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  1. BWH

    South Texas DSC & Warren Wildlife Gallery

    That is an amazing place. I was fortunate enough to hold an event there. A true gem [emoji184]! [emoji817]
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    The poor man's Tanzania

    Up in the Thumb [emoji1360]…..north of upington?
  3. BWH

    Carpathian Red Stag Trophy Hunt Package 2023

    These are awesome pictures. Something definitely on a bucket list of mine. Maybe I’m just stupid or an illiterate American. However, I can’t seem to figure out clear & concise pricing on the “size” of the animal. Sorry if I missed something.
  4. BWH

    SOUTH AFRICA: MATTANJA HUNTING SAFARIS, Dieter Prinsloo For Buffalo, Sable & Warthog

    I know Dieter. Good dude [emoji817]. Hard working & honest PH. I know you had a great experience.
  5. BWH

    Hello from North Texas!

    Howdy and welcome from the NTX! Grew up in Denison on Texoma & the Red River…. Now down here in the Metromess! [emoji23]
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    Howdy from Hayden, Idaho

    Howdy sir
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    For Sale 375 H&H Browning X Bolt

    Im interested
  8. BWH

    Which Trophy do you dream about taking on your African Hunting Safari

    Having been 3x…… my list is in no order…. Waterbuck Sable Roan Vaalie Mtn Reedbuck Caracal ……..leopard $$$
  9. BWH

    SOUTH AFRICA: First-Timer Success With Kuche Safaris May 2023

    Kuche is a dedicated Preferred Vendor of Ducks Unlimited. They have proved to be solid [emoji817]. Glad you enjoyed!
  10. BWH

    2 lion mounts, looking for advice?

    Consider a school with Lion as mascot
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    Hello everyone from Texas

    Howdy & welcome from NTX!
  12. BWH

    Connoisseur Plains Game Hunting Safari

    What species included
  13. BWH

    Limpopo Malaria

    I hunted the area in September….no mosquito problem
  14. BWH

    CZ 550 Safari Classic .416 Rigby

    Still for sale?
  15. BWH

    Federal Premium .308 165gr Trophy Bonded Tip

    I’m interested!!
  16. BWH

    Hello from DFW

    Howdy back from the DFW & NTX
  17. BWH

    USA: Texas Nilgai Hunt With King Ranch

    That’s awesome man! Congratulations. Nilgai is next on my list…. I’ve passed on a few before, as they just weren’t the one I was looking for. My wife is from that area….I can’t wait to go down there again.
  18. BWH

    British airways experience?

    I flew BA from DFW-JNB, no Issues….. no firearms. Intentionally…. Had a long layover. Enjoying the sights & sounds of London. It was fine.
  19. BWH

    .25 Caliber Rifle Cartridges and the Future of Them

    Article written years ago in TTHA…..was a study done on calibers/kills. From .223-300mag+ The .25 cartridge had the closest point of impact to recovery than any other caliber. It was interesting & somewhat surprising.
  20. BWH

    Fishing with Dad

    That’s awesome man….. I hope to recapture that someday. We are so caught up in our daily life & to do’s….. stuff like gets away from us until it’s too late.
  21. BWH

    Best airline? Dallas to RSA

    I had an 10+ hour layover in London once…. It gave me a chance to check out the city. That was cool if you got the time. Once was plenty….if traveling alone.
  22. BWH

    Best airline? Dallas to RSA

    You got options…. Depending upon your desired speed. Delta via Atlanta BA/AA via London Emirates via Dubai Qatar via Doha All decent options…. Depends on class you fly & layover
  23. BWH

    TSS it worth it?

    Yeah…. I know those guys been buying from them a while now…. 4 years or so. Regardless how much or little I order, price has been same. Was free, now $10 for my last 20 cases.
  24. BWH

    TSS it worth it?

    I wonder why he would go to the expense to drive all the way up to Stevensville, MI to buy it when they offered free shipping. Now they have bumped it up to $10 on all orders.
  25. BWH

    Hello from Tejas

    Howdy from NTX
  26. BWH

    Well boys, what's your temperature like now?

    Ice & snow covered the roads for most of NTX the last week… was sunny [emoji295]️ & 70 today….
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    Sable Hunt With HENRY GRIFFITHS SAFARIS US$3,000

    Damn that is awesome! Sable & Roan high on my list!
  28. BWH

    Im done with steel shot

    Avid duck hunter here…… I exclusively use BOSS shells and have for several years.before they became all the rage. They simply work. They probably cost 2x the price of the cheap crap off the shelf. However, your kill shots/body count will increase by at least 2x. Well worth it in grand scheme of...
  29. BWH

    Old Squaw coming in hot!

    Great work guys! Go to taxidermy [emoji817]
  30. BWH

    Free Booze and Food! January 5th, 2023

    It was a great night! Thank you for hosting us. I did not win anything, but Dave & family were the most gracious host. Cheers [emoji482] BWH
  31. BWH

    AH Get Together Dinner In Dallas During Dallas Safari Club (DSC) Convention 2023

    I’d like to attend schedule permitting….if you have a spot I’d take it.
  32. BWH

    USA: I Finally Killed My First Deer!

    Congratulations [emoji898][emoji324][emoji323][emoji322]
  33. BWH

    Well boys, what's your temperature like now?

    NTX is headed for 7 degrees with wind chill -20……. Our grid & population is not geared up for it. We shall see…..not supposed stay too cold for long. Fingers crossed
  34. BWH

    Dallas area AH members - Field & Stream store closeout in Prosper

    Just now seeing this…. How picked over was the place? Worth making the 20 minute drive?
  35. BWH

    Prayers for Mark

    Get well soon!!!
  36. BWH

    Hippo SWALLOWS a two-year-old boy whole... then spits him back out ALIVE

    I read this earlier….. a stoning or hit with rocks caused him to throw up the kid. That’s odd. However, thank the Lord!!!!
  37. BWH

    Hello From Dallas

    Howdy from NTX
  38. BWH

    Hello from Texas

    Howdy from NTX
  39. BWH

    Free Booze and Food! January 5th, 2023

    That’s awesome! Thank you for the invitation…. You’re just down the road from me! [emoji41]
  40. BWH

    What is the best car you have ever owned?

    I sold my 04 Chevy Z71 with 250k miles on it to my landscaper…. Almost original. It’s still going pulling a trailer everyday. My 17 Z71 has had a néw transmission, new AC, new brakes, etc….. with under 100k…… I don’t know how to comment without crying!
  41. BWH

    257 Weatherby Vanguard For Sale

    Yes, sir..... Photos do look very nice. Certainly not doubting your tenure on AH. I was more curious of age of rifle, usage, number of rounds, what rounds use, accuracy, etc.
  42. BWH

    TSS it worth it?

    I use Boss exclusively for waterfowl…. The TSS is great for turkey [emoji884]….. just pricey! However, if you are spending money on a hunt…, what’s another $20 for proper ammo
  43. BWH

    Anyone use the .270 Winchester?

    Whitetail, pronghorn, mule deer, elk…. I’ve taken all with my 270…. Haven’t used in a while. However, it’s responsible for much on my wall.
  44. BWH

    257 Weatherby Vanguard For Sale

    What’s condition?
  45. BWH

    USA: Whitetail Buck

    Great buck! Where’s your place?
  46. BWH

    Why all the 6.5 Creedmoor Hate?

    A study done years ago….. the .25 caliber killed more deer at a devastating rate than any caliber in-terms of point of impact vs. distance to recovery…… basically distance from where they where hit. That was done based on calibers ranging from 223-300WM. The good old 25-06 is/was a beast to be...
  47. BWH

    Why all the 6.5 Creedmoor Hate?

    I think just about all calibers have their haters…. 308, 30-06, etc. The 6.5 is a great flat round that has great performance. However, my personal experience is that it is fast & is not designed to open up fast. Do anything inside 100…. It’s not expanding, anything over 300 it may lose some...
  48. BWH

    What’s the best watch to wear on safari?

    Didn’t wear one….for several reasons. You’re on their/Africa time Don’t risk or damage yours Sunrise/sunset