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  1. lee4315

    New Member from North Carolina

    Welcome from Winston-Salem!
  2. lee4315

    What scope for 375 Model 70?

    I am in the process of getting my 375 put together for buffalo next year, I have an extra Leupold VX3 2.5-8 duplex reticle sitting around that I'll probably use for it.
  3. lee4315

    Bonjour from France

    Welcome to AH, would love to hear about hunting in France, my wife is fluent in the language.
  4. lee4315

    Maybe I'm an idiot, but...

    I don't have one on my turkey gun, but I've heard the pistol grip can be more comfortable to hold still in the shooting position for a long period of time while the turkey is making up his mind to come closer to you.
  5. lee4315

    Purchases On AH References

    Picked up a great rifle from @Bush Buck, smooth sale and a pleasure to do business with.
  6. Black Wildebeest Hunt South Africa

    Black Wildebeest Hunt South Africa

  7. Gemsbok Hunt South Africa

    Gemsbok Hunt South Africa

  8. Springbok Hunt South Africa

    Springbok Hunt South Africa

  9. Impala Hunt South Africa

    Impala Hunt South Africa

  10. Kudu Hunt South Africa

    Kudu Hunt South Africa

  11. lee4315

    New Member From North Carolina

    Hi Sue, I actually saw you and your book pop up on my instagram feed. I'll have to give it a read one day.
  12. lee4315

    New Member From North Carolina

    I thought about borrowing a rifle, but shopping for the perfect rifle is half the fun. Hopefully it won't be so long between my next safaris and I can use it a few more time. Let me know if you ever think about unloading that Model 70 after you have your 404 finished.
  13. lee4315

    New Member From North Carolina

    Yes, I'm looking at mostly used stuff online, not many buffalo guns end up on the shelves around here. I figure ordering a new one would take forever these days, who did you order it from?
  14. lee4315

    New Member From North Carolina

    I'm going with Lategan Safaris, Bennie is who we hunted in South Africa with and he was great. He has some concessions in Zim with some good free range Buffalo. I don't have the rifle yet, but I'm having fun researching and shopping for it. I'm thinking definitely a bolt action and probably...
  15. lee4315

    New Member From North Carolina

    I wanted to say hello and introduce myself. I'm a new member and looking forward to researching and learning for my second trip to Africa in 2024, I'm going for a Buffalo hunt in Zimbabwe. Hope you enjoy some of these pictures from my 2008 trip to South Africa.