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    For Sale CZ 375 HH Magnum

    i cant say for sure I was told by the fella I baught it from he thaught it was a HS presion
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    For Sale Wintworth 458 Winchester Magnum

    Wintworth 458 Winchester Magnum comes with reloading dies, and 50 rounds of ammunition. 450 grain Barnes Triple Shot. Very Accurate, asking $1200 plus shipping. Rifle condition: 95% Can send more pictures.
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    For Sale CZ 375 HH Magnum

    CZ 375 HH 550 Magnum. HS precision stock, 30 mm scope rings come with, scope does not. Comes with reloading dies. Asking $1750 plus shipping. Serial number can be seen in photos.
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    For Sale Kimber Of Oregon Model 89 BGR Super America

    330 Dakota custom re-done by Duane Wiebe. Krieger Barrel iron sights, checkered knob, 4x12x50 Swarovski Scope TDS reticle serial number SF 6573. I'm asking $3,000 dollars for the rifle only, without the scope. Would like to sell the scope with the rifle. I also have some loaded ammo: 210 Swift...
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    Ammo Clean Out Sale

    I will take the 257 weatherby 110 gr acu.
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    Pay It Forward-Free

    my budys ex sold his parker sxs 410 from his dad for 35$ on a garage sale when he was on a buisness trip.
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    Krieghoff Dreiling (Drilling) For Sale

    I like this one alot.
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    Wanted 330 Dakota Brass

    I to would like to find a couple boxes loaded or unfired brass thanks Kevin
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    Wanted 330 Dakota Brass

    I would like to find a couple boxes of 330 Dakota amo loaded or brass new unfired hard to find thanks Kevin.
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    In memoriam - My friend Baz has passed away

    loosing old friends is hard using his rifle will help year after year.
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    280 AI and IMR 4831

    that was wrote kinda funny it was a 7mmstw for the 280AI my brother is very happy with his wife and I like her to
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    Zastava M-70 .458 WM Magazine opens when fired

    now I have to check my 458 under rapid fire???
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    280 AI and IMR 4831

    I had a real nice 280AI traded it to my brother for his wife . the caliber is very accurate but if you want to shoot heavy bullets. (175) a 30-06 with 180 is a good choice .
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    Wanted 416 Rigby Or Remington

    you cant go wrong with a 416
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    For Sale 1920 Parker D Grade

    If I wasn't about to build a new house I would buy this one!
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    For Sale CZ 550 270 Win

    I shot a mn. moose with a 270 weatherby mag 160 gr part. at 100 yds through the heart and sounded like it ricocheted off a rock when it went through its right front knee joint
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    Ruger M77 Hawkeye 9.3x62 & 6.5x55 For Sale

    both of those are realy nice
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    Ackley improved chambers

    I used 200 grainers tsx on caribou everything else has been 225 gr. but i will be trying that powder my 35AI is pre 64 Winchester black fbglass stock krieger barrel 25" under minute at 200 yds
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    Wanted 375 HH Rifle

    I Have a CZ 375 HH mag with a composit stock used but looks new 98% $ 1800.00
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    For Sale Ruger M77 7mm Rem Mag

    I have a CZ 375 HH mag composit stock used looks new but I dont have a 7MM mag.$850 cash and we can trade
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    Winchester Model 70 XTR Featherweight .257 Rob

    thats a nice setup i use a 257 rob all the time
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    Ackley improved chambers

    did you ever load cfe223 in the 35ai
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    Looking for the best New Mexico Pronghorn/Oryx Guide

    me and a friend hunted with mark my goat was real nice my budys was a realy nice one a real good outfighter great food to
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    Your favorite hunting rifle of all time

    I definatly understand the like of the 25 cal.
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    Your favorite hunting rifle of all time

    Quote two of my favorite coyote rifles. 257 ROB. 243 win both with liter bullets I cant see any reason for you not to try a 6mm they are very accurate. most of the time I pick the rifle of choice by bullet weight for animal being perused.40 gr. to 400gr and many in-between
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    Best Caliber for sheep hunting

    this whole article is right on the money and i agree on caliber selection kevin Erickson
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    Why lighter in a larger bore

    Why would you want to hunt moose with a 416 unless you had a grizzly up your ass
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    CZ 550 375 H&H

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    Leica Magnus i Riflescope from Leica

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    Ruger #1 375 H&H For Sale

    I like the way you guys think.
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    Candace Owens hunts in Africa

    gota like that woman stand up no frills tell it like it is.
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    Jackal Pictures

    I will be after those on the next trip. And some other night hunting(honey bagger)
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    Swarovski Habicht 4 Scope Question

    very nice-looking rifle gota love all that beautiful wood. Only half of my rifles have nice wood stocks.
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    The big, bad 375... isn't?

    375 HH is more of a pushing kick you might find a 300 win will have a sharper recoil I call my 375 a any angle rifle you can shoot any critter in north America. from any angle and get to the vitals
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    Winchester Model 12 3" solid rib takedown model

    premium turkey gun. keep it and use it.
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    Smith & Wesson 629-6 V-COMP Performance Center 44 Mag With Several Extras - Perfect Safari Or Alaska Sidearm

    composite stock iron sights mint condition bought it a couple years ago fron a guy who had 3
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    USA: Kansas Whitetail

    well done even to see one like that is something.
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    .25 Caliber Rifle Cartridges and the Future of Them

    I have a 257 wby vangard extremly accurate 110gr, accubonds. my favorate 25 is 257 roberts mainly for coyotes 10 hanging 2 leakers so far this winter 85gr, nosler varmit
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    Black Bear Hunt Recommendations

    Alberta spring black bear spot and stalk Trent Packham Whitecourt Alberta, Groat creek outfighters you will see nice bears.780 779 5280 if you want to go to AK Knik glaciers Bron Kopsak there is no one better!
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    Loads for .458 Winchester Magnum

    My 458 win. is a Wentworth I bought it thinking i would go back to AK and call a big brownie in with a rabbit call the load I have decided to use barnes TSX 450 gr. load was tested at 70 degrees. H322 71gr. Federal 215mag primers under 1" at 100 yds 2200 fps . after load development I took the...
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    VV N-560

    I have used quite a bit of VV over the years right now my 35 whelen AI is liking it n540 with 225 gr accubonds
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    New member Minnesota USA

    welcome from mn. this is a great site for info and whatever
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    Show me your 308 Norma or bigger brother 358 Norma

    225 gr swift on the Alaskan bulls 225gr nosler part. alberta 200gr tsx Alaska caribou seen grizzly's everyday hunting caribou north of the brooks range 225 gr colse to 3000fps
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    375 H&H Pet reloads for DG & Plains for my first Safari

    my first 375 started out with 270gr. Hornady actually worked well on bear then switched to swift and nosler moose and bears all my African animals were taken with 300 gr easier to manage 1 rifle I wasn't after the small ones on that trip.
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    Can we please stop talking about "flat shooting" cartridges

    he kills everthing with one shot
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    325 WSM

    everyone likes to say how well this or that worked, and we all know accuracy trumps horsepower every time after all how dead is dead. Owner of many calibers. Kevin
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    Can we please stop talking about "flat shooting" cartridges

    A friend of mine only hunts with a 45/70 he says there is never any tracking involved.