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    Help Finding 450 #2 Nitro Express 3 1/2" Dies And/Or Ammo

    That's an awesome double...
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    In memoriam - Sebastian Wicker

    He will missed - RIP.
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    Colt Lawman MKIII E Nickle, 2" .357

    Per PMs, I'll take it. Thank you!
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    470 Nitro Express Federal Swift A Frames

    Perfect medicine for cape buffalo
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    Need Powder? Going to DSC/AH Dinner?

    I'll take the 3031
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    318 Westley Richards

    Looks like it sold it less than a week!
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    318 Westley Richards

    It's got some warts, but sounds like it has a good bore - which is the real rarity on the older 318's
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    For Sale Christensen Arms Traverse 300 PRC With Brass

    Good deal for buyer and seller - congratulations!
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    Marc Pechenart Big Game Hunter

    Was just reading about Mr Pechenart and his many 100+lb elephants - in "Africa's Greatest Tuskers" - wow
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    For Sale J Rigby & Co 416 & 275 Magazine Rifles

    Great seller - buy with confidence
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    For Sale Vintage Holland & Holland .375 H&H Magnum Best Sporting Magazine Rifle

    Buy with confidence - vette447 is one of the good ones!
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    Big Gun Auction Lots Of Safari Rifles Incase Anyone Is Interested!

    Now knowing that, seems like I dodged a bullet!
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    Big Gun Auction Lots Of Safari Rifles Incase Anyone Is Interested!

    I only bought one gun - had bids on 21. The "gold name" WR 500/465 seemed well bought at $14,500 plus vig, the Rigby .30/06 looked to be a very nice gun. If I had seen it in person, I might have bid a bit more. Agree on the HH Royal 500/465 being a value at $20.500, but it appeared to have had a...
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    Lion charge stopped with my Verney Carron 500 Nitro

    Old thread, but thanks for posting the video!
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    470 NE vs. 500 NE for Hippo

    Interesting comments here - I bought a double in 470 for my first trip to Africa, practiced quite a bit (100+ rounds - 20 reduced power loads from Safari Arms and 80+ rounds of Federal Swift A-Frames). My second rifle was a scoped 375. I took both on the truck each day in case we found a trophy...
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    Mozambique Coutada 14 - Cape Buffalo Hunt Special - 21 Years As Outfitter

    This is a great hunt for those who want to earn their buffalo. Great area, lots of buffalo and great people - you won't be disappointed
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    For Sale Weatherby Mark 5 Ultra Lightweight 300 Weatherby Magnum

    Is that the ultra light weight? The stock looks like an accumark.
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    ZIMBABWE: Elephant, Leopard, Cape Buffalo & Plains Game with Nyamazana Safaris

    Thanks for making us all feel like we were there - great write-up of a lifetime experience!
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    Cartridge belt features

    Anyone here using Trader Keith's double duty?
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    First time taking 2 rifles

    I was planning to take a double in 375 for buff and a bolt in 375 for longer shots - will this cause me a problem?
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    USA to J'Burg via London Connection - What's the latest?

    This would be good news indeed - any updates?
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    Dakota 76 African Traveler 2 Barrel Set With Extras For Sale

    Hate that I missed this one... Beautiful gun in usable calibers. Congrats to both seller and buyer.
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    Kynoch NE Ammunition For Sale

    I will take all 600 NE available.
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    Marcel Thys 470 Nitro Sidelock Double Rifle

    Is this still available?
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    1 Day Only Sale On Sellier & Bellot Ammunition 12 Gauge 2-3/4" 00 Buckshot 9 Pellets

    What was the price? Today they are 69 dollars for 250 rounds...