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    300 wm heavy bullet or switch up to 338 wm?

    I've used 200 grain bullets in 300 WM on elk; Nosler Accubond and Partitions. Worked great every time. One shot kills and didn't travel far. Also used 200 grain Hornady ELDX on large mule deer. Same results.
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    New Mexico Pronghorn hunt

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    What a great hunting report. It plays out well,, leading to a great visual interpretation to the reader, and there are the awesome pictures. Wish I could verbalize my hunting trips this clearly. Thanks for the "ride along" on your fantastic trip.
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    Ruger No. 1

    My son used my #1 458 Lott to take this bison.
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    Red Deer Pictures

    It was next to the Glenfiddich estate. And thanks for the well wishes. I had always put off traveling overseas for hunting until later in life. No more. I went to South Frica last year for plains game, and my wife hunted a Ibex in Spain this past spring.
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    Red Deer Pictures

    My Red Stag in Scotland in 2020. Had postponed the trip for a year after being diagnosed with Non Hodgkin's lymphoma. 5 months of chemo, 18 radiation treatments, and a year later I was ready to go. Trip of a lifetime!
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    .416 Ruger

    I love this cartridge too. The factory ammo from Hornady shoots great. The Buffalo Bore TSX ammo was a little salty price wise, but it's basically hand loaded, and the quality of it was top notch. I found the POI in my African with the Buffalo Bore ammo to be higher than the Hornady, and the...
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    .416 Ruger

    I like the Alaskan better purely from a handling and functional standpoint. Shorter, stockier barrel handles great for me for hunting in deep woods of the Northeast, and thick brush and swamps of Florida where I live. But, the African is a much nicer fit and finish rifle. To each his own.
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    Preferred family of Medium bore cartridges?

    9.3x62. I've used it for black bears, wild boars, deer, and my only African Safari for plains game (so far). All one shot and down. Very versatile cartridge.
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    Mercury recoil reducers, do they work?

    I have one in my Ruger No. 1 Tropical in 458 Lott. As stated above, helped balance the rifle evenly between your hands, and provided some needed weight to the gun. Seemed to work fine on the bison hunt my son used it for. 500 Grain Partitions at 2300 fps felt similar to my 300 Win Mag with 200...
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    .416 Ruger

    The Hogue stock serves a purpose, but you're right, not my favorite either. I have the full bedding block stock on one of m Alaskans. Adds some much needed weight, and stiffness. The wood stock is prone to cracking. Haven't cracked mine on the African yet, but switching to a Bell & Carlson for...
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    .416 Ruger

    Possibly. Shoot me a PM. Thanks
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    .416 Ruger

    A great rifle at a great price. I have two of the Ruger 416 model rifles: the Ruger Alaskan and Ruger African. They both shoot great and have no loading issues using the Hornady DGX and DGS ammo. Also have some Buffalo Bore TSX loads that shoot great as well. Someone is going to have a great...
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    Hunter from Miami :cool:

    Hello and welcome Sir!
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    Memorial Day Thanks

    Many in my family have served, and are still serving. Thanks to all. Your sacrifices will always be remembered.
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Finally Found The Buffalo I Wanted

    Very nice Alex. Truly a trophy bull. Congratulations!
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    Ruger No. 1

    I have 3 of these rifles I've collected over the years; a 450-400, a 375 H&H, and a 458 Lott. All really accurate rifles. My son shot a bison with the Lott. Dropped it with one shot.
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    I love my 9.3. I've only been to Africa once ( going back next year), but it accounted for zebra, warthog, gemsbok, blue wildebeest, kudu, Impala and sable. All taken with only 1 shot each, ranging from 35 yards to 128 yards. I used factory loaded Nosler 286 grain Partitions. The rifle is a CZ...