt(7 years) but since I haven’t got a tag since 2016 through all the points into an elk bow hunt in an area close to me...
  32. Bhfs300

    Broadhead for Eland

    Viral_SIGness Looks like your hunting knowledge doesn’t match your Bronze Supporter. I would say you were just bored in April 2020 in VA and wanted to check something out you could buy your way into. Glad you are supporting AH!
  33. Bhfs300


    Erik Can’t wait to see how you do the taxidermy on him! Maybe add him to your springbok somehow. Tom
  34. Bhfs300

    Issues with the Artistry of Wildlife

    Aaron N +1
  35. Bhfs300

    Obscene Trophy Shipping Costs

    I have a question and I scanned the thread but didn’t see it anywhere. Your crate is 5’ 4” by 3’ 6” what is the other dimension? That seems to be a large crate?
  36. Bhfs300

    Guardian Of The Hunters Dream With LIFE-FORM TAXIDERMY

    A whole bunch of photo’s of work that you have done. The taxidermist I used had the same thing but once they got your trophies they had a bunch of workers from the owner to rookies working on the mounts. To me it seemed the best taxidermist would be working on the multi full body mounts and who...
  37. Bhfs300

    My Covid vaccination experience

    I just clicked on it and it works great. It came from my phone
  38. Bhfs300

    My Covid vaccination experience

    Some of you are saying you can’t find a COVID shot. We were sitting and hoping our medical place would send us an email to come in and make an appointment for a shot. we found this place and if it is working it has allmost every state listed under it. I had three places in 30 miles from our...
  39. Bhfs300

    My Covid vaccination experience

    With all your fake news statements and your Bridge you want to sell. Maybe you should read some new info. COVID-19 vaccination may not be required to board domestic flights, however; Delta's CEO, Ed Bastian, told the Today show that may be something exclusive to international travel, “whether...
  40. Bhfs300

    South African face masks

    KMG Hunting Safaris I hope you tell him to stay in the US!
  41. Bhfs300

    My Covid vaccination experience

    Phillip What is your doctorate in? Not sure why anyone would listen to you? I think I will go with the science 500,000 deaths must be telling us something!
  42. Bhfs300

    Montana Elk Hunt by Rifle

    Montana set both the the bow and rifle records for elk in the last two or three years. Here is the bow record don’t think you are going to find a hunt for $5000...
  43. Bhfs300

    The spiral slam and a buffalo on one hunt? What is a spiral slam?

    Just for fun: I think you may have something here. Instead of the Big five Maybe it should be called the Big Ten Elephant (2) The African elephant (Loxodonta) is a genus comprising two living elephantspecies, the African bush elephant (L. africana) and the smaller African forest elephant (L...
  44. Bhfs300

    Issues with the Artistry of Wildlife

    Brickburn & Jeremy if this isn’t OK. Just delete it but here are Shakka’s posts in this thread and if it is just here because he wants to see himself try to keep this going I think it isn’t OK either. Dennis is not a friend of mine but I was very impressed with his work and after I had my first...
  45. Bhfs300

    Issues with the Artistry of Wildlife

    Not sure if this has already been on here it is from last year but it might be something to try. He now has new contact info Please forward any and all emails that have details of mount information and contact information to this email address.
  46. Bhfs300

    Elk hunting For Non resident

    Hi Jim Have you ever done or tried to get a Ranching For Wildlife tag? I have drawn two of them in the past 15 years at different ranches. Drawing the tag gets you permission to be on the ranch both were on foot from the gate one let me bring a friend with me I hunted the whole period and came...
  47. Bhfs300

    Elk hunting For Non resident

    If you want it to be a DIY hunt you wouldn’t have any sure thing on 360+ but the west side of Colorado is mostly over the counter tags are you looking at bow or rifle? The draw ranch tags in colorado are not land tags that a land owner can let you hunt on his land they are a draw tag so a...
  48. Bhfs300

    Won A Hunt - Is it worth it? Newbie needs help

    If this looks like it is going to happen I would pick some days around a new moon if they have them. Bow hunting would be best in the dry time I was there the first part of October before the rain season started and that was great for bow hunting.
  49. Bhfs300

    Won A Hunt - Is it worth it? Newbie needs help

    My second safari to SA was won at a sporting show. I got 7 days two animal Impala Worthog this rang a bell because they were the two I didn’t get on my first trip. The form I filled out at the booth I said I wanted to get a Nyala and Red Hartebeest what they want is for you to be the first time...