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  1. Blueduiker

    Comment by 'Blueduiker' in media 'African Wildcat'

    Sounds like a great experience. I’ve only ever seen one in the wild, though we get them in the camera traps regularly.
  2. Blueduiker

    Comment by 'Blueduiker' in media 'Alpine Ibex'

    Thanks! The Alps were incredible.
  3. Alpine Ibex

    Alpine Ibex

    Switzerland, Zermatt area. 2016. Dream come true....but shortest mountain hunt I’ve ever experienced. Back in town for lunch
  4. African Wildcat

    African Wildcat

    Klein Karoo, South Africa
  5. African Jackal Buzzard

    African Jackal Buzzard

  6. African Striped Weasel

    African Striped Weasel

    ...not one you see every day.
  7. Silvery-cheeked Hornbill

    Silvery-cheeked Hornbill

    Cool specimen to get to work on.
  8. Albino porcupine

    Albino porcupine

    ...our last mount for the year!
  9. Free range Kudu

    Free range Kudu

    Big Kudu, Klein Karoo. South Africa
  10. Caracal


    Nice size cat. At our place, Klein Karoo, South Africa
  11. Free range Kudu

    Free range Kudu

    At our place, Klein Karoo, South Africa
  12. Boomslang


    A beautiful Boomslang. Pic taken with my iPhone at our place in the Klein Karoo, South Africa
  13. Southern Mountain Reedbuck

    Southern Mountain Reedbuck

    My best Mountain Reedbuck, Colesberg, N.Cape May ‘17
  14. Ducks


    Nice mixed bag of waterfowl from the Overberg region, W.Cape South Africa
  15. Whitetail deer

    Whitetail deer

    My first bowhunted Whitetail, Gregory, South Dakota Nov ‘16
  16. Red Stag - Hungary

    Red Stag - Hungary

    One of the best organized hunts I have ever been on. Outfitter this Fall in Hungary. Hunt was an absolute deal too!
  17. Blueduiker

    Comment by 'Blueduiker' in media 'Bay Duiker Congo Trail Cam'

    Isn’t this a Bates Pygmy antelope?
  18. Muskox bowhunt Greenland

    Muskox bowhunt Greenland

    ...a very different experience to hunting back home in Africa. Greenland August 2015
  19. Red ( Natal) Duiker

    Red ( Natal) Duiker

    Here's a pic of a really old Red Duiker ram I hunted near Mkuze, KwaZulu Natal this April '16.
  20. Bushpig


    My biggest Bushpig to date, 115kg ...Komga area, Eastern Cape ( Kubusi Safaris)
  21. Blueduiker

    Comment by 'Blueduiker' in media '29 1/4 Barbary Sheep'

    What a specimen! Im going for one in May, also N. Cape. Can't wait!!
  22. Blueduiker

    Comment by 'Blueduiker' in media 'Hyena'

    Where were these taken?
  23. Southern Mountain Reedbuck

    Southern Mountain Reedbuck

    Old battle scarred ram and my 5th trophy within a year with one short left horn. Colesberg, RSA
  24. Caracal


    Caracal, called in with a Foxpro. Colesberg, RSA
  25. African Wildcat on trailcamera

    African Wildcat on trailcamera

    Snapped on the West Coast of South Africa.
  26. Bushpig


    Bushpig shot with Jeff Ford-Lynx Safaris in Port Alfred, Dec. 2013
  27. Grey Duiker, 4" horned female

    Grey Duiker, 4" horned female

    Rather typical for this part of the Moordernaars Karoo, but uncommon elsewhere. A Grey Duiker female with symmetrical 4" horns.
  28. Warthog


    Nice Warthog from the Marken area in Limpopo. When I skinned it I discovered a golf ball sized abscess in its mandible that had completely disintegrated the jaw- bone. Pig appeared healthy (before the shot), weighed 83 kilos.
  29. African Civet trailcamera

    African Civet trailcamera

    Civet I got on a trailcam at a Kudu cow carcass. Marken area, Limpopo. September 2013
  30. Hunting


  31. Borwn Hyena on trailcamera

    Borwn Hyena on trailcamera

    Trailcam pic of a Brown Hyena at a Kudu carcass. Marken area, Limpopo Spetember2013
  32. Blueduiker

    Ibex hunt End of February 2013 Yssik-Kul Kyrgyzstan

    Take any Kyrgyzstan offers with a pinch of salt. We ( two South Africans) did a trip 3 years ago with a "reputable" outfitter that was based half the year in Germany (off-season) and half in Kygyzstan. Trip turned out a complete flop. Seriously under equipped, huge areas ( I mean MASSIVE!)...
  33. Crocodile captured on traitimer in Mozambique

    Crocodile captured on traitimer in Mozambique

    We put up a trailcamera in hope of getting another Serval. Instead we were surprised ot find a pic of this crocodiles, 2.5 km from the river, down a dry jeep track.
  34. Serval Cat Mozambique Mahimba

    Serval Cat Mozambique Mahimba

    Serval captured on trailcamera at Mahimba Reserve, Mozambique. We got pics of three different Serval all within 3 km of camp, in the month we were there.
  35. Crocodile 13/12 Feet Mozambique

    Crocodile 13/12 Feet Mozambique

    Biggest Crocodile shot in the month I was up at Mahimba Reserve, Mozambique. Killed by a Czech client. 13 1/2 Feet ( 412 cm). August 2012
  36. Common Reedbuck - Mozambique

    Common Reedbuck - Mozambique

    Common Reedbuck. Hunted at Mahimba Reserve, Zambesia Province, Central Mozambique
  37. Mozambique Crocodile

    Mozambique Crocodile

    Crocodile I shot at Mahimba Reserve, Zambesia Province, Central Mozambque. August 2012
  38. Blueduiker

    Vaal Rhebok hunting

    PS: Regarding your condition, as long as you can walk at a steady pace for a few hours on rocky ground, with inclines and declines and can shoot accurately out to 300m, you should not have any problem. I have scouted for sheep in the US, hunted Ibex in Asia and Chamois in Austria...vaalie...
  39. Blueduiker

    Vaal Rhebok hunting

  40. Blueduiker

    Vaal Rhebok hunting

    We have hunted them for many years in the Moordernaars Karroo region of the Western Cape ( about 3 hours from Cape Town). The tip with the knee-pads is a good one, the entire Karoo is rocky, has thorns and loose shale. Regarding mountains, its not too bad and I wouldn't compare it to Sheep...
  41. Blueduiker

    Mozambique Hunt 2013 - Trophy Quality/Unique Species

    Mozambique has excellent Buff, monster crocs, great Chobe Bushbuck and there are good Sable in numerous areas . It also has some hard to get species like Red Duiker, Sharpe's Grysbok and Suni. I'm heading up for a month on the 8th of August and will post a full report with pics when I am back...
  42. Blueduiker

    Bowhunt Japan

    Wow, those are incredible Sika! Well done for opening a new country. I'm sure it was a bureaucratic nightmare. Is the export of the trophies a problem ( Export permits and Veterinary permits), or is that paperwork included in the package?
  43. Forest Sitatunga female

    Forest Sitatunga female

    Forest Sitatunga female, Nchila Wildlife Reserve, Zambia
  44. East Angolan Duiker

    East Angolan Duiker

    Two female East Angolan Duikers grazing in a dambo, Nchila Wildlife Reserve, Zambia
  45. Blue duiker in the miombo

    Blue duiker in the miombo

    Blue duiker in a miombo forest, Nchila Wildlife Reserve, Zambia
  46. Blue Duiker

    Blue Duiker

    Nchila Wildlife Reserve, NW Zambia. One of +20 Blue Duikers seen in 3 days of hunting. 1 14/16"
  47. Agolan Bush Duiker

    Agolan Bush Duiker

    Nchila Wildlife Reserve NW Zambia (5 6/8")
  48. Puku


    Puku. Nchila Wildlife Reserve, NW Zambia
  49. Blueduiker

    ZAMBIA: Nchila Wildlife Reserve Zambia

    Returned from a great hunt at Nchila Wildlife Reserve, Zambia We just returned from an amazing hunting trip to Nchila Wildlife reserve in the far top corner of North Western Zambia, bordering the DRC and Angola. The reserve is run by the Fisher family, great people and wonderful hosts! We...