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  1. Just4fun63

    KMG Hunting Safaris Meet and Greet - Dallas Safari Club 2020

    completely new question, Will you be at the SCI convention?
  2. Just4fun63

    SOUTH AFRICA: What Side Of The Fence Are You On??

    Interesting read. Game4Africa is very high on my short list.
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    Which Shooting Sticks?

    If you want African style sticks check these out
  4. Just4fun63

    Hello from Utah

    Welcome from Utah!
  5. Just4fun63

    Looking for advice toward my first Safari

    This site has answered my questions. All the outfitters have been very helpful. I hope to get my first trip booked soon. ( decided to save up a little more cash for a longer trip).
  6. Super Express .375 H&H

    Super Express .375 H&H

  7. Just4fun63

    Remarks On Wildlife Politics By Godfrey Harris At Universities In South Africa May 2018

    Nice to see someone gets it. It sickens me to see how the animal rights groups have corrupted things, but you have to give them their due because they understand how to use emotions to trump facts.
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    Show your Win Mod 70 Safari or Super Express

    Putting a scope on mine
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    Future of Big Five Hunting

    A lot of that will depend on you and your generation. Become politically involved! Vote for people who will protect hunting and shooting. The upcoming generations seem to be less interested in hunting and fishing and the traditional outdoor activities, more and more people are living in large...
  10. Just4fun63

    The dumb things I have done

    I’m beginning to think it’s easier to hire a rifle from your outfitter. I would hate to not use my rifle though, I’m use to it.
  11. Just4fun63

    The dumb things I have done

    You’re going to have a great story to tell at deer camp!
  12. Just4fun63

    Hi from Utah

    Thanks all. So many people willing to share their knowledge
  13. Just4fun63

    The Dangers Of Allowing Predator Populations To Go Unchecked

    They did the same things in California with Bears and Mountain Lions. The Antis work solely of the emotional response of sheeple.
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    Books to read

    I live in Utah, believe it or not we have some good local beer................but they have funny names!
  15. Just4fun63

    Books to read

    I enjoy Guinness! Try this too
  16. Just4fun63

    Books to read

    Here’s the first!
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    My Hats off to Hornady

    Wonder what my .375 looks like. It’s an oldie so maybe......
  18. Just4fun63

    My Hats off to Hornady

    It should be a great concern for all of us. My boys don’t hunt on their own! They will go with me if I ask but it’s just to be nice to me. My oldest son says it’s just to time consuming and expensive. I now live in a western state with a long and deep hunting and shooting heritage. Every...
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    My Hats off to Hornady

    CTDolan, I can see where you are coming from, but once they get you to agree to “alternatives” and ban or heavily regulate something they won’t stop! They are never going to stop until all guns a heavily regulated and registered. I’m an ex Californian I watched all the little laws pile up...
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    Books to read

    I’ll give it a try. I’ve got the two books mentioned on the way. Good old eBay
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    Three Middle Priced African Hunting Rifles For Sale

    For anyone out there thinking about these rifles I just wanted to say that sierraone is a great guy to deal with. I bought a Winchester M70 SE in 375 H&H from him last month and it was exactly as described ( maybe better). Had real great phone conversation about guns. He’s the real deal, so jump...
  22. Just4fun63

    Books to read

    Thanks all. I’ll be looking for these b
  23. Just4fun63

    8 x 57 Mauser

    Thanks for the advice everyone! dchamp I was looking at the Barnes TTSX also. I’ve just finished installing a Timmeny trigger set at 3.5 lbs (original was 7.9!), Timmeny safety, hinged bottom metal from a FM and a Leupold 3x9 scope. Next step is a Boyd’s lamanated stock, polish and reblue as...
  24. 1940 K98 sporterized Mauser Rifle

    1940 K98 sporterized Mauser Rifle

  25. Just4fun63

    8 x 57 Mauser

    I just added this 1940 K98 sporterized Mauser to my collection. I’d be interested in hearing some opinions on taking this on my first Africa plains game hunt along with my .375 H&H Favorite loads ? Bullets? 8x57 JS isn’t super popular over on this side of the pond.
  26. Just4fun63

    New Zealand has changed the rules regarding International hunters obtaining a firearms licence

    Social media will be the death of hunting! All the antis spend all their time sitting at computers and pushing their agendas while we go outside and hunt and enjoy nature. Sorry for the rant
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    No more Yeti's for me

    My solution to the Yeti issue
  28. Just4fun63

    Our Hunting Travel Specialist on AH

    I’ve been working with Jennifer at the agency and she has been very very helpful with my planning!
  29. Just4fun63

    My 375 Winchester has arrived

    I just got the same rifle from Sierraone on here. Beautiful rifle! I’m in the same boat so I will be interested in what you decide on.
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    Books to read

    Just got this copy of Selous’s book! I’ve read most of Capstick and Ruark, looking for suggestions for other titles and authors
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    Hi from Utah

    I’ve started to keep a journal
  32. Just4fun63

    Start of my SA taxidermy

    What’s the name of this shop? I planning my first trip probably to the East Cape too.
  33. Just4fun63

    Unique Buffalo Mount

    That’s a great idea!
  34. Just4fun63

    Picked up Eland at Double D Taxidermy today

    Awesome mounts! Seeing those gives me inspiration!
  35. Just4fun63

    Picture Perfect Kudu Hunt

    So cool. Congrats!
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    No more Yeti's for me

    If Yeti had wrote or called the NRA and said they were eliminating a discount program and changing to another nothing would have been said! Yeti was sold, it’s not a couple of guys from Austin anymore! I own a few Yeti items, they work well and I’ll keep them but I just stuck a big NRA...
  37. Just4fun63

    Hi from Utah

    Thanks all!
  38. Just4fun63

    No more Yeti's for me

    I will wait and see what they say. I be it will be something along the line of “ that’s not what we said”
  39. Just4fun63

    New Member

    Welcome, I’m new also and there is so much information on here. Everyone is friendly and helpful!
  40. Just4fun63

    Hi from Utah

    Thanks all, for the friendly welcome!
  41. Just4fun63

    Nimrod Society

    2.4 if you add in fishing licenses! Focus the time on your big cities. Can’t hurt
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    Just returned from 1st Safari

    Welcome, planning my first. Reading about yours was great.
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    Good day from South Africa

    Welcome, I’m new too and I’ve gained a huge amount of knowledge from this site already. Lots to learn.