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    A simple question regarding arrows

    i would take as many arrows as you can afford without risking the whole travel... 2 doz. should be just alright. look at them very carefully after you used them... reuse only if you are 100% sure that the shaft is in top condition. have fun and all the best.
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    Upps upps....
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    MOZAMBIQUE: BOWHUNT: Juan Pace Of Shangwari Safaris Trophy Quest Africa & Leopards Lair Not To Be

    Engee, thank you very much for speaking out clearly. you have all my respect for stating the truth. there is no need to be ashamed,'cause you did the right thing: taking him to court and trying to stop him from beeing an outfitter! people like him (juan pace) should not be allowed to...
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    Blood Trail

    guys, i did not want to advertise those heads... just stating, that those heads will leave a bloodtrail for sure... as far as it concerns me, i dont care much about a good bloodtrail, as i am confident that my target will go down in sight in most cases... i am no fan of 3 blade...
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    Blood Trail

    forgot something :D if you really want a horrible bloodtrail and if you are shooting a high poundage bow try one of those broadheads: the leave an almost 0.79 calibre hole... now, that will be a bloodtrail, even my 99 year old granny could follow... you may buy them here...
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    Blood Trail

    ok, first of all, please don't check my spelling and so on... i translated this text from english to german to english again, so some things may have been lost. My experience is, that two blade broadheads do leave a very small, near to nothing, bloodtrail. It usually depends, where you hit...
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    Wish me luck !

    good luck and shoot straight..
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    Hunting India the Ancient Way...

    just got that story via twitter... wanted to share... Hunting India the Ancient Way... Hunting is a blood sport, i could not agree more, not because it involves the killing of animals but because it was passed down to me in my blood. I grew up hearing tales of hunting adventures of my great...
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    Hey there from Germany!

    servus martin, willkommen auch von mir... gruss nico (aka martin :D)
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    Favorite broadheads?!?!

    no matter if you need 125 grain BHs for plainsgame or the bigger ones (up to 210gr) German Kinetic Silverflames are the only ones i trust... no problems with them at all, they fly true and they are very tough i would not like to use any king of 3 or 4 blade bh, i just dont trust and like...
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    In memoriam - Tanzanian PH Andre de Kock Killed by Poachers

    My condolences and prayers to his family and friends.
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    Hello from Germany

    Snake, willkommen bei vllt. laufen wir uns ja mal ueber den Weg. Dortmund-Bonn ist nicht die Entfernung... vllt. auf nen Kaffee und ein wenig Jaegerlatein ? gruss Nico
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    Where to Purchase Arrows?

    if you know what kind of arrows you like, try ebay... never seen better prices. otherwise, call the company directly. my choice: good arrows, affordable price
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    HUNTING Ostrich

    I am not quite sure about this one, but if i compare the two pictures, i do think the marked spot on the second picture...(the one just above the leg is wrong... no chance o hitting the vital triangle there...the only thing you would hit is the big hipbone... maybe the bird would be stopped...
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    Giraffe Bull hunt at reduced price

    it would be quite interesting to know whether you think this bull could be hunted with bow. Is there any chance to take him in the mentioned period of days, using bow and arrow, or do you think this is impossible? just for me to know.
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    Hi from Germany

    Hallo Bullhunter, willkommen im Forum... lg aus bonn nico
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    Blesbok Hide and Mounted picture frame of Kudu.

    is the hide still available? what would it cost, to ship to germany?
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    How To Take Really Worthy Trophy Photos

    How To Take Really Worthy Trophy Photos (Hero Shots) Most people are really impressed when they see a great photo of an animal you shot. The photo can make the animal look really good or really bad. It's well worth a little extra effort to take the time to set up a shot to make it really...
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    Win Free Air Passes to Africa for 2011

    General travel advice Lori, Thank you for the great chance... I think i might start with some general tips and hints: General travel advice Make a note of where you parked your car at the airport. After a long trip, your memory will almost always fail you. If your seat mate won’t stop...
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    Win Free Air Passes to Africa for 2011

    Health Health Match each alcoholic beverage with at least two glasses of water. Always, always check that there is a barf bag in the pocket in front of you. You might not get sick, but you never know about your seat mate.
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    Win Free Air Passes to Africa for 2011

    Other peoples’ kids Other peoples’ kids When kids are howling or staring at you from the seat in front of you, hand them some crayons and a sick bag and tell them to make a hand puppet. Pack a small toy or a bag of snacks in your carry-on to quiet the screaming kid three rows back. Works...
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    Win Free Air Passes to Africa for 2011

    Comfort Comfort Wear comfortable slip-on shoes. Unless you are traveling with children, always ask for an exit-row seat. You’ll get more legroom. Pack your favorite hot sauce. It can turn the worst in-flight or airport meal into a culinary delight. Wear noise-canceling headphones.
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    Win Free Air Passes to Africa for 2011

    Mental health Mental health Arrive early. Practice patience, and be prepared to test it abundantly. Forget how it used to be and play by the new rules — whatever they are. Be the person you would most like to fly with.
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    Win Free Air Passes to Africa for 2011

    Entertainment Entertainment Listen to an audio book. It takes up more time than the in-flight movie and is better exercise for your imagination. Make up lives for your fellow passengers. See that woman in the sweats, the one who looks tired but eager? She works in an office with a bullying...
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    Win Free Air Passes to Africa for 2011

    Humorous Humorous Ladies: Take the batteries out of your personal massage units; otherwise, the security search could prove quite embarrassing. Have great sex the night before you fly. You will be in a better mood and be more likely to sleep on the airplane. Hire your own jet and pilot...
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    100 Pounder Elephant taken in Northern Mozambique

    Congratulations... Thank you for sharing the pictures... I did a quick'n'dirty translation of the text, carlos wrote, hope everyone can understand (sometimes translation fron spanish to german to english can be a bit weird...) I hope i did not make to many mistakes....
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    Any Hunting Trophy Picture Tips Or Advice

    Jacques, thats a very good advise..., thank you very much. I think when it comes to taking pictures, you can see how professional your PH/outfitter/guide is. If they take their time, try to set the scene, clean the area a bit, if the go down on their knees, or even lay down in front of you, and...
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    Any Hunting Trophy Picture Tips Or Advice

    How to take really worthy trophy photos How to take really worthy trophy photos (Hero shots) Most people are really impressed when they see a great photo of an animal you shot. The photo can make the animal look really good or really bad. It's well worth a little extra effort to take the time...
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    looking for something special for an acceptable price

    jerome, not really, just a nice area, nice sitting around in the evening hours, nice landscapes etc. so not really a specific country SA would be nice, but i am very open minded on that one :)
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    looking for something special for an acceptable price

    looking for the following: 5-7 bow hunting days full accommodation transport from and to nearest airport the following animals are on my "most-wanted" list 1x big warthog 1x ostrich 1x porcupine 1x duiker 1x jackal (as i missed one the last time) maybe some culling on impala or...
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    Bowhunt offer from Daretobowhunt.......

    you really give me nightmares lammie... i am already saving money for the next time hunting with you, but this is a really nice offer.... would that be the > 14" warthog i am looking for?
  32. Taking a Buffalo trophy picture

    Taking a Buffalo trophy picture

  33. Lions in prey

    Lions in prey

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    Cape Buffalo Ribs

    the best i could find.... maybe if you take closer look, you might find what you are looking for.
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    Shooting Accidents...

    well... someone really loves him... this is far beyond just beeing lucky... good wishes to him...
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    3 wishes

    <17" warthog Hyena Porcupine i'm different i know :D
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    Hello from Germany

    hi frank, willkommen.... so langsam nehmen die foren echt überhand, kannst du dich denn noch entscheiden wo du mehr ließt, im AT oder im AH lg aus bonn
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    SOUTH AFRICA: BOWHUNT: Dare To Bowhunt The Pongola Diary

    just a short note on that one... the dog actually never lost the trail, but lammie told us not to go to far, due to the possible encouter with some cape buffs. as it was quite dark at that time (must have been around 5:30 pm) and we did not have a decend rifle with us, we did not recover the...
  39. Warthog South Africa

    Warthog South Africa

  40. Marabou Stork

    Marabou Stork

  41. Impala South Africa

    Impala South Africa

  42. Warthogs South Africa

    Warthogs South Africa

  43. Warthog South Africa

    Warthog South Africa

  44. Duiker South Africa

    Duiker South Africa

  45. Nyala South Africa

    Nyala South Africa

  46. Corn feeder with little trap

    Corn feeder with little trap

  47. Corn feeder with little trap

    Corn feeder with little trap

  48. Corn feeder with little trap

    Corn feeder with little trap

  49. Dare to Bowhunt Lodge

    Dare to Bowhunt Lodge