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    The threat of ageing dams worldwide

    Great read...
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    Questions About the CZ 550

    My CZ550 in 375 H&H is named Hennie, after the toughest, meanest and funniest PH I ever met is SA... My buff, plenty of African & Australian game have been taken and it’s my favourite rifle without question. Ado
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    Are there any anti-police demonstrations or riot happening in South Africa?

    Just the usual amount of rioting I assume...[emoji20]
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    Have Joined The 458 Club!

    Great choice - well done. I love my CZ Lott and CZ 375... tough and reliable. Enjoy. Ado
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    Australian AH Members Get Together..

    +1 Bluey. pm sent. Ado
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    Australian AH Members Get Together..

    I am in Melbourne but travel to Sydney everybsecond week and Cairns every three months... Ado
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    Taxidermy or next safari?

    Agree that's a very sensible approach... Ado
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    Taxidermy or next safari?

    No other storage options but I guess many have said don't sell as in years to come you will regret it. Not all my trophies are equal - perhaps I can sell some but keep just a few that are very special... like the buff. Ado
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    Taxidermy or next safari?

    Ahhh the memories... but seems like selling is a better option so I can go back hunting again. Hi Sounds like you have it all sorted. We have been together for 13 years - a bit late now to try and lay down the law! Considering the quality of woman she is it's a small price for peace. Ado
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    Taxidermy or next safari?

    Hi Charlie, Getting rid of wife not an option... love her and she is the mum of my beautiful boy - must plan the next generation of hunters! Ado
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    Taxidermy or next safari?

    I believe so... it looks like I could get between $15,000 and $20,000 AUD for the lot. Not often this sort of thing comes up in Australia for sale especially as a collection. That would buy a lot of safari! Ado
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    Taxidermy or next safari?

    Classic... had not thought of that one! Cheers.. Ado
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    Taxidermy or next safari?

    Hi All, I have two problems and wonder whether anyone else has faced the same issue, or has advice on what I should do next. 1. Too many trophies from my safaris, a wife who refuses to allow them in the house, and no space for them to be displayed. 2. Insufficient funds to allocate to going...
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    KRUGER PARK, SOUTH AFRICA: Where Poachers Are Hunted As Much As Their Prey

    Drawing an equivalence between black people and rhinos to make an environmental point... disingenuous or downright evil. I have a rather crazy idea... don't break the law. The law is colour blind (or meant to be at any rate) but these twisted idiots conveniently ignore that point. If you gave...
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    Africa huntings supported people you should never use

    Karma has no expiry date. Ado
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    Pet peeves?

    My greatest peeve is when the hunt finishes. You know you have to go home and start the dreaming / planning all again... On the walk Vs bakkie point, I believe we should make our own choices they way it's suits you and your mobility. A much more concerning issue / peeve for me is when...
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    In memoriam - Theunis Botha

    Peace and prayers for the family.
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    .458 Winchester vs. .458 Lott

    I avoided this predicament by simply buying both! I like the WM but I love the Lott. I am considering chambering the WM to a 300H&H for plains game... but as always money and wife means no progress!!! Either is great. Ado
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    ZIMBABWE: WARNING: Hunting With Juan Pace & Lloyd Yeatman - Don't

    It's is awful when such an important experience is ruined by thieves. I cannot imagine not receiving my trophies.. hopefully your zebra will eventually turn up. Ady
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    Buying a game farm

    Yep - this is terrible indeed. It was always gong to be the last gasp of a corrupt ANC... and the end of the rule of law, international investment, and the possibility of a good future for my homeland. I pray they see reason before it all goes to hell... Ady
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    ZIMBABWE: Has Anyone Hunted With African Sky Safari's In Zimbabwe?

    I have hunted with African Sky Safaris four times in South Africa and they have been brilliant. Planning an elephant hunt in Namibia with them in 2018 and I have full confidence they will deliver as usual. It's all about the PH and concessions... no complaints thus far. Whoever you book enjoy...
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    Another CZ550 .375 owner!

    Welcome to the CZ550 club! A great caliber and a tough rifle that will not let you down. I agree with the comments RE scopes - I use a VX3 2.5 - 8 and it works a charm out to 300. Enjoy... Ado
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    G'day from Queensland Australia

    Welcome - enjoy the trip ahead! What load are you planning to use? Thanks, Ado
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    Hi Velo, I am thinking about a non trophy ele hunt in Namibia. Do you have any outfitter...

    Hi Velo, I am thinking about a non trophy ele hunt in Namibia. Do you have any outfitter recommendations? Thanks Ado
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    Hi Bluey, thinking about a non trophy ele hunt in Namibia - any recommendations on outfitters...

    Hi Bluey, thinking about a non trophy ele hunt in Namibia - any recommendations on outfitters? Cheers Ado
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Elephant Hunt With Paw Print Safaris 2015

    Looks fantastic Charlie... Ado
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    Bow hunting large animals - is it ethical?

    Surely a 300gr from a 375 will kill a buff far quicker than an arrow? Ado
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    Sharing A 2-Rifle Case

    Hi All, Currently in South Africa hunting..:-) Shared a gun case (Pelecan) with my dad for the third year in a row and no hassles... Ado
  29. Ado

    Sharing A 2-Rifle Case

    I have shared a gun case from Australia to South Africa three times now without an issue.... Luck? Ado
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    Two Rifle Battery in Classic Calibers?

    Only two I would take a 30-06 and a 375 H&H. Classic caliber I would change to 300H&H and 375H&H. Ado
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    3 gun African battery

    A 338 is a bit heavy for springbok Matt!!! Ado
  32. Ado

    My new 375 needs a scope

    Try a VX3 2.5-8 A great scope for the 375... Not sure that the grey is available outside VX1. Ado
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    Trophy Debate

    I have given a lot of though to whether to get involved in this thread or not... I decided to have my say. The hunter is happy with his trophy. It is legal. The PH and Owner are happy. End of discussion in my book. We need to be very careful with this discussion as it (intentionally or...
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    Simply amazing shooting

    Wow that is good shooting... Ado
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    3 gun African battery

    A beautiful caliber steeped in history.... Ado
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    Great Video: Who We Are

    Just exceptional.... Well done and I agree this is the exact type of message we need to share with the world. Ado
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    3 gun African battery

    I would take: 30-06 375 H&H 458 Lott 130gr to 550gr... Ado
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    Ideas on 30.06 rounds?

    180 grain Barnes X A great and lethal round in 30-06 Ado
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    The Aftermath Of The Notorious Zimbabwean Lion Hunt

    Very well written. A pity the stupid zealous greenies are not capable of understanding this message. Ado
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    Waterbuck Pictures

    My beauty... Ado
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Elephant Hunt With Paw Print Safaris 2015

    Well done Charlie.... Ado
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    Muzzle Breaks

    This may be a bit of an unpopular comment..... But: If you need to use a muzzle break when hunting your gun is too big for you. Just my 2c worth. Not trying to be arguementative - but I guess your comments will follow... Ado
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    Baboon weight?

    They are bloody heavy... Ado
  44. Ado

    SOUTH AFRICA: Elephant Hunt With Paw Print Safaris 2015

    Enjoy the awesome challenge! Stay safe... Ado
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    Bow hunting large animals - is it ethical?

    Thanks Condebr. I am still questioning this though. By this rationale it would be ethical to hunt an elephant with a 6mm as long as you place your shot properly... Have I got this wrong? Ado
  46. Ado

    Lever Action Rifles In Africa?

    I took a Browning BLR in 30-06 to Africa in 2011 and it was brilliant on plains game... I could not recommend it high enough if you do not want a bolt action. Ado
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    simple truths

    Eagles may fly high, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines! Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine! Ado
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    Bow hunting large animals - is it ethical?

    There is a lot of talk about bow setup, and that a bow cannot stop a charge. This thit like saying a 30-06 can kill an elephant, and rely on the PH to stop a charge? What am I missing? It sounds like a bow is worth a solid 200gr from a 30-06? Ado
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    AUSTRALIA: Hunt Safari In Australia Top End Herve & Marie August 2015

    Fantastic pictures - thanks for sharing. Australia is a beautiful country..:-) Ado