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    Swift 300 Win Mag Ammo & Bullets

    You may want to give them a call sometimes they will have items in stock, that are showing out of stock on the website. All they can do is say no sorry.
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    Powder & Primer Deals Today

    I have never heard of this website are they reliable / reputable?
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    Wanted 225 Or 250 Gr Swift A Frames In .358

    You may want to give Swift a call to see if they have any ! I was looking for 308 cal 200 gr a-frame there website showed out of stock but I called them they had a small amount in stock ...A week later I had 2 box 308 cal 200gr a-frame bullets
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    Powder & Primer Deals Today

    GONE! Damn I blinked just like an ex-wife
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    Powder & Primer Deals Today

    Retumbo available at Midway USA
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    Setting myself up for loading 300 PRC as well. Don't have the rifle yet, just trying to get the munitions and components together first. I'm a little bass-ackwards , there's nothing like having a wonderful rifle with nothing to shoot out of it.
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    @DSchmidt , thanks again for the heads up. I was able to mine 2 box of "Unobtainium"
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    Marlin 336 jammed

    Mr Peacocke,by any chance was the round that got all Jamed up in the leveraction a Hornady LEVERevolution round ? I have had the same thing happen 3x while using the Hornady ammo in my 1895gs and only the their ammo. Never happened while using flat nose reloads or other manufacturer ammo .
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    Hey thanks for the heads up, I just got an order confirmation myself have been looking for 200 grainers for a long time now
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    The 18th Rare Earth element Lol
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    Powder Vendor Research Not my choice
  12. davidg8480

    Can I use these bullets when reloading for .300 H&H ?

    Total garbage for 300 HH, especially the sciroccos , send them off to me I have special Machinery dispose of them correctly........ Aughhhhh man nice acquisition Pure gold . The only way to find out how good they work for you in the 300 HH shoot them.
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    Saving Mana Pools

    Signed...! Just another disaster in the planning . Some things are just meant to be left alone.
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    Federal 215 Large Rifle Magnum Primer availability

    Yes be careful quite a few scams going on ammo and primers
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    Hello from Maine

    Howdy TrapperErick, wicked pissah place for great information ! Hole different world than upta camp @ NMW
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    AH Loaded Ammo Special

    IM sent
  17. davidg8480

    AH Loaded Ammo Special

    Sir, thank you for looking. I appreciate your efforts. keep me in mind if and when it happens. David G
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    AH Loaded Ammo Special

    Mr Mark sir, long shot here! do you happen to have any, 308 Caliber 200 grain accubons or 308 Caliber 200 grain Federal terminal asent bullets ? I also do apologize if I'm asking the right question in the wrong thread I know it says loaded ammo. I'm not the brightest bulb in this bunch. Thanks...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: 1st Safari No Huge Kudu But Still A Success!

    Outstanding! Now when you going back?
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Bos en Dal SAFARIS April 12-24, 2023

    Mark,thank you very much for sharing your adventure with us and what an exciting venture it was, and especially the part about you getting home safely. Oh and by the way not to forget to mention some wonderful animals as well. On a second note how did you like those Christiansen arms rifles, I...
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    Hello All, I'm a long time lurker who just joined formally

    Welcome, BC Dude ! One of my favorite places to hunt BC
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    Hello from Pennsylvania!

    Welcome to AH,awesome "place", all sorts of valuable information and people willing to help & share
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    Bullet Performance Database

    Woodleigh for the WIN !
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    Large rifle magnum primers

    Just a little nostalgia for you.
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    Cape Buffalo Finally on the wall

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    Reloader 15

    Well that works for me !
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    Reloader 15

    How so ?
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    New Brass

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    Woodleigh Update

    After production starts how long do you think it will take for components to reach retail distributors in the states?
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    SAPS Question

    For less than the cost of box of Premium ammo , II'd let Henry handle the rifle import stuff. So I can focus on more important things like putting my feet up and having a burbon and a Havana.After a long flight the last thing I want to deal with is standing in line at the SAPD.
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    Interesting view from my gunroom

    Verry nice
  32. Kudu Hunt

    Kudu Hunt

  33. Buffalo Hunt

    Buffalo Hunt

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    Post your top five biggest African animals!

    Dries did not work for Somerby, we were a group of #12 hunters,4 of which were 1 on 1. he was subcontracted by Drom for my Buff hunt.
  35. davidg8480

    Post your top five biggest African animals!

    Andre' was my Kudu PH and ran my ass into the ground! my Buff a year earlier, with a PH Dries Van Coller
  36. davidg8480

    Post your top five biggest African animals!

    My only two worthy of this thread 137 5/8 kudu And just some badass Bosses
  37. davidg8480

    Post your top five biggest African animals!

    I recognize Andre' in your Buff pix even without his beard
  38. davidg8480

    SOUTH AFRICA: First African Safari Done & Dusted

    @stoxicity, thanks for sharing your experience & congratulations on some awesome animals. I must say you have one of the most wonderful trophies I'd have ever seen ... the picture of your little boy having the time of his life on Safari ! Priceless.
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    Pay It Forward-Free

    @H-Marlin looks like usps is at a stall here ? 
  40. davidg8480

    Pay It Forward-Free

    @H-Marlin they are in the mail
  41. davidg8480

    Pay It Forward-Free

    Well okay then, I can get them out to you on Monday ,please don't forget to IM me your mailing address. David
  42. davidg8480

    Pay It Forward-Free

    Open full box,free to a good home Barnes .338 250s "xfb" old style 1st one
  43. davidg8480

    Federal 375 With Woodleigh Hydros In Stock At Midway

    Great catch ! I have them taged for product arrival notification w/ midway, i never got e-mail . Thank you sir.
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    Wanted Factory 300 Winchester Short Mag Ammo

    300 WSM is even available at Cabela's believe it or not
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    August 2022 Limpopo Buffalo

    That is quite a beautiful Buffalo congratulations !
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    Powder & Primer Deals Today

    Rifle !:Bag:
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    Powder & Primer Deals Today

    ISO.... "RETUMBO " & lg rifel mag primers fed.215.
  48. davidg8480

    Powder & Primer Deals Today

    @rookhawk Awesome idea....! Do you think it would be okay to include " in surch of xxx?" as well, or would that add to much to the thread