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  1. 7MAG

    ISO Rifle Scopes

    Looking for something to throw on a lever gun, does not need to be anything fancy. Prefer nikon or older leupold scopes
  2. 7MAG


    I have some springbok and impala capes that I would like to use on some barstools. I haven't bought the barstools yet, as I wasn't sure if the maker would supply them. If anyone could recommend somebody or has had this done before and can post pictures, im very interested.
  3. 7MAG

    Moving with mounts

    Hey guys, I am moving in November and am in the middle of packing right now. I don't have a lot of stuff and will be moving everything via uhaul. However, how do I transport my mounts safely? I am literally only bringing clothes and a dresser in the uhaul since I flew down and purchased all my...
  4. 7MAG

    Looking for a hog hunting for a group of Veterans

    I’ve got a friend in TX who does hog hunts for $300 a person. This price includes rifle rental(with thermal) unlimited ammo and unlimited hogs. I will check if he’s still offering this. And it’s free range obviously
  5. Bear Hunting

    Bear Hunting

    good first week at bear camp
  6. Free Range Corsican Hunting

    Free Range Corsican Hunting

    shot with a 338 Lapua during load testing - shot at 300 yards
  7. Texas Hog Hunt

    Texas Hog Hunt

    He crossed through the fence and we got on him pretty quick - shot with .40 s&w
  8. 7MAG

    How much difference does 1/2 LOP make?

    Finishing up my 7mag build and I have 2 decelerators…1” and .5”. Both feel pretty good I believe I’m somewhere in between the two. I know I can sand down the 1” to 3/4. However, with heavy clothing during hunting season the .5 may be more practical. I notice on a downward angle(tree stand) with...
  9. Both Bears Over 400lb

    Both Bears Over 400lb

    Had to cover where they gutted him
  10. 85lb Hoyt Hyperforce Bow

    85lb Hoyt Hyperforce Bow

    80lb limbs, cables twisted up 5lbs. Running 900gr Easton DG arrows with 2 75gr inserts up front and 1 in the back with a 150gr grizzly broadhead
  11. 90lb Prime Black 3 Bow

    90lb Prime Black 3 Bow

    Came in heavy at 86lbs from the factory, took it to my friend bow shop and had him twist up the cables to get to 90lbs
  12. Black Bear

    Black Bear

    have hunted bear many times, this one was taken near Quebec. Shot at 50 yards with a 7mm Rem Mag & Barnes TSX BT 160gr.
  13. Pig Hunting

    Pig Hunting

    Ive probably killed over 50 pigs at this point, my biggest being 300lbs with a bow. 7.62x39 my favorite pig caliber Have a .40 on my waist for reassurance, friend of mine had a tusk go through his hamstring following up on a pig. Snake boots for the rattlers;)
  14. Roe Deer Bow Hunting

    Roe Deer Bow Hunting

    Management buck with a ravin
  15. A few AR's With Thermals

    A few AR's With Thermals

  16. Armalite 7.62 & Pulsar XP38

    Armalite 7.62 & Pulsar XP38

  17. a little over 9lbs with optics and bipod

    a little over 9lbs with optics and bipod

  18. Hunting Rifle

    Hunting Rifle

  19. 7MAG

    9lbs 2 oz with bipod and optics

    Trijicon optics
  20. 7MAG

    9lbs 2 oz with bipod and optics

    Sent the bolt assembly off for coating. You can see what that looks like below
  21. 7MAG

    cerekote vs.....

    It’s all surface rust there’s no corrosion like bluing
  22. 7MAG

    New Mauser vs New Rigby

    Personally, I like the rear sight of the Mauser but the front sight of the rigby. I like the wood grade of the Mauser but the darkness of the rigby. And I like the rigby butt pad.
  23. 7MAG

    New Mauser vs New Rigby

    It’s probably the plainest wood option because it’s the PH model, which is the only model within a thousand or two dollars of the Mauser. If you want a big game with similar wood grade level of the Mauser you’re looking at well above $20,000 USD.
  24. 7MAG

    New Mauser vs New Rigby

    Agreed, if the Rigby had the ebony for-end it would make it even better
  25. 7MAG

    New Mauser vs New Rigby

    Looking at the new Mauser 98's and Rigby's, it seems to me Mauser is way over priced. When comparing the Mauser 98 Magnum Expert 375 H&H and the Rigby Big Game PH 375 H&H, there is basically a $500 difference(excl. tax and fees). Yes, the Mauser may have a grade 5 walnut stock, but the Rigby's...
  26. 7MAG

    Comment by '7MAG' in media 'Rigby Model In 450 Rifle'

    how do you like the 450?
  27. 7MAG

    North American big 5

    I don’t believe our line up would even compare but here goes nothing: most dangerous I guess: Polar bear Brown bear Grizzly bear Mountain lion Alligator/wolf I think most peoples big 5 would be: dalls sheep Yukon Moose Brown bear Elk Mule deer
  28. 7MAG

    cerekote vs.....

    Through research it is said that the barrel needs to be brand new. However, if you clean the barrel the best you can, you may be able to do it. I believe you can’t have any carbon or gun powder residue. Nitride will surface rust(after a few weeks of exposure) but never chip and cerakote won’t...
  29. 7MAG

    cerekote vs.....

    I was very disappointed with the cerakote. I had it don’t by a well known coater. However, I can’t put all the blame on him, as I haven’t been entirely gentle. My expectation of cerakote was the result of nitride. I thought it was forced into the the metal as nitride is. I will say you wouldn’t...
  30. 7MAG

    cerekote vs.....

    I don’t care about money, I wanted it done right the first time and $200 later it wasn’t
  31. 7MAG

    cerekote vs.....

    Cerakote seems to be the most widely available
  32. 7MAG

    cerekote vs.....

    Any recommendations for where to send it?
  33. 7MAG

    cerekote vs.....

    Alright so anyone who knows about cerakote has seen their cerakote vs. series, well I believe its complete BS. I tried Cerakoted for the first time and immediately chipped it off my barrel. Apparently, this is the strongest finish out there. However, bluing seemed to hold up better in the past...
  34. 7MAG

    Why no to the rem 700?

    I believe your referencing the M24 in the last paragraph, which would be their most consist and highest quality
  35. 7MAG

    Why no to the rem 700?

    I just have a spare 700 action around
  36. 7MAG

    Why no to the rem 700?

    Yeah I’ve spoken with him as well….. he’s uh…….. interesting
  37. 7MAG

    Why no to the rem 700?

    I’ve been around enough bears:) I have taken them with a m700 I don’t feel as if it was unsafe or unreliable. I will add I have seen someone fairly recent almost lose their life from a grizzly because of a CRF action failure.
  38. 7MAG

    Why no to the rem 700?

    I got mine for a steal under $500
  39. 7MAG

    Why no to the rem 700?

    Yes, my casings would get stuck in the chamber er and not be able to be released. I replaced the Lug and barrel
  40. 7MAG

    Why no to the rem 700?

    I understand, no need for any arguing. I get everyone has their favorite and least favorite brands and people have had great experiences and horrible experiences with every brand.
  41. 7MAG

    Why no to the rem 700?

    I have looked at tikka as well, however when I bought my M700 I got it for such a good deal it was hard to pass up.
  42. 7MAG

    Why no to the rem 700?

    Ive had a chamber issue on my deer rifle but that's about it really
  43. 7MAG

    Why no to the rem 700?

  44. 7MAG

    Why no to the rem 700?

    Sorry I’m just referencing the action
  45. 7MAG

    Why no to the rem 700?

    Why don’t clients like using the rem 700 for DG? I understand the perspective of push feed rifles. However, the likeliness of a malfunction is very low. An m16 extractor and dual ejectors takes away any extraction issues. I just want to know why more clients don’t use these rifles especially...
  46. 7MAG

    It’s finished!

    It was at 11 lbs with the 5in Mercury tube but since removing it along with the bedding I should be around 9.5 lbs with the bipod
  47. 7MAG

    It’s finished!

    I bought a whole new barrel. But I believe I could have had it reamed out.
  48. 7MAG

    It’s finished!

  49. 7MAG

    It’s finished!

    M700 Magnum Action Remington Custom Shop BDL custom 24” 7mm barrel. 1:9 Oversized recoil lug Custom tapered 4 port brake Timed, welded & threaded bolt handle Fluted bolt and knob LRI upgraded ejector & spring H-S bedded stock 0 MOA rail with Warne rings Trijicon illuminated 3-9 Atlas bipod rail...
  50. 7MAG

    It’s finished!

    As I’ve stated in a previous post, I had purchased this 7mag new and it had a chamber issue. Rather than being the typical A-hole and selling it, I decided to build it! I kept it as a 7mm as it’s my favorite cartridge and just good for everything besides DG. The only thing OEM Is the 700 action...