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  1. mudslinger

    SOUTH AFRICA: BOWHUNT: Limpopo South Africa Sept 14-24th What a HUNT!

    I just returned from a retirement trip hunt with Harry Nel and Garry Pretorious in the Limpopo Province with African Arrow Safaris. To say this was an epic hunt would be and understatement. This was my 4th trip with AAS. I went looking for a Cape Buffalo, Roan and a Sable and when my wife...
  2. mudslinger

    Anyone with a reccomendation for SA plains game hunt?

    If you are wanting to bowhunt, African Arrow Safaris in the Limpopo would be my recommendation. Hunted with them 3 times and the trophy quality of his animals are second to none. Harry also has opened a rifle outfit called African Bullet Safaris, totally separate concessions. His family owns...
  3. mudslinger

    Are Nyala or Bushbuck hunted from hides?

    I have shot both and was very lucky on both or should I say three. I killed a 29 3/4" Nyala on a spot and stalk hunt in the Limpopo in 2010 and finished my Spiral Slam in style with 2, yes 2 spot and stalk Buchbucks on the Limpopo River in Sept 2012 on the same day from 2 different concessions...
  4. mudslinger

    Advice/input on archery safari country of choice

    I would look at South Africa. If you want a true "Bowhunting" outfitter only, look no further than Harry Nel and African Arrow Safaris in the Limpopo region of RSA. I have hunted with them 3 times and have had nothing short of live long wonderful hunting experienceS. I can get you more info...
  5. mudslinger

    Questions from a rookie.

    Brickburn gave some great advice, but I would add, if you are going that far and spending that much money on flights, then I would definitley make the most of it and shoot some more animals. Just beware, Africa with a bow is very addicting!
  6. mudslinger

    String jumpers?

    I guess i have been lucky. I have shot 17 plains game over 3 hunts with a Nyala, 2 Bushbucks and a Lioness being killed at ranges from 20 to 50 yards on walk and stalk hunts and no string jumping and the rest including a huge Warthog and 2 Impala and most of the ones mentioned above and have...
  7. mudslinger

    African Arrow Safaris

    Neddy, PM sent.
  8. mudslinger

    SOUTH AFRICA: BOWHUNT: 3rd Trip With African Arrow Safaris

    This was undoubtedly the most exciting, adrenaline rushing and exilarating hunt I have ever been on in my life. Happened with Harry Nel and African Arrow Safaris. First rattle out of the box, we got to hunt in the Kalahari region of RSA for a spot and stalk bowhunt for and African lioness...
  9. mudslinger

    What to do when your walls are full of trophies?

    Not sure what I am going to do. I enclosed my back patio and turned it into my "trophy room", but it is full now and I still have a 345" elk to have mounted and the 4 animals I shot in RSA in Sept, a lioness, a klipspringer, and 2 bushbucks are going to be full body mounted. I know that my...
  10. mudslinger

    My 2012 season with Elite Archery

    Very nice! Congrats on some great trophies.
  11. mudslinger

    SOUTH AFRICA: BOWHUNT: 1ST Trip To South Africa & Induna Safaris

    Looks like you had a great time and shot some great animals Congrats!
  12. 2nd Bushbuck

    2nd Bushbuck

    My second Bushbuck of the day!
  13. 1st Bushbuck

    1st Bushbuck

    My 1st Bushbuck that completed my Spiral Slam with a bow.
  14. Klipspringer


    Very mature and big Klipspringer.
  15. Lioness in the Kalahari!

    Lioness in the Kalahari!

  16. mudslinger


    It has to be the hunt I just returned from. A lioness hunt with a bow in teh Kalihari region of South Africa. 50,000 acre concession. We first spotted the 2 lionesses at 10:30am and we finally got mine to stand her ground at noon. She was not happy with our presence and continued to tell us...
  17. mudslinger

    A Lioness and a Klipspringer

    My best friend Monty and I finished our hunt in style by taking, if you can believe it, 4 Bushbucks on the Limpopo River all on walk and stalk hunts. Monty started the carnage with a 31 yard shot on a great Bushbuck and I followed with a 40 yard shot on a very old mature Bushbuck. These...
  18. mudslinger

    A Lioness and a Klipspringer

    WOW!!!!! We hunted the Kalihari region of South AFrica for our lioness and was it a hunt of a lifetime. A 50,000 acre concession 160 kilometers from the nearest town and at a dead end road! Talk about out in the middle of nowhere. I was fortunate enough to kill a massive lioness with a 42...
  19. mudslinger

    Wish me luck. Lioness with a bow!!!!!!!!

    Not sure where we are hunting. Supposedly an 8 hour drive from J'oberg. I leave all that up to my PH, whom I trust without question.
  20. mudslinger

    Wish me luck. Lioness with a bow!!!!!!!!

    I am in the final planning/packing/shooting stages of my upcoming lioness hunt with a bow in Africa. This will be my third trip over the pond, but the first 2 were for plains game of which I have been fortunate enought to bring back 13 animals. I guess I decided to step off the deep end and go...
  21. mudslinger

    To smoke or not to smoke

    Stretch, I have to politely disagree with you on smoke adding other molecules of a scent an animal maynot recognize. If you are talking about tobacco smoke, then yes maybe, but if you are talking about smoke from a camfire, then it is a proven fact that natural smoke helps eliminate and cover...
  22. mudslinger

    SOUTH AFRICA: Looking For 5 Star SA Safari Ekland Safaris

    Eric, if you have not put any money down or you are going to wait until maybe the Dallas Safari show to meet and possibly put down money for a hunt, please stop by African Arrow Safaris booth to visit with Harry and Diedre about the opportunities with them. I can give you 2 women that will...
  23. mudslinger

    Safety in Limpopo SA for hunters?

    You should have zero problems. Your PH should meet you in the airport at J'oberg and be in his hands the entire trip. I have been twice, 08 and 10 and we have had zero problems with anything. I am very seldom out of my PH's view the entire trip. My wife and another wife went on an elephant...
  24. mudslinger

    SOUTH AFRICA: Looking For 5 Star SA Safari Ekland Safaris

    If you want to bowhunt with a bowhunting outfit only and what I would consider 5 star in my eyes, (hot-tub, but no pool) and trophy animals to boot, I would also recommend African Arrow Safaris. Harry's girlfriend also owns a tour business out of J'oberg and can set up virtually anything your...
  25. mudslinger

    Elite Answer has been busy the weekend

    Congrats on some great trophies. I am headed over on Sept 8th, but only after one animal, a lioness with a bow!
  26. mudslinger

    New bow hunter

    Woods, Daimondhitch, great posts, agree 100% on almost everything. The only thing I really do not do is paper tune. I will walk back tune and then broadhead tune and usually get everything to hit the same. Of course I have done my own tuning as well as others when I had my shop and with the...
  27. mudslinger

    New bow hunter

    The use of a particular style of broadhead, COC, fixed or mechanical should be determined on the animal you are going to hunt and the KE, momentum and arrow weight you are planning on shooting. I have shot one Kudu, 54 1/2" and got a complete pass thru with a Rage 2 blade, but I was also...
  28. mudslinger

    New bow hunter

    Woods, I personally tend to agree with you on the Rage, but you are looking at the cutting width of the Rage at 2" and not the cutting surface. The blades on the Rage are swept back just like any other head and give more cutting surface that the 2" cutting width. If you want to compare apples...
  29. mudslinger

    Your first Eland...

    Unfortunatley they are the same. I was dissapointed when I got the mount back and the forehead ruff was not standing out like it was in the pic. I have a friend that is a taxi and I am going to ask him if there is anything he can do to make it look more like the pic.
  30. mudslinger

    Your first Eland...

    First bowhunt with Harry Nel of African Arrow Safaris ended wiht me beibg lucky enough to take a trophy Eland. After lunch one aft4ernoon we were running a little late getting to the hide and I had a bright red shirt on with my camo britches and harry said do not worry about the color, just...
  31. mudslinger

    New bow hunter

    You will get as many opinions as there are BH's on the market, which are many. I personally shoot Smoke Ramcats in the 100 grain and I am going to try 2 new heads this year, the Quad Exodus in the non barbed version and a broadhead called the Gravedigger. The Gravedigger is a hybrid with a COC...
  32. mudslinger

    The bow hunting mindset.

    Great thread. My most important aspect of bowhunting and telling a beginner to an expert bowhunter when I had my shop was confidence. Get your bow tuned, tune your arrows and BH's to the bow and shoot until you have confidence in yourself, your equipment and your ability to use that equipment...
  33. mudslinger

    SOUTH AFRICA: My South Africa Hunt With Hartzview Hunting Safaris

    Congrats on some awesome trophies.
  34. mudslinger

    How big is this kudu?

    Here is one that is 54 1/2 in the first pic and the second is 57 1/2. That in the first pic is a BIG Kudu!
  35. mudslinger

    US Customs "boogie man" myth dispelled.

    The first time we flew out of J'oberg in 2008, I was going to tip the porter that carried all our bags back to the custome area, but I did not have anything less than $20 on me and my wife was not close to where I was. I tipped the porter a $20, I know now I should not have done that and when...
  36. mudslinger

    Why certain species?

    Fritz, thank you so much for your reply. It wil help me tremedously on my search for my perfect arrow. I have also seen reports of the Ashby heads failure. I am going to make a copy of your post and keep it with the info I have collected for determining what set up I want for my Cape hunt.
  37. mudslinger

    Why certain species?

    Good post Fritz. I have killed 13 of the plains game and am going after a lion or lioness in Sept and still want a Cape with a bow along with a mature Sable. I have also seen other plains game and the "hog slam" in AFrica i would like to do with a bow. I guess the reason for the Cape is in...
  38. mudslinger

    Bowhunting blinds/hides/treestands

    Nothing to add after Fritz's post. He hit the nail on the head and drove it completely in!
  39. mudslinger

    SOUTH AFRICA: BOWHUNT: Back From My First Trip

    Great pics and great animals, especially with traditional equipment. Quiet an accomplishment. That Nyala looks like a true giant! Congrats!
  40. mudslinger

    US Customs "boogie man" myth dispelled.

    When you fly SAA twice and both times have bags broken into and items stolen and nothing done about it and the service being terrible on 1 1/2 of the flights, then that makes me not want to give them any more money, ever. Delta may be the same way, but I will not know that until Sept. I can...
  41. mudslinger

    US Customs "boogie man" myth dispelled.

    If the SAA you are referring to is South African Airways, I will say this after flying them in 2008 and 2010, I will take a slow boat to Africa before I fly that sorry airlines again. Enough said. Going Delta in Sept.
  42. mudslinger

    Hunting Giant Forest Hog in Central Africa

    Man those GFH are some ugly critters, but that posting sure gives me thoughts on doing a Hog Slam with my bow in one trip if possible. Great pics and write up. great aimals to test my Cape Buffalo arrow on, 800 to 900 grains, high FOC and a single bevel COC head!
  43. mudslinger

    Africa Hunting Question

    I have a freind that went on a bowhunt in Namabia a couple of years ago and killed some very nice animals and said he would never return. I ask him why and he said that the owner also the head PH and his wife we pure you know whats and made the time spent there misreable. he booked with and...
  44. mudslinger

    Only 3 days left - SA bound!

    Good luck! I am jealous, I have to wait until Sept 8th to leave for my hunt.
  45. mudslinger

    ZIMBABWE: First African Hunt

    Congrats on your hunt. Dang sure ain't nothing to be ashamed about on your trophies. They all looks like keepers to me, especially the Warty. All very, very nice trophies. Where in TX are you?
  46. mudslinger

    Elephant Bow Hunt

    Awesome, awesome, awesome!
  47. mudslinger

    54" Kudu

    Great Kudu. Congrats!
  48. mudslinger

    What kind of quiver do you use?

    I use a hip quiver made by EW Bateman. It is an 8 arrow hip quiver that I have used for at least 25 years. It is easy to use and I have only lost 1 arrow out of it. I have used it extensively in CO elk hunting, New Zealand hunting and all across TX hunting everything under the sun. It is...
  49. mudslinger

    Best Camo!

    I would have to say this is the best camo I have worn, although it is not all that good, but when you kill a 29" Nyala on a walk and stalk hunt and get a 20 yard shot, I would have to say it was excellent camo. It is called Fusion 3D. I bought 2 short sleeve shirts off the rack somewhere...
  50. mudslinger

    Bowhunting: Big Five/DG

    When hunting teh Big 5 in Africa witha bow, I think the most improtant aspects of bowhunting them comes in not the srqaw weight of the bow, but the combination of the draw weight of the bow, the arrow weight and the configuration and construction of the broadhead. You could very easily use a...