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  1. Rob404

    on a lighter note...

  2. Rob404

    on a lighter note...

  3. Rob404

    For Sale CZ 550 FS (Full Stock) 7x57 Mauser

    Have the same model in 308
  4. Rob404

    Wanted Swift 338 Bullets 225gr Aframe

    Sorry it turns out the 338s turned out to be 358s and 375s
  5. Rob404

    Wanted Swift 338 Bullets 225gr Aframe

    I've got several boxes of Primo Bullets I,ll check and get back to you Tomorrow
  6. Rob404

    new member

    Welcome to AH
  7. Rob404

    Fixed Magazine vs Detachable Magazine

    No problems with my Tikka 300 and its damn accurate
  8. Rob404

    35 Whelen AI Mauser

    I like a traditional look, but I like the looks of your rifle
  9. Rob404

    bolt jeweling

    I,ve used Skip a 1/2 a dozen times and his work is outstanding, last one he did for me was my Whitworth 375, which I posted on AH. BTW have him do the follower also
  10. Rob404

    404 Jeffery Project

    Finding the donor rifle is not near as difficult as finding a competent gunsmith to handle the conversion
  11. Rob404

    Recommended gun

  12. Rob404

    Vintage Safari Memorabilia

    PM Sent
  13. Rob404

    My "new" M70 375!

  14. Rob404

    I’m a dad!

    The Boss has Arrived, Congrats
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  16. Rob404

    New to Reloading

    E-Bay, There is always used Rockcrushers for sale sometimes you can pick up a set of reloading dies
  17. Rob404

    Best Shellfish?

    My Fav Key West Pinks
  18. Rob404

    Hello from Utah I'm new to this site

    Welcome from Minnesota
  19. Rob404

    404 Jeffery Project

    I supplied my Gunsmith with a donor Winchester 375HH action to build my 404Jeff the end result was a great shooter and a great looking rifle
  20. Rob404

    Pay It Forward-Free

    I,ll take them, I have a few. pairs of dirty socks I,ll post up later today
  21. Rob404

    Pay It Forward-Free

    How much for the shoes?
  22. Rob404

    "New" Colt Python - Mfg. since 2020

    I,d say grab one for that price
  23. Rob404

    Wanted Dies

    I have 7x57
  24. Rob404

    "New" Colt Python - Mfg. since 2020

    I bought a Python with the 4.25 barrel this year, all my other wheel guns are S&W including a Mod 27 5". I kinda like the Colt trigger a in dbl action over SW, and its a beauty to look at with the raised rib. The SW has its a beauty all its own, it,s a SW
  25. Rob404

    Hello from Croatia

    Welcome to AH
  26. Rob404

    Wanted 30/06 Brass Please

    Saw this a little late but I can help if needed
  27. Rob404

    The Vortex Warranty

    I've had two scopes that had to go in for warranty work, both mid range scopes the fact that I had to send them in for work hasn't, deterred me from owning more Vortex products.
  28. Rob404

    The Vortex Warranty

    Never had any problems with Vortex warranty
  29. Rob404

    Am I the only weirdo?

    Also great for improving your wing shooting skills or when someone says " Please pass the salt"
  30. Rob404

    Am I the only weirdo?

    I always have a work in progress laying around especially during the long winter months in Minnesota. Does one of these count?
  31. Rob404

    Help me figure out a rifle

    300Win Mag.
  32. Rob404

    Happy Father’s day

  33. Rob404

    What is your wallpaper?

  34. Rob404


    I could tell a few stories about affirmative action. it was also about the same time the Gov was pushing for Scattered sight housing