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  1. Lbarr265

    Loading for 338wm BAR?

    I consider myself to be an adequate marksman with a scoped rifle. When I first touched off my 338 it was the most violent (excellent word choice for it BTW) recoil I had experienced at that point. My groups were rough and ugly to say the least. I put it in a lead sled for load development and...
  2. Lbarr265

    Loading for 338wm BAR?

    No feeding problem, I’m just under the standard OAL.
  3. Lbarr265

    Loading for 338wm BAR?

    My go to is 250 gn accubond over 68 gn IMR4831 and it will outshoot me.
  4. Lbarr265

    Thoughts on Tuskless Hunting

    Those of you who have hunted both, what is the body size difference between these tuskless cows and a mature bull? I’m curious about are they close or is there a clear difference
  5. Lbarr265

    Slo-mo big bore ridiculousness

    The flash is certainly curious. I wonder what would cause that.
  6. Lbarr265

    on a lighter note...

    “Ya but it’s a dry heat”[emoji23] -Every Texan right now
  7. Lbarr265

    Reloading Addiction Group

    338 win mag and 416 Rigby are the specific cases I’m focused on, so the win mag has a belt obviously.
  8. Lbarr265

    Reloading Addiction Group

    It’s time for me to feed my addiction a bit. And given the scarcity of some of the larger than 30 caliber brass these days I’ve decided to look at annealing cases. Some of my 338s and 416s are on their 5th loadings. Does annealing actually help prevent split necks, and what do y’all use to do it...
  9. Lbarr265

    Nosler Ammo

    I had a similar experience some years ago with a 338 win mag rifle. Not with Nosler ammo, I’ll leave the name out of it since I determined the ammo wasn’t at fault. It would fire flawlessly on some ammo and have all sorts of weak primer strikes on others. I took your same approach and said it...
  10. Lbarr265

    Heym Model 89b Chambered In 500 NE

    My wife would shoot me with it or I’d be all over that
  11. Lbarr265

    What happens with rifles when staying in a big 5 tented camp and a self defense question

    I would have to think the policy is heavily dependent on the PH, as well as the general alcohol consumption in camp. If you’re sober I see it as a safety measure to have the rifle. If you’re not… it might just make the situation worse.
  12. Lbarr265

    Concealed Carry

    That is my general rule, and I would recommend it for everyone, though as I stated above certain guns never get reloads due to feed ramp/barrel cut out design.
  13. Lbarr265

    Concealed Carry

    I will say I generally carry a Px4 45 acp IWB for 5 years, took a 2 year break, then for another 3 years. The rotating barrel has kept it from popularity in the American market I’m afraid, as people think they are unreliable, as a populous we prefer the browning tilting barrel design. After...
  14. Lbarr265

    Show me your uncheckered rifle stocks?

    I had the same question but I’m scared to learn what a BBW might be if he is the type to burn good steak
  15. Lbarr265

    SOUTH AFRICA: Lion Hunt With Marius Goosen From KMG Hunting Safaris

    Congrats and thanks for sharing, that is a dream hunt. Any chance for pictures of the lechwe and others taken?
  16. Lbarr265


    That is a dream waterbuck. Congrats, and I can’t wait for the rest of your story.
  17. Lbarr265

    Nosler big bore bullets

    I was referring specifically to solids and my quest for others over 338 they are still providing partition and accubond for some but not all calibers. I suspect their company focus is shifting from premium bullets to general hunting and...
  18. Lbarr265

    Nosler big bore bullets

    Does anyone know is Nosler officially discontinuing the large bore solids? They have been out of stock of 416 and 458 forever and they 2023 product catalog shows loaded solid ammo but no bullets. I was also searching their site and they have 470 solids for sale on “close out”. All my reloads...
  19. Lbarr265

    Looking for my first "affordable" double in 2023, which to consider

    I can’t second this enough. I was in the middle of picking an outfitter when went from a bachelor to a married man with kids. Now it’s been 5 years since i had a realistic hope of going. This week I started the path back to getting ready for Africa, Go while you can, don’t wait for things to be...
  20. Lbarr265

    Recoil limit

    Sounds silly but if I bring anything heavy I also bring my old red rider BB gun for the same reason.
  21. Lbarr265

    Thoughts: A rifle battery for a 28 day Safari hunt...

    That would be a dream safari... I would go with one of two options. 1) 270 win loaded hot with 130 gn Nosler ballistic tips for distance on small antelope/baboons. 338 win mag loaded with 250gn accubond for heavier antelope. 416 Rigby with 400 gn partitions and Nosler solids for dangerous...
  22. Lbarr265

    on a lighter note...

    I have never seen a weatherman use decimals... if you want to use decimals in temperature it works as easily in Celsius as Fahrenheit or Rankine for that matter. Imperials are all units easily approximated in nature. I’ve never seen someone measure the distance from the pole to the equator and...
  23. Lbarr265

    on a lighter note...

    The imperial temperature units allow for greater differentiation of temperatures. The majority of weather fits between -40° and 40° C that is -40° and 104°F. So what you cover with a range of 80 is covered by 144 in F, allowing for a more precise communication of the temperature. Additionally...
  24. Lbarr265

    SOUTH AFRICA: Pawprint Kalahari Lion & Lioness Hunt

    Good luck. I can’t wait to hear the story
  25. Lbarr265

    SOUTH AFRICA: Two Weeks With Motshwere Safaris & Outfitters

    Congrats on a great looking hunt
  26. Lbarr265

    NAMIBIA: Eintracht Jagd Safaris 2019

    Congrats on a great hunt.
  27. Lbarr265

    Time for a 505

    pm sent
  28. Lbarr265

    NAMIBIA: Johnnyblues V.S. Mr. Spots Round Two

    Congrats!! It looks fantastic
  29. Lbarr265

    NAMIBIA: Johnnyblues V.S. Mr. Spots Round Two

    Saw 23 new posts in a matter of hours knew something excited happened, but I hoped it wasn’t this exciting. Be sure to stay safe!! And good luck
  30. Lbarr265

    Top African animal to shoot

    Hippo. Definitely not as common as some on this list but a land based hippo hunt is the ultimate hunt for me
  31. Lbarr265

    African wish list

    Why stop at 2? If money isn’t an issue I say hunt till you die... I personally could hunt coyotes all day, and I have a feeling I’ll feel the same way about jackals when I get to Africa
  32. Lbarr265

    SOUTH AFRICA: Seven Days With Tally-Ho Hunting Safaris

    Great report, thank you for sharing
  33. Lbarr265

    on a lighter note...

    There is also wolfram alpha where you type it in and it solves...
  34. Lbarr265

    SOUTH AFRICA: Somerby Safaris 2018 Dont Get Much Better!

    They did and they look great. Thanks!!
  35. Lbarr265

    Time for a 505

    No I probably don’t need a stopping rifle for a hippo but a body shot on land is different than a head shot in the water. But if I can learn to shoot it accurately it also doesn’t hurt does it? Lots of people with little to no knowledge on the subject suggest the Rigby is too light for hippo on...
  36. Lbarr265

    Time for a 505

    To celebrate finally graduating this past weekend I have decided to buy a 505 Gibbs. This was chosen for several reasons, #1 of which is my 416 Rigby keeps jamming on the second shot (but never the third). My local gunsmith got it figured out but I don’t know if I trust it yet. #2 I want above...
  37. Lbarr265

    Taking care of a Leopard skin

    Congrats to the lucky hunter. Is there a story to go along with the skin?
  38. Lbarr265

    ZIMBABWE: Big Elephant & Buffalo Pictures Martin Pieters Safaris March 2019

    Looks unique but I’m not sure it’s for me. I’d have to see one in person first. But thanks for educating me. I appreciate it :)
  39. Lbarr265

    ZIMBABWE: Big Elephant & Buffalo Pictures Martin Pieters Safaris March 2019

    Is it an illusion or is that double completely coated in rust? Beautiful pictures
  40. Lbarr265

    on a lighter note...

    Same here
  41. Lbarr265

    on a lighter note...

    I’m 99% sure your comment was rhetorical but on the off chance it’s not the engineer side of me feels the need to explain. The Greek letter Psi refers to the quantum state of a system expressed as a vector (single value describing two qualities). The equation is the schrodinger equation which...
  42. Lbarr265

    Magnum primers-Federal vs.?

    I haven’t been using the magnum primers much but the biggest difference I can tell with regular rifle primers is how easy the primer pockets are to clean out, no real performance differences. Federal and CCI seem to come out more cleanly than do the Winchester’s
  43. Lbarr265

    CAMEROON: Cameroon Hunt With Mayo Oldiri 2019

    Love your stories, not sure the random guy on the internet gets a vote... but I vote leopard
  44. Lbarr265

    Damned cold in Germany.....

    Sounds like NC is trying to fit in with the Midwest
  45. Lbarr265

    3 gun Safari the only solution

    Little bit of math involved but... .204 Ruger (.204") 450/400 Nitro (.408") 500 NE (.510") Formula is Caliber=(XYZ) where YZ=2X Not true onomatopoeia but its satisfying to me.