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  1. LDK

    REPORT: Karoo Taxidermy in Graaff Reinet

    Tim, Glad you were able to sort this out. Unfortunately for my mounts, there isn't anything that can be done, as it wouldn't be feasible to return them for "overhauling" for the lack of a better word. The eyes, nostrils and lips could use a serious make over and that would go a long way to...
  2. LDK

    REPORT: Karoo Taxidermy in Graaff Reinet

    Just returned with clients from Africa and I see this thread is alive and well. Tim, to answer your question, 3 of us hunted with Bowker Safaris in July of 2007. Brad Coffey, Louis Resha and I left our trophies with Karoo Taxidermy out of Graaf Reinett, Eastern Cape, RSA at the end of our...
  3. LDK

    Me In My Taxidermy Studio....

    Enjoyed the video Dennis, especially watching my Leopard come together :) I remember Wendy coming on the scene before she and Gary were married. Never met either of them but kept up with their work via the trade magazines and shows. Having once been in your profession, I understand the...
  4. LDK

    REPORT: Karoo Taxidermy in Graaff Reinet

    BRICKBURN, apologies for the slow reply, I was away on a fishing trip. Let's start with my Caracal Lynx; these photo's should answer any questions concerning my ordeal with Karoo Taxidermy. I'll add text if needed but these photo's speak for themselves. Rear foot (all 4 feet looked and felt...
  5. LDK

    REPORT: Karoo Taxidermy in Graaff Reinet

    None taken as I never cared to show anyone but I'll see if I can get one of the caracal rug as an example. I do however show photo's of work I've had done by The Artistry of Wildlife (Michigan).
  6. LDK

    SOUTH AFRICA: Free Range Bushbuck Hunt With Venture South Outfitting

    Thanks for the reply Frank. I have seen this with the 240 grain copper Raptor designed for the Colt pistol. I used them in my .50 muzzle loader for Whitetail deer. They were quite explosive on penetration but petals exited the far side and as well as the main body. They have since began work on...
  7. LDK

    REPORT: Karoo Taxidermy in Graaff Reinet

    Communication was good, crating was good, but our mounts were not what expected. All finish work (eyes, nose, lips) were painted with a small hand brush (airbrush is far superior), my Caracal rug looked awful (paws looked like they had lumps of clay pushed up in them helter skelter) and the face...
  8. LDK

    Long Range Gulf of Mexico Snapper & Grouper trip 2016

    What they caught CA is hard to beat! That Scamp itself is tops to me when it comes to the Grouper family. A lot of people don't like or think they won't like King Mackerel. I can promise you, I make a smoked king spread that is as good as any smoked tuna and here is a pic of some king mackerel...
  9. LDK

    CANADA: Black Bear Hunt In Newfoundland

    Thanks CA, I plan on going back myself. :)
  10. LDK

    Long Range Gulf of Mexico Snapper & Grouper trip 2016

    Looks like you guys had a good time and got into the Red Grouper and that's a toad of a Scamp! Great Snapper too. I've been doing overnight trips in the Gulf since 1973. In those days there were no limits on any fish. Now we schedule the trips accordingly with the Red Snapper season and the...
  11. LDK

    CANADA: Black Bear Hunt In Newfoundland

    By the way, the Moose steaks have been phenomenal!
  12. LDK

    CANADA: Black Bear Hunt In Newfoundland

    Thank you BRICKBURN :)
  13. LDK

    CANADA: Black Bear Hunt In Newfoundland

    Thanks Mekaniks :)
  14. LDK

    CANADA: Black Bear Hunt In Newfoundland

    October 4th, 2015 finds me in Newfoundland at Crabbes River Outfitters remote "Moose" camp with owners Everett and Angus Kettle. The previous Fall I had booked a couple of friends on a bow hunt for Moose. They had returned along with another friend of theirs and a married couple I knew. It was a...
  15. LDK

    My New Addiction

    Congrats, once you have a wild bird on the table, you never want one from the store again :)
  16. LDK

    ZIMBABWE: Double Non Trophy Elephant Hunt With Lin Stanton In Zimbabwe

    Beautiful country to track Elephant in, congrats Lin!
  17. LDK

    SOUTH AFRICA: Free Range Bushbuck Hunt With Venture South Outfitting

    Bushbuck are known to be extremely aggressive when wounded, glad everyone made it out with no serious injury. Quite a trophy Frank, but I am surprised at the CEB's performance. I've been using them for several years now and have had no failures. The Black Talon's separation from the jacket...
  18. LDK

    SOUTH AFRICA: KZN Free Range Nyala Hunt

    Congrats Frank on your bull. I love KZN, great hunting there. How was the CEB's performance all around on your hunt?
  19. LDK

    Free Hunt for One Hunter & One Observer from Arc Africa Hunting Safaris for 2015

    Very difficult to choose, all are deserving. However, I must go with #5
  20. Francolin


    Check out the double spurs on this cock bird. We shot Natal and Crested.
  21. Francolin


    Had some great bird hunting in Zimbabwe. Crested and Natal Francolin with a few Guinea fowl.
  22. Zimbabwe - Waterfowl

    Zimbabwe - Waterfowl

    Early morning waterfowl hunt in Zim. Spurwing and Egyptian Geese, Knob bill ducks and a few Guinea fowl. Had we had larger shot and heavier loads, our bag would have been greater. Ate some of the birds. As good as our Mallard.
  23. LDK

    WANTED: East Cape Lechwe and other plainsgame

    The Eastern Cape has some excellent hunting, and some properties cover thousands of acres, some with cattle fencing, some with high fence (certain game animals require this such as Rhino, Buffalo etc.). For plains game, there are plenty of opportunities to hunt large open areas depending upon...
  24. #12 SCI Blue Wildebeest

    #12 SCI Blue Wildebeest

    Good friend and client of mine with the #12 Blue Wildebeest while hunting with me. I took a 30" bull that day myself.
  25. Number one (ties) Black Wildebeest SCI

    Number one (ties) Black Wildebeest SCI

    A good friend and client tied the #1 Black Wildebeest while hunting with me in South Africa. He also holds the #12 Blue Wildebeest
  26. Waterbuck


    30" Waterbuck that was running with two brothers. We'd been looking for "Slick Willy" another bull that was sporting 33" horns but never found him until the last day. I took this bull half way through our hunt but continued to search for the king pin. Found him on our last...
  27. An old tusker

    An old tusker

    The wind was howling this day. I slipped to within 40 yards of this old guy...he didn't know what hit him. I like Warthog's, they're so ugly their cool!
  28. Taking a break

    Taking a break

    Having lunch in the forest with a braai is some of the best time you can spend with friends. Discussing the mornings hunt; politics, weather, guns, dogs, doesn't really matter whether you say a lot or very's time well spent in the shade with good food and friends.
  29. Red Hartebeest

    Red Hartebeest

    These are some of the fastest of all plains game and a real challenge to hunt properly. Good eyesight and a keen nose keep them one step ahead of the careless hunter.
  30. Blue Wildebeest

    Blue Wildebeest

    One of my favorite places to hunt in all of the East Cape
  31. Baboon South Africa

    Baboon South Africa

    The hunt for uncle Bob! Eastern Cape
  32. LDK

    Comment by 'LDK' in media 'Leopard'

    Good looking cat, congrats
  33. LDK

    Comment by 'LDK' in media 'Elephant'

    I don't think it could get much better than this Bobby. Congrats on a giant of a tembo!
  34. LDK

    National Wild Turkey Federation NWTF convention Feb 15-17th at the Opryland Hotel

    Once again the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) will hold it's annual convention at Nashville, TN. The Opryland Hotel will host the event. Many trips and goods will be auctioned off including a number of hunts to Africa. You do not have to attend to bid on these hunts/items, you may...