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    Can plains game A Frames or TSX bullets be 30% lighter?

    my experience with accubonds 165gr out of a 300wsm are accurate as hell, great BC but they come apart fast at high velocity. I'd say at long range they are fantastic, up close and personal not so much
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    Can plains game A Frames or TSX bullets be 30% lighter?

    I've been absent from the board for a while. This was my first experience with Barnes bullets on game. Hunted at HuntersHill with my 26" 7mm magnum and barnes 145 LRX at around 3250fps. I guess the massive eland was proof enough for me that lighter barnes at high velocity work like a charm...
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    Trump Tweets About Farm Murders

    it was already headed for civil war. this Trump announcement may very well avert it, cross your fingers
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    The Hitler of South Africa

    when you rob Peter to pay Paul you can always count on Pauls support
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    Rifle Weight

    Personally I like heavy guns. The bigger the caliber the heavier I want the gun. Can't stand recoil and a heavy rifle mitigates it nicely. If you are mountain hunting chances are you aren't hunting game that requires a heavy bullet just one that shoots flat without drift, 6.5 creed would fit...
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    Anti-Tick Clothing Works Or So Science Says

    permethrin is permethrin, no magic in the Sawyer brand, they just dilute it and put it in a spray bottle. BTW I use old Sawyer bottles as sprayers
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    Anti-Tick Clothing Works Or So Science Says

    amen to that. government is very good at growing, fleecing taxpayers and justifying their existence and not much else. I remember hearing "Canadian data" all the time, FFS like Americans, Europeans and Asians are somehow genetically different. I consider it a major accomplishment that I...
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    Anti-Tick Clothing Works Or So Science Says

    I used to work for DND, Health Canada and Public Works. I have a great story on permethrin. Story starts at PWGSC where the Pesticide Management Review Agency (health Canada arm) gives special permission for our troops to use permethrin pouches to treat uniforms (overseas use only). A year...
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    Anti-Tick Clothing Works Or So Science Says

    if it is good enough for the US and Canadian military (illegal in Canada) it is more than good enough for me. Stuff has been around in the US since Christ was a choirboy. It works
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    Reloading especially for African temperatures?

    If you carefully go over Hodgdons claims it becomes apparent that "temperature stability" is for falling temperatures. As others have noted, develop your load at the same or hotter temperature and you will be safe. You may lose a few fps but the animal won't know the difference. I used RL26...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Huntershill May 2018

    Thanks everyone for the kind words. You have helped me out immeasurably over the years with helpful advice and the do's and don't's of hunting Africa. This is the best site out there on Africa Hunting and it is because of the people here.
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Huntershill May 2018

    I hate shooting off sticks (mental block) and avoid it whenever possible. However up north where there is plenty of short scrub you have no choice. In the EC particularly at HH I used a long bipod and shot from a sitting position, way more stable. Here at home I haven't ever killed a deer...
  13. Hunting Eland South Africa

    Hunting Eland South Africa

  14. South Africa Hunt Blesbok

    South Africa Hunt Blesbok

  15. Kudu Hunting in South Africa

    Kudu Hunting in South Africa

  16. Hunt Baboon South Africa

    Hunt Baboon South Africa

  17. South Africa Hunting Black Wildebeest

    South Africa Hunting Black Wildebeest

  18. South Africa Landscape

    South Africa Landscape

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    SOUTH AFRICA: Huntershill May 2018

    Day 9: Repeat of Day 8 Day 10: Suffice it to say that I'm now convinced that I won't find my BWB but off we go yet again. Plenty of wind, spitting rain (isn't this the dry season) and some really low cloud cover blankets the mountains. We have seen a few herds but my guy is nowhere to be...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Huntershill May 2018

    Day 8: Lots of wind and some rain have made the mountain roads treacherous. No choice but to navigate the lower portions. Nothing shootable
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Huntershill May 2018

    Day 7: Back for baboon. On our way to the blind the caretaker told us that not long after we left they descended like flies on the blind. My PH and I are beginning to think that the clever bastards are patterning us, ie waiting for us to go to lunch. A hasty plan is hatched and we head off...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Huntershill May 2018

    Day 6: We head off early to another property near Fort Beaufort in search of Kudu. It is windy and the Kudu are layed up. We are busted numerous times but finally spot a really nice bull with 2 cows. They are bedded in some brush watching us and waiting for us to leave. My PH sends our 2...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Huntershill May 2018

    thanks guys Day 5: I have been after a baboon for 4 years and the closest I got was a couple of years back out the window with a 9mm while headed to the airport. That is what I love about Africa, you definitely aren't in Kansas. Some of you are obviously better than me but I found it...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Huntershill May 2018

    Day 4 Time to play mountain goat. The blesbok at HuntersHill must have been cross breed because it is astounding how high they can climb. After hours of searching we finally find a good male that doesn't require an oxygen mask to stalk. It took a little time but I was able to get within...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Huntershill May 2018

    I'm still getting synched to the time change and my wife handed me a massive honey do jar. I hope to add to this later but suffice it to say I had a blast. Hunted 3 properties with a great PH Johan and after 4 years finally got my baboon. Day 1 off to the range to check my zero and after a...
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    Permethrin in Canada

    I bought mine off Amazon from a horsey place
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    6.5 Creedmoor for Plains Game

    good point but if you are looking for penetration at ranges 100 and less a bonded bullet or monometal will get you 2 holes instead of 1. air in blood out
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    6.5 Creedmoor for Plains Game

    much softer than accubonds so they open up better at very long range. long range and Africa are usually mutually exclusive
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    30 06 on Blue Wildebeest

    too true
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    Pressure sign question

    These days I'm very leery of Barnes factory ammo as the company is no longer under Barnes control and QC isn't the same. I bought a box of 7mm ttsx 150gr and they were a mix of brass and silver primers. So much for lot to lot consistency. If it is good with other ammo then you should send that...
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    30 06 on Blue Wildebeest

    I've shot 2. One with the PH's 270 and 150gr PMP (soft as shit) and it went down in about 100yds. The other (a monster) with my 7mm mag and 160gs A-Frame it went less than 50yds and piled up. Your 3006 with a quality 180gr like accubond, Trophy bonded etc or barnes 165 or 168 will do the job...
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    .22 hornet vs .17 hmr

    223 ammo is readily available, very easy to load for, inherently accurate and very versatile
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    Best .223 bullet for African small game?

    Mine was about 50lbs nailed him right between the shoulder blades. DRT. They are really tough and worse come out in the evenings when the mosquitos and black flies are at their worst
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    Best .223 bullet for African small game?

    I killed a large beaver with a 17HMR body shot. They are highly effective
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    Post pictures or not?

    Most of the screaming nutters can not be reasoned with (like most liberals and socialists). I indulge in the guilty pleasure of goading them. They remind me of puffer fish, puff up real good and the little mouths are furiously working to try and spit out a coherent sentence
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    .308 Win or .30.06? Which caliber has the nose in front in your country?

    I agree with mdwest. The 30-06 is most popular with hunters and is more versatile but the 308 will do 90% of what the 30-06 does with less powder, recoil and better accuracy. Unless you want to shoot heavy bullets the 308 is a great choice
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    Removing Loctite

    I'd try acetone first and let is soften under a saturated rag. You could always scrape it off with a plastic spatula once softened
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    Gun Control - The Debate, Argument Or Whatever ...

    could you post the source of that table? I'll be using it up here to slap our politicians
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    Gun Control - The Debate, Argument Or Whatever ...

    Look to Canada and that is your future if you let the gun grabbers win. We are nervously waiting to see what new draconian gun control measures our leftist government will inflict on the law abiding. I see yet another round of confiscation without compensation
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    264 What loading to pick

    my thoughts on the 264 is it is a specialized long range round. Depending where you are hunting 300yds may be a very long shot. At 300yds there is effectively no practical difference between most hunting rounds in terms of trajectory. As Dr. Ray stated if your luggage gets sent to Timbukto...
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    Gun Control - The Debate, Argument Or Whatever ...

    Just to draw a parallel or 2. Sky Marshals are few and far between but potential hijackers won't take the risk one is on board same for concealed carry muggers and thieves don't know which granny with a walker is packing The deterrent factor will be enough to discourage all but the craziest...
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    Car rentals and bank cancel NRA discounts

    Karma. show the bastards there is a price to be paid and they will fold
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    Change my 300 Win Mag

    I have both. I got the WSM first based on technical specs. Less powder, no belt, longer neck blah blah. In the end it doesn't add up to a hill of beans in a practical sense with 1 exception. The WSM with the right bullet and superformance powder is smoking fast. I'm pushing 155 amax at over...
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    What kind of Open sights are best? What do you use?

    peep sights improve vision based on the aperture effect . Look at an object then look at it through a peep. I got groups right at an inch with an M-14 and handloads
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    Car rentals and bank cancel NRA discounts

    Time to take your business elsewhere but be sure to tell them why they lost your business. Money talks
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    President Cyril Ramaphosa

    precisely. hard to believe that someone with less intelligence than what my dog leaves curled on the sidewalk managed to first get elected then stay in power for so many years. sort of like our Prime Minister
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    Mag na port & muzzle blast opinions please

    This appears to be a novel brake without the blast. I'm sure the RCMP would take a dim view of it up here. Witt Machine makes them I have 2 of their clamp on brakes
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    30-06 Ammo options

    Remington managed recoil works if you don't reload or H4895 loads if you do. No deer hit at 100yds or less is going to feel the difference
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    Having been a former public servant (30 yrs) I can state that hard work and doing your job well and efficiently is seldom rewarded and often discouraged. Don't get me started on those with an agenda who are protected by unions