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    Any hunts you wouldn’t do again?

    I did some donkey culling and shot a big scrub bull, but still not as much game as Africa. I agree that Aussies are great people and they seem to like us Texans, but the Australian regulations for bringing a rifle into the country and then getting the same rifle out of the country are absurd.
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    Any hunts you wouldn’t do again?

    I won't ever hunt in Australia again. The country is not hunter friendly and once you have your water buffalo, there isn't enough variety of other game that is interesting to hunt.
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    Current state of Dangerous Game optics?

    I have the Leupold VX6-HD 1-6X24 Firedot on my 416 Rigby Big Game and it works great. I especially like that the red dot reticle works like a RMR sight when the scope is cranked down to 1. Like shooting with iron sights.
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    Taxidermy & Shipping Costs Sept. 21 2023

    You did very well on taxidermy and shipping.
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    Buffalo charges

    There are a couple of great buffalo charge videos on Quagga Safaris youtube channel.
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    Which airlines are "Firearm Friendly"? And which airlines are not?

    I have had good experiences with Delta and United on four trips to Africa over the past several years. Qantas was a pain in the butt and not hunter/rifle friendly, likewise the Australian Border Police. Never again. Too much BS paperwork.
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    Just finished Green Hills of Africa

    I first read it in my teens and I take it with me every time I travel to Africa and read from it. It will get you in the mood for your safari.
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Recent Hunt With Kuche Safaris

    Great waterbuck! Congrats!
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    404 Jeffery Caliber

    I'm guessing it's simple demand and supply. Probably not as many 404j's as there are 416 Rigby's. However, as an owner of the Rigby, the ammo isn't all that easy to find either. I've ordered it from Federal's Custom Shop when I've needed it this year.
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    AUSTRALIA: Just Returned From Aussie Buffalo Hunt

    I agree. I didn't spend thousands of dollars on my Rigby to leave it at home in the safe when I go on safari.
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    AUSTRALIA: Just Returned From Aussie Buffalo Hunt

    That's what I thought would happen. Even my outfitter was surprised. The additional paperwork I had to do at Customs House at the Sydney Airport asked for the same information--name, passport, address, rifle, serial number, etc. etc. that was on the pre-approved rifle permit. In addition, my...
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    275 Rigby Highland Stalker Jim Corbett Series

    that is a great deal on a fantastic rifle!
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    Improving my shooting

    Red dot sights are the real deal. I got a lot of practice recently on my Aussie buffalo hunt shooting offhand with my 416 Rigby Big Game. I did some culling on a big cattle station that has lots of donkeys, pigs, scrub bulls, etc. and I was surprised at how easy the Rigby was to shoot offhand...
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    Improving my shooting

    Great post Kevin. I use the Trijicon RMR on my double and fast target acquisition and sight picture is the key. I like AAS suggestion.
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    Delta Seat Question?

    Not sure what Comfort Plus is, but I've flown the Delta flight from Atlanta to J'burg in Premium Select and it's worth the extra $1000. Nicer seat that reclines-but not to flat--and basically the same food and beverage service as business class.
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    Heym 470NE 88B

    Great deal on a very nice Heym double in classic 470 NE caliber. You would pay a few thousand more and wait about two years to get a new one like this.
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    How bad is United Airlines

    I flew United from Newark to J'Burg a couple of years ago when Delta stopped service due to Covid. It was fine. No issues with the rifle and service was good. Clearing rifle at Newark was no problem on the return flight. Can't speak to current conditions, but in 2021 it was ok.
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    Rigby Big Game Vs Heym Express vs Mauser 98

    Nope. No AMG GT yet--unless you are talking about the sport sedans. No GT roadsters like mine anymore, only the AMG SL's. The SL's have a back seat and are all wheel drive. The GT is a two seat roadster, both hardtop and convertible and not made anymore. At least that's what the MBUSA website...
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    Rigby Big Game Vs Heym Express vs Mauser 98

    I compared the AMG GT to a DB 11 because they don't make the GT anymore. Now it's the AMG SL55 or SL63 that are all wheel drive, and the DB12 just came out.
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    Rigby Big Game Vs Heym Express vs Mauser 98

    This discussion is a little like asking whether you prefer a Mercedes-Benz AMG GT, or an Aston Martin DB 11? Both are beautiful cars. The Mercedes has precise German engineering and technology. The Aston Martin has beautiful hand finishing and workmanship. Same with Heym vs. Rigby. I own a...
  21. Water Buffalo Hunt Northern Australia

    Water Buffalo Hunt Northern Australia

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    AUSTRALIA: Just Returned From Aussie Buffalo Hunt

    Thanks! Since Aaron's wife handled my rifle permit and license, the letter from safari company was handled. It was getting all the dumb paperwork to leave Australia with my own rifle that was the problem. Really useless red tape bs. Even the aussie border agent agreed it was useless, but had...
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    AUSTRALIA: Just Returned From Aussie Buffalo Hunt

    Frontal shot. The bulls at Moroak are not familiar with humans and walk toward you (if you are downwind) to within 50 to 60 yards. When he lifted his head, I put the shot a few inches under his chin. He had some blood on his head right between his horns from a recent fight.
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    AUSTRALIA: Just Returned From Aussie Buffalo Hunt

    Just returned from a water buffalo hunt in the Northern Territory of Australia with Aaron Corbett of Australian Outback Buffalo Safaris. Aaron has several hunting camps and we hunted at the Moroak Station camp. Moroak has been operated as a cattle station for a hundred years and encompasses...
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    .375 or .416 for Cape buffalo?

    I have both--I've taken my 375H&H double and my 416 Rigby Big Game on my last two safaris. Used the Rigby on buffalo, roan and a golden wildebeest and the double on everything else. A bolt action, scoped 375 is probably the better choice for a one gun safari, but the 416 with 400gr A frames is a...
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    Buffalo Grip Caps : Making Some Grip Caps : Anyone Interested?

    Very nice! Where are you located? I'm interested in a cap for my Model 70 Safari Express 375H&H.
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    AUSTRALIA: Australia Buffalo & Banteng With A Rusa To Top It Off

    Great pics! I leave next week for a buffalo hunt in Arnhem Land.
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    416 Rigby Bear Claw for Hippo

    Put the 400 gr. Bear Claw as first shot, use the Trophy Bonded Sledgehammer solids for follow up.
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    Premium CRF rifles that don't cost as much as a house

    I gather from the original post that you don't want to spend the money for a London Best rifle. Your options begin at the price point just under $2000 for a Winchester Model 70--even one of the Super Grade models. Next up would be a Dakota or similar in the $3500 to $5000 (or more) range...
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    Water buffalo and double rifles up close

    I'm hunting with Aaron Corbett next week.
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    Dog Beds

    Kong brand dog mattress at PetSmart or PetCo. Only dog bed my Great Dane couldn't destroy. Zippered cover made of ballistic nylon that you can remove from the foam form and wash in washer/dryer.
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    Chapius Iphisi 375h&h

    When I was there 2 weeks ago all they had was a 470NE. Don't think they had an Iphisi. If you contact them, I'm sure they can get one.
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    Hunting distances- how far is too far?

    I am always reluctant to post on this issue. I have a great deal of respect for riflemen who can hit a small steel target at 800 or 1000 yards. I hope they volunteer as snipers in our military. However, getting in place to make such a long shot on African game, or even a sheep or elk in North...
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    Which animals to hunt in Limpopo and which ones to take in different areas?

    If you already have the kudu you really want to do a shoulder mount, then I would look for a big sable as the price of sable has come down significantly in the last five to ten years. Limpopo bushbuck is also a good choice as is eland. Eland is the best meat for meals at the safari camp. Why...
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    Chapius Iphisi 375h&h

    I asked how the Iphisi was selling at the Beretta Gallery in Dallas and they report it was getting lots of interest. Sales of all doubles was slow, as you might expect. Pretty small demographic of buyers.
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    416 Rigby By Rigby Bespoke Rifle

    Great price on a Rigby Big Game with the upgraded wood and the additional engraving. It's a steal at $25,000 with the scope included. If I didn't already have a Big Game 416 Rigby I would buy it.
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    Red dot or RMR on a double rifle

    What brand of double are you using? Chapuis and I think Heym both have a removable piece of the rib that makes mounting a red dot sight easy. I put a Trijicon RMR on my Chapuis. Works great. Mark's article above is very informative.
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    Of all the African game meat, which is your favourite? How would you rank them?

    Tenderloin of eland is maybe the best meat I have ever eaten. Buffalo T-bone steaks were surprisingly good and tender. Almost all the plains game makes great eating.
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    Double Rifle for Your First Safari?

    The history, mystique, and romance of hunting in Africa with a double rifle is addictive. I first hunted plains game in Namibia in 1987 (it was still Southwest Africa back then) and I carried my father's pre-64 Model 70 30.06. Thought I had Africa out of my system after that hunt. Then I...
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    Zebra Rug

    Depends on whether it's a Hartmann's or Burchell's. Hartmann's are about 20 to 25 per cent bigger than a Burchell's.
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    New to the group from TX

    Welcome! Lots of us Texans on here.
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    LOP for Rapid Bolt Operation

    Keep in mind that regardless of LOP, the length of cycle of the bolt on a magnum action will be longer--especially the Mauser M98 magnum action. Takes some getting used to. I also agree with the poster above about lowering the rifle to cycle the bolt. Helps with keeping your vision forward on...
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    Looking for outfitters with big hunting areas (>=50,000acres) in South Africa or Namibia

    Check out Quagga Safaris. They hunt on Manketti Reserve in Limpopo. 57000 acres. I hunted there in 2022. Great property and tough hunting, but great animals. I've hunted with Eric Visser and Quagga four times and he runs a first class safari camp. Beautiful lodge and great food.
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    How to tip?

    US dollars, absolutely. There is a great post on here about tipping, so look for it.
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Buffalo Bull Of My Lifetime With Alex Goss, Blackthorn Safaris

    Congratulations! Looks like a great hunt and a fine buffalo.
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    Simple Camp Set-Up

    Sounds like you are prepared for anything. I'm heading to NT to hunt buffalo in August. What's the weather like then?
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    Mounts on the wall

    Very nice display! Congratulations.
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    Headed out Tuesday

    Have fun and good hunting! I have used Conroe Taxidermy, just north of Houston, for all five of my safaris. They do excellent work and help with arranging shipping.
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Finally Found The Buffalo I Wanted

    Congratulations on a fine bull!