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  1. G Skinner

    Texas alligator gar bowfishing

    Peaked my curiosity..... which outfitter are you going with ? .....looking forward to your report . Good luck and play safe Glen
  2. G Skinner

    Black versus blue wildebeest rug

    When in Namibia I took an African Wildcat were posted at my Archery club cat and a giraffe , taken by another member with her crossbow ...were removed because some people were appalled and this was at our club ..... so I think you better adhere to what the Misses says !
  3. G Skinner

    Best way to mount Wildebeest?

  4. G Skinner

    Guinea on the menu!

    Took a few with the bow in Namibia ..... Lots of fun ! Good Luck and Play Safe Glen
  5. Bowfishing Carp

    Bowfishing Carp

  6. Bowfishing Carp

    Bowfishing Carp

  7. Bowfishing Carp

    Bowfishing Carp

  8. Bowfishing Carp

    Bowfishing Carp

  9. Bowfishing Carp

    Bowfishing Carp

  10. Bowfishing Carp

    Bowfishing Carp

  11. G Skinner

    Bowfishing Carp 2021

    3 of us managed 14 more today . Glen
  12. G Skinner

    Hello from New Brunswick Canada

    Welcome to AH ....I'm over here ....Ontario ! Have fun with the site . A wealth of information and all the Members are great ! Glen
  13. G Skinner

    Broadhead for Eland

    Like Brickburn said "Post the pictures "
  14. G Skinner

    Bowfishing Carp 2021

    Let the games begin .....season opened May 1 ST and we had a "BLAST " we managed 8 fish . Glen
  15. G Skinner

    Bovine Slam?

    There was a story a while back about a red cow running with a bison herd in I believe Poland . Glen
  16. G Skinner

    Bovine Slam?

    Just seen a video recently... about the wild cattle living around Chernobyl....something to think about ! Glen
  17. G Skinner

    Allen Grizzly (Walmart Special) Broadhead Test Video

    Perfect "one hit wonders" for small game the price point it may stop a few people from using field points on small game . Glen
  18. G Skinner

    Bond James Bond

    And ironically Sean Connery passed away ....... R.I.P. Glen
  19. G Skinner

    Kudu Hunt with a Crossbow

    What make of crossbow ? Glen
  20. G Skinner

    How's everyone's summer shooting?

    Finally got out and shot 3D yesterday at Galt rod and Gun .....115 first 20 and 116 second 20 ...rather disappointing as my usual score is 290 to 300 is what it is ...always practice practice and more practice ! Glen
  21. G Skinner

    HUNTING Lion

    Wish my Wife would hunt lion .... then I would not have to work so hard ? Glen
  22. G Skinner

    How's everyone's summer shooting?

    Our 3D shoots have been shut down and my local indoor club just recently opened back up to members only ....I am just ready to get back into the wilds and shoot a real duck goose rabbit ,,,what ever ? Glen
  23. G Skinner

    Broadhead Rental Company???

    Great idea ...... my local shop has a bin of used heads , that you can try Glen
  24. Bowfishing Carp USA

    Bowfishing Carp USA

  25. USA Bowfishing Carp

    USA Bowfishing Carp

  26. G Skinner

    Bowfishing Carp 2020

    My buddy Joshs' daughter got in on the action a couple of weeks ago ....her first fish ! Way to make Pappa proud Bella ! CONGRATS ! Glen
  27. G Skinner

    Bowfishing Carp 2020

    Just one today ......pretty sure the spawn is done . Glen
  28. Bowfishing Carp USA

    Bowfishing Carp USA

  29. USA Bowfishing Carp

    USA Bowfishing Carp

  30. Carp Bowfishing USA

    Carp Bowfishing USA

  31. G Skinner

    Bowfishing Carp 2020

    Finally got back out back is not perfect , but feels well enough to get out and walk,,,,so walk the river we did .....I got 3 ...... your turn next time James LOL ? Glen
  32. African Wildcat Bow Hunt Namibia

    African Wildcat Bow Hunt Namibia

  33. G Skinner

    Feral cats in Australia

    Took an African Wildcat in Namibia ..... My PH was thrilled beyond belief ! ...My response was why we shoot cats in Canada all the time ? ...LOL ! No pressure ?
  34. G Skinner

    Namibia Bow hunt update

    Nothing will prove your set up more then shooting it ... Practice practice ...then practice ...good luck ,shoot straight ..lots of pictures ! Glen
  35. G Skinner

    Bowfishing Carp 2020

    CONGRATS ! Blew out my back last Saturday ....not sure I'll have much of a season left . Will try to keep posting what the rest of my crew are able to do . Glen
  36. G Skinner

    Bowfishing Carp 2020

    Neither have I eaten one ... plan on trying one in the smoker and if they are not very good we'll see if the bears will take to them . Glen
  37. G Skinner

    Bowfishing Carp 2020

    Those are the best ...... no shooting over or under ! Glen
  38. Carp Bowfishing USA

    Carp Bowfishing USA

  39. Bowfishing Carp in USA

    Bowfishing Carp in USA

  40. G Skinner

    Bowfishing Carp 2020

    Our bowfishing season started last week (May 1) My Buddy and I got out last Sunday ..... He got 7 and I got 5 ..... but in this game smaller is always the bigger trophy ...the sucker was only about 6 inches long . Glen
  41. G Skinner

    Greetings from Canada

    Welcome ...... what part of Canada , I'm in Ontario Glen
  42. G Skinner

    Broad Head for plains game

    I shot G5 Montecs what has been previously posted ... go with a cut on contact broadhead that shoots well out of your system ...tho you do want to get your arrows up to about that 450/495 grain area . Good luck , play safe and looking forward to lots of pictures ! Glen
  43. G Skinner

    Incredible stalk on

    If or when I get back to Africa , Zebra is on my todo list ! Glen
  44. G Skinner

    Cape Buffalo Bowhunt Video

    Would love to do this ......from high up in the biggest tree I could find ! Glen
  45. G Skinner

    Bow case

    I used a Plano Pillar Bow Case when I went to Namibia .....arrows were in a tube with field points attached ...broadheads were in a small tackle box that was wrapped tightly with extra tape ( but I do like the sock idea ) and a lot of extra clothing was packed in the bow case too . Then locked...