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    505 Gibbs vs 500 Jeffery. Thoughts on these heavy hitters? Alternatives?

    I have owned and shot both a fair bit. I chose the 505 in the end as it feed perfectly and didn't have the rebated rim. My 500J needed a lot of work to get it to feed reliably. One of my shooting buddies is a CZ collector and had been after me for years to sell him the 500. So he is now its...

    Synthetic Stock (Help me sort out what these are)

    They look like Mauser 98 stocks

    Classic Double rifles with exposed hammers

    On the original doubles most had a half cocked notch. and the High grade doubles had a stalking safety that engaged. One required you to just cock the hammers and shoot. The high grade required you to pull the stalking safety back then cock the hammers. A small difference in the manual of arms...

    Thoughts on rifle barrels with integral quarter rib, sling and front sight base

    I spoke with Tim like a year ago and like that barrel option. I just haven't pulled the trigger on the build.


    You can just take a lite and heavier fleece jackets and a fleece vest and you will be fine, that is pretty much what my outer wear is for africa trips. It will allow you to layer and adjust for the daily swing in temps.

    Hambrusch .500 NE Double Rifle, Ammo, Bullets, Brass & Dies For Sale

    That is a fine looking double! Very well proportioned and tasteful engraving. Best of luck on the sale.

    Ordering a ‘74 Sharps

    I owned a Csharps for a few years. It shot very well and I enjoyed a lot of range time with it. I ordered it because it was a year less wait time vs the Shiloh.

    Cat hunters

    Cats are among my favorite hunts, Leopard, serval, caracal, small and large genet.

    MOZAMBIQUE: Mozambique With Russell Lovemore

    Very nice writeup. Looks like you made the right call of listening to your gut and changing the outfitter. There is just something special about hunting DG. Congratulations on a nice safari.
  10. AZDAVE

    404 Jeffery Caliber

    @Ontario Hunter I did say it would take a "GOOD" gunsmith. when I built my first 404 all the GOOD ginsmiths that have the skills to build on a M98 were booked for a couple years. So being a good amateur I built one on a Ruger RMS 375, had PacNor fit and chamber the barrel and I did all the...
  11. AZDAVE

    9.3X74R Double Rifle For Sale Or Trade

    Beautiful rifle. and priced very fairly! You will love the 500/416 Krieghoff, I truly enjoy mine. When you get yours drop me a PM and I will share load data to give you a starting point. I would be interested but already have a Chapuis 9.3x74 that is my favorite rifle.
  12. AZDAVE

    404 Jeffery Caliber

    It is just a damn effective round that did all the heavy lifting in the early 1900's till now. If it was for Ruawark (I spelled it wrong) the 416 rigby would have died in the 1930's. In the 404 original ;loading 400gr at 2150 it was used by most all the African game management units. Modern...
  13. AZDAVE

    Introducing the Outstanding 8,5x55 Blaser.

    Looks like Blazer designed a round for their R8, should be a solid performing med bore. It looks like a bit fatter 338RCM.
  14. AZDAVE

    New cartridges

    I have a 300 PRC, think of it as how cartridge designer and ballisticians. Would design a 300 WM without the belt. Designed to shoot 212-250 gr bullets.
  15. AZDAVE

    Planning for Mozambique

    @KWALATA SAFARIS We will be in camp this time next year. Looking forward to you introducing us to Niassa.
  16. AZDAVE

    Recommend A Quality Rimfire scope

    I use quality centerfire scopes that you can adjust the parallax down to 15 or so yards out to infinity.
  17. AZDAVE

    416 WSM For Sale

    PM sent
  18. AZDAVE

    Overdue Introduction

    Welcome to AH. That is a very nice buck. You will enjoy the Eastern Cape, while there also have your PH take you out on a couple night hunts.
  19. AZDAVE

    Best Damn 30-06 Build!

    I figured you would rust blue based on all the work getting the irons on and the solder cleaned up. But some folks have surprised me with the baked on finishes. Look forward to watching your build. I am guilty of using the "P formula" on more than one or two occasions.
  20. AZDAVE

    RIP Jimmy Buffet

    Sorry to hear of his passing. Have always enjoyed his music.
  21. AZDAVE

    New Hornady .376 Steyr Brass

    Just for information you need to put all personal info in a PM. and not in the main thread as the moderator will remove it later today. I will send the PM to you.
  22. AZDAVE

    Best Damn 30-06 Build!

    The time spent in solder removal and metal prep will ensure a quality blue job or baked coating depending on how you plan on finishing the metal. Rust blue or creakote?
  23. AZDAVE

    New Hornady .376 Steyr Brass

    I will take them. Please PM me your contact information on where to send payment
  24. AZDAVE

    Opening Dove Season!

    headed out today in arizona
  25. AZDAVE

    Shooting The British Double Rifle & The Hammerless Double

    I will take the hammerless double rifle book. Please PM me your contact information on where to send payment.
  26. AZDAVE

    Trophy Room Pictures

    @Huntndog A leopard, mountain lion or big bear over the rail would be impressive. There are some fantastically well done trophy rooms pictured in this thread. Thank you everyone for sharing.
  27. AZDAVE

    Recent RSA taxidermists experience

    In 2013 we had karoo Taxidermy in the eastern cape do our work. The mounts are on par with what my local taxidermist. Their communications were so so. In 2015and 2018 Safari Taxidermy in Polokwane did the mounts and were better than the Karoo guys. Their communications were very timely and...
  28. AZDAVE

    Value of .416 John Rigby 1924 Model

    Everyone's comments are spot on. If it was a pre war Rigby it would be worth a lot of money. Yours is a very well done 416 on a BRNO action that is a great hunting rifle that will give you a lifetime of service. To have one built similar to yours currently it would cost in the 5-9 thousand...
  29. AZDAVE

    SOUTH AFRICA: Surviving A Lion Charge Lion In The Kalahari!!!

    With a double I have always practiced loading both barrels. My ammo carrier is made so that two rounds are seperated from the next two round group, the two rounds fit between the three middle fingers of the hand and are positioned to pull and drop into the chambers. Before going on a DG hunt I...
  30. AZDAVE

    SOUTH AFRICA: Surviving A Lion Charge Lion In The Kalahari!!!

    Thank you for the video. It is a very good teaching tool. I bet by this time next year your double reloading skills will make Doc Holiday look like a slow poke.
  31. AZDAVE

    Sabatti Safari 500 Nitro Express

    Is that rear peep regulated to the ammo that shoot well in this double? LOP?
  32. AZDAVE

    Ruger No. 1 rifles - need advice, want to sell

    Based on current pricing that you will find #1's going from 1250 to 2400 depending on cal, year it was produced and number of other variables. A LGS has a 450NE with a $1475 price tag on it. I consider that a very good price on that rifle. I will send you a PM on what I think you should look at.
  33. AZDAVE

    SOUTH AFRICA: Surviving A Lion Charge Lion In The Kalahari!!!

    Congratulations on a nice cat, and being able to hunt with your double makes it all the more rewarding. Look forward to the video.
  34. AZDAVE

    For Sale Courteney Suede Hippo Safari Size 12

    Now if you have a pair of size 9 laying around? These are a nice pair of boots and someone will get a good deal.
  35. AZDAVE

    Deepest condolences ...

    Until Valhalla my brothers.
  36. AZDAVE

    On my way

    Modern airtravel at its best. Seem we have all been on the receiving end of hurry up and wait options. Now that you are boarded and gone. you should be shaking your PH's hand and on the way to the bush. Best of luck and shoot straight. Hippo's are a good hunt.. look forward to your report.
  37. AZDAVE

    ZIMBABWE: Surviving Myself, Cape Buffalo & Jurassic Park In The Omay

    Congratz on the buffalo, sounds like you all had a great trip. Not to mention "Foot Terrorist" FT for short:A Bulb: Too bad about the elephants, but that is hunting. I do think that it is a honor to be able to follow then and hunt in close.
  38. AZDAVE

    ZIMBABWE: D-Day In The Omay (And D Doesn't Stand For Delta)

    Toby thank you for a nice writeup. Sorry the elephant part of the trip was bust on several levels. Sending best wishes for you folks. It is hard.
  39. AZDAVE

    CZ550 .416 Rigby Rifle With Upgrades, Ammo, Reloading Dies, Brass & Bullets For Sale/Trade

    That is a good deal for a rifle with the upgrades and reloading supplies.
  40. AZDAVE

    That's Grabbing The Ole Bull By The Horns... I Mean Tail!

    @KMG Hunting Safaris I do believe you are correct. My guess is that he has had a fair amount of the african moonshine that comes barbed wire wrapped around the bottle.
  41. AZDAVE

    .458 Win Mag vs .470 NE

    As many have stated that the transition from a 30/06 to a big bore is a significant step up in recoil, everyone has their limit on what they can shoot accurately. The harder kickers can develop several bad flinch habits if you aren't careful. You didn't mention what experience you have...
  42. AZDAVE

    That's Grabbing The Ole Bull By The Horns... I Mean Tail!

    Better have a plan for dealing with the horns when he turns loose of the tail.:E Shocked::K Whip::E Confused:
  43. AZDAVE

    What sticks in your mind about Africa?

    Boy this would be a long list but to keep it simple. The doves, go away bird sounds, the lilac breasted roller's, Cory Bustards, Fish Eagles. The first cup of coffee by last nights fire coals as the first light breaks on the eastern horizon. Sunsets. Smell of the bush, cape buffalo when you...
  44. AZDAVE

    SOUTH AFRICA: TANZANIA: Safari 2023 Spiral Slam, Black Death, & Mr. Spots

    Well crap, Had a buddy that a brown hyena found his leopard in namibia, but it didn't tear his up as bad as your wife's hyenas pack. I support her shoot a mess of hyena's in retribution for their bad behavior.
  45. AZDAVE

    SOUTH AFRICA: Limpopo Pictures - 6 Day Hunt

    The night hunts are one of my favorite, the animals that come out after dark are a very interesting lot to hunt. Thank you for sharing.
  46. AZDAVE

    SOUTH AFRICA: South Africa Limpopo 10 Day Hunt

    Congratulations on another fine hunt. I like your kudu and your son's problem giraffe. Hope you get to feeling better soon.
  47. AZDAVE

    ZIMBABWE: Pain & Perseverance In The Omay

    Nice cat, there is nothing like walking up-and having your cat down and DRT. Follow-up can get sporty. Congratulations. We need to talk about 2026.
  48. AZDAVE

    Swarovski Z6i not holding zero

    My wife's Z3 is one of the scopes that failed while we were hunting with @KMG Hunting Safaris. When we got home I sent it back to swaro and they repaired it. When it returned it held zero for exactly 9 shots. I am now deciding whether to send it back again or just use it for a hammer.
  49. AZDAVE

    7x57 DWM to 375hh

    It can be done.. However needs a GOOD gunsmith to do the work. You will need to either buy an aftermarket bottom metal with the correct length and mag follower. or modify the current box in length and width, replace the follower for one designed for 375. The action will need to have some...
  50. AZDAVE

    SOUTH AFRICA: TANZANIA: Safari 2023 Spiral Slam, Black Death, & Mr. Spots

    Tanzania part of the story?:A Popcorn::D Cheers: