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    Large rifle primers in .458 win mag

    I believe they would work OK, unless maybe you were using a ball Powder. Ball powder is a little harder to light and you could perhaps have a hang fire. That can be very unpleasant.
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    Lightweight short action deer rifle

    Ruger gunsight scout in 308 Winchester
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    Winchester Model 70 & Jack O'Conner

    I have a couple straight six power scopes and I love them
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    Tanzania: Roadkill Rates Alarming As 380 Lions Perish

    Wow! If there’s that much dangerous game crossing that highway I would not want to be driving alone and unarmed at night and break down and have to walk.
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    Most beautiful antelope?

    Gemsbok, they’re beautiful animals.
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    Favorite above .40 Revolver cartridge?

    The 45 colt and the 480 Ruger. I have a Ruger Redhawk 4.2 inch barrel in 45 colt. Brian Pierce of handloader magazine said this revolver will take 50,000 psi, that’s right on the heels of the 454 Casull, Although I have never loaded it that hot. A heavy dose of Winchester 296 and a 360 grain...
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    Tell me why buying a Rifle chambered in 6MM Remington is stupid

    I love the 243, I killed a lot of deer with that caliber. But what hurt the six MM is when it first came out they used the wrong twist rate. It would only stabilize light bullets. Bullets of 100 grains would not stabilize with the twists they use. I believe it was called the 244 and they brought...
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    Automated powder dispenser

    That sounds like a good idea. The only complaint I have about mine is that it is slow.
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    600 Overkill? Anyone..

    Too much gun. Recoil recovery time is way too long if you would need a second shot. It would be a fun toy but I wouldn’t want it for hunting dangerous game, too much
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    What's this Bugs Bunny Bullsh!t about Elmer Fudd not having a gun?

    Yeah but Elmer Fudds shotgun never turn anybody violent either.
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    What's this Bugs Bunny Bullsh!t about Elmer Fudd not having a gun?

    How about these violent video games that children can play. If they’re going to take weapons away why not start with these violent video games I think that’s where these kids are learning to kill from these games. Instead they take away something that we’ve all grown up with and become a custom...
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    What's this Bugs Bunny Bullsh!t about Elmer Fudd not having a gun?

    Why must they change the things that we grew up with, this country makes less sense every day
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    What's this Bugs Bunny Bullsh!t about Elmer Fudd not having a gun?

    What a country this is turning out to be! Elmer Fudd with no shotgun a police chief in Santa Monica California that tells her officers to stand down while everybody’s out looting destroying and burning. Never thought I would see this kind of stuff in my lifetime. Also wanting to disband police...
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    The Sundarbans Man Eater

    Great story Poton, what a cat, 506 pounds!
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    Okay about the 500S&W in a rifle for Africa!

    If I were going to hunt Africa with a 500 Smith & Wesson in a rifle I would use that one from Big Horn Armory. Granted, they’re not cheap. But I would like it better than a single shot. I would use bullets between four and 500 grains, hard cast or the ones from Belt Mountain. There’s been guys...
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    The Urban Man Eater

    Another great story Poton!
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    An Actual Video Of How We Used To Conduct Beats For Royal Bengal Tigers & Panthers

    Great video! If you have any more like this please post them. That was absolutely great.
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    The .41 magnum

    Stainless is nice and a little more rust resistant but I really loved blued handguns.
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    375 H&H Weatherby Vanguard Series 2

    I have one the Vanguard series 2 in 375 H&H and I love it. I was shooting barnes 350 grain and it will shoot three touching at 100 yards. They’re nice rifles
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    Welcome from California

    $100 both ways! That’s bullshit!
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    .357 Magnum for bear defense

    I put one of those aftermarket barrels on my Glock 20. KKM and it is sweet. I’ve ran Jacketed and cast and never had a problem it never hiccups they’re nice barrels.
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    What’s your beater rifle?

    That’s a good looking rifle, I believe that’s who did all of Jack O’Connor’s rifle work.
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    Comment by 'larry4831' in media 'Sentry Gun Safe'

    There’s a few boys on the forum here from Alaska, I thought maybe one of them could use a gun safe.
  24. Sentry Gun Safe

    Sentry Gun Safe

  25. Sentry Gun Safe

    Sentry Gun Safe

  26. Sentry Gun Safe

    Sentry Gun Safe

  27. Sentry Gun Safe

    Sentry Gun Safe

  28. Sentry Gun Safe

    Sentry Gun Safe

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    Two Brothers, A .3006 Rifle & A Very Angry Leopard

    Another great story!
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    Has anyone ever had a Core Lokt truly "fail"

    I have a 270 Winchester, 700 CDL with a 4 1/2 to 14 Leopold scope. A guy gave me half a box of core loft 270 Winchester 150 grain round nose. I never liked bullets heavier than 140 grain in the 270 Winchester but he gave them to me so I figured I would take them out and shoot them at 100 yards...
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    The Art Of Hunting The Mighty Gaur : A Comprehensive Guide

    I could read one of your stories every evening, lay in bed fall asleep and dream of hunting tigers and gaur in India.
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    The Art Of Hunting The Mighty Gaur : A Comprehensive Guide

    Another very interesting story sir!
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    Big Bore Hunting Bullets For Sale 0.25 ea or trade

    These would be for the 500 linebaugh?
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    454 Casull

    I have a 454 in a Ruger super Blackhawk Bisley. They are nice revolvers.
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    454 Casull

    I have a redhawk 4.2 inch barrel in 45 colt and it will handle some mighty heavy loads. I also have 2 Ruger super Blackhawk Bisleys one in 454 and 1 in 480. They aren’t freedom arms but they are both very nice revolvers. There both very accurate and the Bisley grip handles recoil well. I’ve shot...
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    Guide Gun range report

    What powder did you use to achieve that?
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    Life After The Indian Hunting Ban

    You have so many great stories, I love reading stories like this. The way you write makes you feel like you’re right there.
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    Rifles Used For Royal Bengal Tigers

    Great article! Also,I love that movie”Harry Black and the tiger”
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    .458 Win Mag powder

    Accurate 2460
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    Ring around primer pocket?

    It also looks like from the picture that the primers are backing out of the case a bit. I’d back off 2 grains and see if that helps. But I would start with new brass not the old brass that’s ringed
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    Winchester Model 70 & Jack O'Conner

    Most of us talking about this article are probably older fellows. When we’re gone these younger shooters coming up if you mention Jack O’Connor wouldn’t have a clue who you were talking about.
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    Winchester Model 70 & Jack O'Conner

    You are so right!
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    Winchester Model 70 & Jack O'Conner

    I used to love reading O ‘Connor
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    The Royal Bengal Tiger Shikar Which Almost Killed My Client

    Thank you, that was very interesting.
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    The Royal Bengal Tiger Shikar Which Almost Killed My Client

    I bet those Guar can be a handful to bring down. I believe they are the largest wild bovine in the world. What caliber of weapons did you use to hunt guar?
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    The Royal Bengal Tiger Shikar Which Almost Killed My Client

    I love the tiger stories! Great job!
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    A Day After The Indian Crocodile

    Another great story!