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    What were some of your favorite meals while on your hunting safari?

    Gemsbok steaks, grilled over campfire, garlic potatoes with cr鑪e brule for desert followed by ice cold delicious Windhoek lager
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    Hunt needed. Watch what u say!

    Tap, Glad I can help out wherever I can. I have been working as a field rep for Pieter since June of last year here in Minnesota. Things are a little slow but word is getting out. I wouldnt be with African Days if I didnt think they had a great product to offer. We got back in October from a...
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    Hunt needed. Watch what u say!

    Pieter also has 4 buff hunts available in 2013, send me your email I can forward you my info on both hunts. Buff hunts are in SA near Krueger national Park.
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    Hunt needed. Watch what u say!

    Tap, Try Pieter Stofberg @ African Days. He sent me an email he has had a cancellation on Leopard for 2013, his US number is 517 231 1341. Pieters company is based in Namibia, I found his camps and staff first class. Im sure if you contact him he can give you any necessary information. I...
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    Unique Trophy Pictures

    These were some of my favorites from my hunt, they might not be as artistic as some but I enjoy showing them to my fellow hunters. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did taking them
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    What Do You Consider Disrespectful Trophy Pictures?

    I found this to be the norm with all the animals that were harvested on our hunt. Our trackers and skinners took the time not only to pose our animals but clean the area around them and wash them off, to some it may seem like it was sanitizing the area but to me, it was giving the animal his...
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    Black Mamba Pictures

    Zebra Cobra While on our hunt in Namibia this last september, we were walking a dry river bed. Our PH told us to stop, and move to the right. I thought he had put us on the game , what he pointed out to us was a long stick in the middle of the river bed. Turned out it wasnt a "stick" but a six...
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    NAMIBIA: African Days Safaris Photos

    Gonna try to upload photos to the website from our trip to Namibia in October. I was told to post photos of our trip an tell stories. I hope this works as they say a picture is worth a thousand words. Harvested Zebra, 2 warthog, blue wildebeest, gemsbok. Brother harvested red hartebeest...
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    NAMIBIA: Ozondjahe Namibia Hunting Safaris

    Having just returned from a two week trip, I would say shot placement is absolutely critical!!! I originally thought my .308 would be adequate, but was told bigger when I put both Gemsbok and Zebra on my list. I ended up bring my .338 win mag and was glad I had it!!! I brought Hornady...
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    NAMIBIA: Hunt with African Days Safaris

    Left for my first Safari September 12, flew from MSP to Dulles on to JFK, following day left for Johannesburg, then on to Windhoek, Namibia. Had definate concerns with rifles, evrything was handled wonderfully. South African Airlines, took care of rifles in NewYork, and they were waiting for us...
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    New to the forum

    Greetings! Just found the forum and signed up. Back in Minnesota, returned from a 12 day trip to Namibia. This was my first Safari. What an incredible experience, harvested 2 warthog, gemsbok and a burchells zebra. Felt like royalty from the minute we landed in Windhoek. Started saving my...