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    2013 prices for Namibia & South Africa

    The 2013 prices for plains game hunts in Namibia and South Africa, as well as big game hunts in the Caprivi, Namibia are available on my website Intu Safaris - Professional advice on hunting in Africa You can book your 2013 African hunt now.
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    Donate trophies

    Thank you all for the advice and I will look into these.
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    Donate trophies

    Hi I am looking for donations of some medium sized plains game trophies (horns or shoulder mounts) to be used at hunting expos. I would like to have springbok, impala, bushbuck, reedbuck, blesbok, red hartebeest, wildebeest or any other species. They don't have to be record trophies. If you...
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    Big 5 hunting concession in Caprivi

    I am an agent for the hunting outfitter/PH in Namibia. They used to operate in the Matesi area in NW Zimbabwe but have recently acquired the concessions in the Caprivi.
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    Big 5 hunting concession in Caprivi

    I offer big game hunting safaris of free ranging game in two new hunting concessions, Salambala of 92,000ha (230,000 acres) just north of the Chobe River, and Kabula Bula of 35,000ha (87,500 acres) in the Caprivi, Namibia. This region holds the largest free roaming elephant population in Africa...
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    Is it possible to hunt Limpopo and Cape Bushbuck in the same safari?

    The bushbucks found in the Cape and the Limpopo Province are of the same species Tragelaphus scriptus and are not different sub-species. They may look slightly different but these are typically small colour variations.
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    New guy

    Welcome to the forum and I am sure you can tell us more about building rifles.
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    New Member From Georgia

    Welcome to the site and lots of information about Africa.
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    Hello Everyone

    Welcome to the site. You will find some additional ecological and biological information of the most common species in southern Africa on my website.
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    Planning my first hunt in Africa

    It will be helpful if you can give us more specific questions, e.g. what rifle to take, what clothes to wear etc.
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    About 15 Feb ?

    Welcome to some chats.
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    Recommendation for Hunting Outfitter

    They may have hunted in a different area, but the Ozondjahe property itself is fenced with a 8' fence. Most game ranches in South Africa and Namibia are fenced. Werner
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    Welcome to an informative site.
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    Introduction all around

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    Hello from a couple

    You will find lots of information on this site.
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    Howdy again from Texas

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    Hi from California, USA

    Welcome to AH.
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    .308 Win. for Antelope?

    A .308 will do the job. I know many farmers in Namibia who have successfully harvested kudu and oryx with a .308 for many years.
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    Happy Holiday and have a great trip.
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    greetings from southern calif.

    There is a lot of info on this website. But you are welcome to contact me for questions you may have about hunting in Africa.
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    Hello from Sunny Fla from a new guy

    Welcome to the forum.
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    New guy from Norway

    Enjoy your safari.
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    Welcome to a great site.
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    Book Collector -Hunting Big Game Africa

    Welcome to the forum. I have read some books of the good old days and entirely enjoyed them.
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    New member from Moscow, Russia.

    Welcome to AH and it will be nice to read some stories.
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    Hello From California

    Welcome. What distances are you talking about for big game?
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    New member- looks like a great web site!

    Welcome and congrats with your first posting.
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    new member intro

    Welcome. The Sahel region must be interesting to see as few people probably have the opportunity to visit the area.
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    Hello from Texas

    Welcome and am looking forward to your posts.
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    Hello from Indiana.

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    Welcome and enjoy Africa while you're there.
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    Kudu Rabies in Namibia

    The rabies outbreaks especially amongst kudu are a natural phenomenon that occurs every couple of years. It is usually most prevalent in the central northern area where the highest densities of kudu are found. In the far south kudu numbers are low and disease outbreaks like these are less frequent.
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    Hello from Canada

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    new member looking for hyena hunting tips...

    Hyenas, just like other predators will react to basically any animal sound in distress. Good luck.
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    Fast / First Responders

    Some additional points to consider. Some outfitters are booked out in advance and if it is high season in sth Africa you may not be able to book a flight on a short notice.
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    Hello to all

    Welcome and good luck on your safari.
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    New Member

    Welcome and keep on eradicating exotic pests.
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    Hello from Australia

    Welcome to the forum. I doubt if you can hunt anywhere in Zambia without paying a fee. Hunting usually occurs in Game Areas, some of which are adjacent to national parks. Part of the fees for hunting in Game Areas go to the local community. Good luck and it would be nice if you can keep us up to...
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    Looking for archery partner TZ

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