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    Giraffe cape mount

    I would say right around 2500 US would be a reasonable expectation. The price of puttting a vaulted ceiling in your house, so it will fit, might be a little more.
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    I don't have any in Ontario or Quebec but I can recommend an outfitter in Manitoba who will...

    I don't have any in Ontario or Quebec but I can recommend an outfitter in Manitoba who will guarantee you a 300 lb + bear in the fall. I have hunted with him past 2 years in spring and he has a ton of bear. Sightings every day. He advertises as a 6 day hunt but he always gives me as many days...
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    Spring bear hunting in Canada

    I just returned from MB as well. Tough weather last week. Wind gusts to 30 mph every day hunting. Nighttime temps about 6 degrees F above freezing. Not very ideal bear weather. Managed to only scratch together a 250 lb for me and a 220 pound blonde phase for my father-in-law. Nice to see...
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    Spring bear hunting in Canada

    Getting on a plane tonight to head to Canada. Going to far northern Manitoba for the second year in a row. I've been dreaming about teeth and claws for 2 weeks straight now. Have the .444 Marlin and the bug headnet all packed up. Good luck to everyone.
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    Free Hunt for Two Hunters from Koedoeberg for 2011

    Kudu: 57 5/8 Eland: 38 1/4 Wildebeest: 26 1/2 Warthog: 11 3/8 Thanks!
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    Loss of zero after 20 shots... any ideas?

    I went to the range this afternoon with my Browning BAR 7 mm rem mag. My first 20 or so shots went perfectly. Every one punching within a couple inches of the bullseye at 100 yards. I switched ammuntion after the first 20 shots, to a bullet with a plastic ballistic tip and then my shots...
  7. Gator hide

    Gator hide

  8. My gator fishing excursion in Louisiana

    My gator fishing excursion in Louisiana

  9. My gator fishing excursion in Louisiana

    My gator fishing excursion in Louisiana

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    USA: Just Got Done With My Gator Fishing Excursion Last Week

    So I moved to Louisiana about 5 years ago from Wisconsin and to be honest I never imagined that I would be out hunting gators some day. Luckily the Louisiana Wildlife started a public alligator lotter hunt. So this year I put in for my first tags and I ended up being drawn to hunt an area...
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    Almost forgot part 2... would you carry a 45-70 govt or the 7mm rem mag if given the choice?

    Almost forgot part 2... would you carry a 45-70 govt or the 7mm rem mag if given the choice?
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    Kelly, do you have a bullet preference for bear? I was going to go with the 175 gr. Trophy...

    Kelly, do you have a bullet preference for bear? I was going to go with the 175 gr. Trophy Bonded Bear Claw out of my 7mm rem mag.
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    Cheetah Attack

    Yep... still definitely NOT pets. I'm still not convinced that people are the most intelligent animals on the planet.
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    Nice sale on Zeiss

    My new conquest 3-9X40 should be arriving today. I will try to get to the range and post a review after I get it mounted and zeroed.
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    Hunt Exchanges

    I don't think that I would ever swap hunts across an ocean, the legalities, bartering, time requirements and risk of the unknown would preclude me from attempting it. That being said, I would have little trouble with trading hunts in Canada or USA as long as land use, licenses and lodging has...
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    Good books?

    Hemingway's 'Green Hills of Africa' is worth a read if you never have before. It is not as action packed as some other accounts but still well written.
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    Avoid Trophy Seizure - US Fish & Wildlife Services Starts Zero Tolerance Policy

    The USFWS is just like every other part of the U.S. government... completely out of control with no way to hold them accountable. I wonder how many people need to get poked in the chest before we organize and do something about it.
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    Favorite Rifle

    My Belgian-made Browning BAR in 7mm rem mag is my favorite rifle. I know many don't like the semi-autos but its accuracy is really something that has to be witnessed.
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    Nice sale on Zeiss

    If anyone was looking to buy a zeiss 3-9x40, they have them on sale at Cabela's for 399.99 online at This isn't an ad of any kind just wanted to pass that on... I just bought two of them.
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    Taking the wife along...

    You all sound like you have some exceptionally complimentary women... lucky buggers. My wife has only been on one trip with me and all I heard about was how hungry, tired and cold she was the whole time. :eyecrazy: Now I just send her to the spa for a weekend when it is time to get out and...
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    3 wishes

    Leopard Elephant Hippo
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    What does a Safari Cost?

    Great read, this pretty much sums up everything I've learned about the cost of the African adventure over the last year. I can't wait to make my first safari.
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    Elephant Provocation - you'll be the judge

    The worst part of this video is when the bull starts chasing him he runs into open ground out in front of the car. This jackass honestly thought he could outrun an elephant I think. If that elephant had decided this guy needed to die, his friends would have gotten to watch him get crushed just...
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    High fenced property - how big is big enough?

    I don't hunt fences but I put nothing on anyone who does. The most important thing is that boots are in the woods.
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    1st timers animal choice!

    Just as an aside, my group of hunters and I have decided to postpone our trip to Africa for 2 more years. Like Macs B said, we are going to save up the money to do it right. Our original plan was to shoot 3-4 animals and be happy with that but after getting "informed" on these forums, we chose...
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    I don't know any true hunters that would intentionally disrespect their quarry in this manner. Hunting dangerous animals over a long enough time period you will eventually find your ass in a sling someday, without having to create the situation.
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    History 101

    Haha, nice, the guys in my engineering office are gonna love this!
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    If you are not going to eat it why shoot it?

    Animals have been hunted purely for their hides for a long time... it is right and good to use every part of the animals you kill but a hide is a hide. To say that people are wrong for killing an animal for his hide or for taxidermy creates a lot of problems for your argument. Technically...
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    Wisconsin Whitetail Hunting

    I have to represent my home state here for a second... I just looked at the B&C trophy whitetail buck distributions for the US and Wisconsin is a solid red, meaning 9 or more 200+ bucks taken per 40,000 square acre area. I have been lucky enough to harvest a few bucks out of this great state...
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    Great Deal on Trophy Canadian Whitetail Hunt

    I have to admit, this is not much more than I am going to spend flying back to my home state of Wisconsin to hunt whitetail this year with my father-in-law. It is amazing you can't get a bite on this... a true sign of a garbage economy.
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    You end up appreciating the true hunters you know that much more because of (or in spite of) the collectors. My father-in-law has a trophy book whitetail skull hanging on the wall by the door to his garage. He never had it measured but I can tell you with no uncertainty that it would easily...
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    Cancellation Hunts for Canada Moose in northern British Columbia

    Oi, if I had the cash to do this I would be all over it like flies on scat. That is a super deal for moose...
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    2008 Africa mounts are back

    Very nice taxidermy, that zebra rug is exceptional.
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    Gun case

    I hear that. My rifle took its first trip around the United States without me before being delivered back to my front door. How they always manage to lose the most sensitive, usually largest item on the plane remains a mystery to me.
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    Gun case

    I bought a Pelican case for my rifle and couldn't be happier with it. I used it on a 2 connection domestic flight in the U.S. and the case arrived looking like it had just been taken out of its packaging.
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    What is wrong with you people?

    I understand that if I am going to have a reasonable chance at killing any large game animal under fair chase/free-range circumstances I am going to need a minimum of 7 days. Even if I spend 14 days, under some circumstances, my hunt is going to be unsuccessful and I'm fine with that as long as...
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    Trophy Room of a True African Hunter

    Wow! Imagine trying to eat your dinner with that antelope head looking at you.... Impossible!!!!
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    Lion Charge

    I've never hunted lion, nor even seen one in the wild. I can ,however, tell you for a fact that standing there waiting to shoot the cat like a live clay pigeon is about the stupidest thing I've ever seen. It is a shame these guys didn't end up like the tourist in the last video, as they...
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    Airfare to Namibia

    I have been looking for quite a while now and have not really found a significantly better price amongst the carriers. I have found nothing for under $2000 yet.
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    Tourist Killed by Lions - WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT

    Hard to feel bad for this jackass. :samurai:
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    The Rise of a Dream!

    I love to see someone who truly takes pride in their work and whose work speaks for itself. A mount for the ages.
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    Rifle Weight

    Honestly, it has been around 12 years since I purchased a rifle. I just could not figure out why some rifles were weighing in at 6 pounds and others at 10. Didn't have this problem when I bought my 7mm in 1997 :rolleyes:
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    Rifle Weight

    I am trying to choose a .338 Win Mag right now but can't decide if I want a heavier rifle or a light one. Does anyone have preference for weight in the heavier calibers. I am thinking about a 7 3/4 pound model. This almost seems too heavy to me for doing a lot of walking, spot and stalk...
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    1st timers animal choice!

    My first trip to Africa, specifically Namibia. I have 2 hunters plus myself coming to the country. I found the animal choice between the 3 very interesting. Trophy choices (in order): Myself: Mountain zebra, Gemsbuck, Hartebeest. My cousin: Kudu, Impala, Baboon My father in law: Kudu...
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    Bringing a semi-automatic rifle to Namibia

    Thankyou Ray, I have been coming around to your way of thinking. If I were to lose my rifle by bureaucracy I would be a sad man. I think I will just buy myself a nice bolt for usage outside of my home country. It means a lot for me to kill animals with the family rifle... but to risk losing...
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    Perception of Wilderness

    This is from the Wisconsin DNR webpage regarding hunting this year... I think it is applicable to this thread. "Wardens who have worked in the field for a number of years observed changes in hunting practices. Hunters often hunt three or four hours at a time each day, and they may only hunt a...
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    Bringing a semi-automatic rifle to Namibia

    Right, I will be bringing a Browning BAR with engravings and wood stock. The model with the 3 round clip built in.
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    Bringing a semi-automatic rifle to Namibia

    Thankyou for the information guys... I really appreciate it. After looking at the options I believe that flying through Germany would be the right choice for me. It is a shame that we cannot fly through the UK with firearms of any sort. The difference of price is around $400. I will make...