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  1. Malambo

    My Second Man Eating Royal Bengal Tiger

    Thank you for sharing your story Mr. Habib. very much enjoyed
  2. Malambo

    Elephant Hunt In Zimbabwe Late Season 2023 Special

    I did that with Nyamazana: thrilling!
  3. Malambo

    John Alexander Hunter "White Hunter"

    Great read! my first choice in my book shelf to recomend Africana reading to friends
  4. Malambo

    Argentina Hunting Industry Update please

    I came across some americans hunters at airport this rut in Patagonia. Also, french hunters still enjoy red stag hunting in Argentina.
  5. Malambo

    Dumbora The Croc & Bad Choices

    "great story, very well told. Thanks for sharing" these were the exact words i wanted to write after reading your adventure
  6. Malambo

    ZIMBABWE: Buffalo In The Savé With Mokore Safaris

    Very nice start! thank you for sharing
  7. Malambo

    ZIMBABWE: NYAMAZANA SAFARIS Elephant Hunt June 2022

    Well done! great experience and nice telling!
  8. Malambo

    A Story Of Short Notice, Good Friends & Flexible Professional Hunters

    Nice Story. I wander if I can be introduced to Lary
  9. Malambo

    Comment by 'Malambo' in media 'Martin and Osa Johnson, Adventurers'

    None of the people in this picture looks african born to me. Does anyone know where it was taken?
  10. Malambo

    ZIMBABWE: Elephant Hunt With Nyamazana Safaris

    Thank you all for the nice words!
  11. Zimbabwe Nature

    Zimbabwe Nature

  12. Elephant Hunt Zimbabwe

    Elephant Hunt Zimbabwe

  13. Elephant Hunt Zimbabwe

    Elephant Hunt Zimbabwe

  14. Malambo

    ZIMBABWE: Elephant Hunt With Nyamazana Safaris

    The team: Ngwenga (driver), Bruce (Ph), Graham (tracker), Bongani (Park scout) and Gamnando (tracker)
  15. Malambo

    ZIMBABWE: Elephant Hunt With Nyamazana Safaris

    My hunting trip was supposed to had place last year. Due to Covid 19 pandemic the flights were cancelled, so we had to postponed it to 2021. We settled the dates for April 2021 and I bought new tickets. Not far from departure date, with permits already filed, the airline reduced frequency on the...
  16. Malambo

    Living With Leopards: Taking Forward Corbett’s Legacy

    I wonder if the behavior of the leopard (or "forest panther") is different than the tiger, reffering to man eating. Perhaps relocating a leopard to a protected area that has more natural prey can make the more adaptive and resourceful cat that the leopard is, to stop to be a maneater. I...
  17. Malambo

    The Last Day On The Job

    Dear Major Khan, Thank you once again for sharing your memmories. So interesting and nice to read. Wish you well. Best regards
  18. Malambo

    The Sundarbans Man Eater

    Dear Mr. Major Khan, Great news! My childhood was blessed when my grandfather gave me as a present, the books of the adventures of the tiger hunter Tremal-Naik and his companion Kammamuri, in the forests of the Sunderban. The topic of your next story, makes me remember my loved grandparent...
  19. Malambo

    The Urban Man Eater

    Dear Mr. Major Khan, Thank you once again for sharing your stories, so thrilling and nice to read. My best regards
  20. Malambo

    7 Millimeter Remington Magnum Adequate For Hunting Eland?

    I used 30-06 calibrer on my Eland, Chest shot, he didn't go far. I think a marksman as your are will not have any problem.
  21. Malambo

    The Child Eater Of Terai

    Dear Mr. Major Khan, Thank you very much for sharing this fascinating story. Congratulations on the tactic and achievement. Is so rewarding to me to read your articles, so fine written. Please carry on writting and sharing more of your memories. Best regards
  22. Malambo

    Jaguarundi Sighted in Texas!

    In the norther part of Argentina, some men found a boa constrictor wrestling with a yaguarundi, having the latter the worst part of it. They intervened and help to realese the feline unharmed. The yaguarundi occur in diferent colors, from greyish brown to dark as in the pictures. (I have no...