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  1. JDS

    Black Bear Hunt Recommendations

    Sean Lingl. Hunted with him last June. Total pro. No BS. Has tremendous area.
  2. JDS

    Wanted Barnes 375 H&H 300gr Vortx

    Thanks to those that replied. I have a few boxes on the way thanks to the good folks of this forum. Really appreciate everyone who responded and hopefully I can return the favor some day.
  3. JDS

    Wanted Barnes 375 H&H 300gr Vortx

    Anyone willing to part with Barnes 375 h&h vortx 300 gr. Heading to Africa soon. Thanks
  4. JDS

    Heym Left Handed 500 NE Double Rifle For Sale

    What is the length of pull ?
  5. JDS

    Hello from the Midwest

    Welcome. Champaign Count being represented here. If you have any questions on locations I can comment on SA, Zambia and Uganda. All fantastic. All very different.
  6. Sandgrouse hunt

    Sandgrouse hunt

  7. Kudu


  8. Impala


  9. African Steenbuck

    African Steenbuck

  10. JDS

    SOUTH AFRICA: Hunted With Wintershoek Safaris

    After many years of wanting to hunt Africa, I finally pulled the trigger. I was taking my family so I was waiting for my twin sons to get old enough to truly enjoy the hunt and experience. My twins are 15 and although pretty good wing shots, their big game experience was VERY limited as was my...
  11. JDS

    Hello and excited to join

    Just joined after my first trip to South Africa, which was an awesome experience. Excited to learn more and already planning my next trip. I have wing shot extensively around the world, but I am new to the African scene. Feel fortunate to have had such a great experience on our first family...
  12. JDS

    New Members Getting Started

    Hello all. New member also. Just returned from my first hunt in South Africa. Amazing experience for my entire family (wife and two teenage sons ). Been home 7 days and already planning next trip. Where is the best location to do an outfitter review ? Thank you.