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  1. TOM

    Special & Limited Double Buffalo Bowhunting Package US$10,500

    Now this looks like fun
  2. TOM

    Non Exportable Elephant Hunt 2020 Cancellation Deal

    This was a deal. Great outfit and a great memory to be had. I would have hired a cameraman and had a hell of a hunt. Next go round ill be on it faster.
  3. TOM

    Tuskless Elephant Hunt - What to ship home?

    A DVD of the hunt you can share with family and friends! Hire a cameraman and have then edit a video for you. Worth its weight in gold.
  4. TOM

    Taxidermy Lion

    Hey Fred, which of "the most dangerous killers." have you personally hunted?
  5. TOM

    I do love Cracker Barrel - CAustin

  6. TOM

    Markhor....what's the big deal?

    Finally! Someone got my joke!!
  7. TOM

    Hunting arrows

    And to answer your question, i'm a Gold Tip arrow gal. Shot them for years and love them.
  8. TOM

    Hunting arrows

    The whole system is important as said by Skinner above. Arrow length, draw weight and point weight. Arrow spine is one of the most important parts of great arrow flight and many people ignore it, then wonder why they cant get great accuracy. I am here to help anytime.
  9. TOM

    Markhor....what's the big deal?

    Hutch, I dont know either, i just dont find them appealing to the eye. You sound like the type of guy who is very fond of goats. Im not sure you are aware but there are several subspecies so not all have a true ribbon style horn as you say. My dislike of them has nothing to do with grouchy, if...
  10. TOM

    Markhor....what's the big deal?

    Agreed. I hunted Red Stag and Mouflon last year with Acornland hunts. I booked the Gredos Ibex hunt shortly after my return home.
  11. TOM

    Markhor....what's the big deal?

    Stinky goat :whistle:
  12. TOM

    Markhor....what's the big deal?

    I am going after Gredos in January. I guess i'm not really explaining my question/statement. Lots of people seem to see Markhor as the "holy grail" of hunting. To me, there are a lot prettier animals and prettier places to hunt (like BC for your goat hunt). To each his own, i just don't...
  13. TOM

    Anyone recommend an outfitter that catered to bowhunters only

    BlackBeard Safaris Botswana
  14. TOM

    Markhor....what's the big deal?

    I will start off by saying I enjoy all hunting and would never criticize or otherwise be negative about someone's choice in hunting. That being said, I don't get why hunting Markhor is so cool? The animal itself looks like a stinky goat to me (you know they have to smell awful), the...
  15. TOM

    Have any of you guys seen or hunted with Air bows before?

    Not a bow at all. Not interesting at all to me. Crossbows are bad enough, this new contraption is even worse.
  16. TOM

    Johannesburg Warning

    Not suprised by the article at all. Joburg is a shithole and im always on pins and needles when there.
  17. TOM

    Your Hunting Vehicle

    Its for sale too!
  18. TOM

    Your Hunting Vehicle

  19. TOM

    Conventions: DSC / SCI - as attendee: which one and why?

    Ive been to both numerous times and ill choose SCI over DSC every tine. SCI event is just so much neater. More taxidermy, more and better vendors, etc. id be careful judging on the posts above as a majority of them seem to be local to the event which i understand. Pound for pound thougb, SCI...
  20. TOM

    Papa knows best

  21. TOM

    Is a 47# bow enough for Africa?

    Yes. I would recommend she Shoot a two blade broadhead though
  22. TOM

    Texas Aoudad Hunt Rockin G Ranch

    That looks like a great place. Bowhunt possible?
  23. TOM

    Best place for lion hunting?

    Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe or Mozambique. All depends on your pocketbook and desire to bring something home or hunt for experience.
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    Pet peeves?

    Another pet peeve is thread hijacking....
  26. TOM

    Leopard Hunt Zimbabwe One Tag Left For 2017 Zimbabwe

    That was a deal
  27. TOM

    Bow Setup for Moose

    What is your draw length? What draw weight are you comfortable with? There are a lot of variables to consider but all pretty simple. I am strictly a bowhunter sonif you have any specific questions please feel free to message me as well.
  28. TOM

    Who sits in a blind every day?

    You most likely wont sit in the blind all day anyhow. Almost all operators have take a mid day break from the blind which you could use to drive around and spot game. The other thing is african animals are not like north american animals, you wont find them out at waterholes at daylight...
  29. TOM

    Who sits in a blind every day?

    I love it all. But a few things will help the time in hide go by quicker: Wilbur Smith book(s). - paperback preferred Small journal and pen/pencils Good camera Good video camera Small tripod Pre loaded strategy/word games on your phone Pocket knife to whittle and what not Big fluffy socks to...
  30. TOM

    Winchester Model 70 “Custom” Super Grade “Express” 375 H&H Mag. N.I.B.

    Thats a beaut! Im a bowhunter but my first rifle was a Model 70 in 30.06. That .375 would be a great big brother.
  31. TOM

    What Line Of Work Are You In

    DirtNap Gear DRT.
  32. TOM

    What Line Of Work Are You In

    I own a broadhead company, practice law and book hunts....everything im interetsed in.
  33. TOM

    ZIMBABWE: Mokore Safaris Mokore Ranch Save Valley Conservancy

    Great report. How awesome is it that your bery first african animal was a buff!!
  34. TOM

    Namibian Trophy Elephant Hunt September 2017

    If the price is right. Im self employed, have some freedom and a wife who is happier when im out of the country.
  35. TOM

    Pet peeves?

    Anyone have any pet peeves when talking about hunting africa? A few of mine are: 1. When visiting hunters call africans "natives". 2. When hunters in south africa call hunting farms "concessions". A game farm is not a concession, at least not in the true meaning of the word. 3. Hunting...
  36. TOM

    Apples & Oranges: What do you compare in a hunt offer?

    South africa game farm hunt - price DG game hunt - ph and location
  37. TOM

    New US Customs policy pertaining to bows & arrows for hunting

    Yet another reason to pack a rolling duffle instead of a bowcase.
  38. TOM

    Paying CASH up-front for a hunt?

    Cash is king. If i had any history with outfitter i would absolutely do it for the discount and to help him. I have been a booking agent for almost ten years now and the only time ive ever been screwed was by a "friend" hunter who used to post here, never an outfitter.
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    Cancellation Leopard Hunt Zambia

    Well, that "deal" disappeared quickly.
  41. TOM

    Zebra rug - getting it done in Africa or at home?

    If you want to hear something unpopular but smarter....just buy a flatskin rug already done. Thats coming from a guy that has two rugs from "his" zebras. Unless yours has some super awesome markings, id just buy a flatbskin rug and save the money. I wish i would have.
  42. TOM

    Since Father's Day is tomorrow...

    The highest honor a man can have...
  43. TOM

    Favorite broadheads?!?!

    No, ive never understood that claim. They are deathly silent. Only thing i can think is if a guys setup is way out of tune or something but they have always flown great for me.
  44. TOM

    Favorite broadheads?!?!

    I'm all about DirtNap Gear DRTs. Both the 100/125 grain version and the all steel 150/175. Great flight, lifetime warranty and awesome blood trails.
  45. TOM

    Hello from Kansas

    I live south of kc as well. Welcome!!
  46. TOM

    My Custom rifle work

    Im pretty booked up through 2021...mostly oil barons and silicon valley guys. Ill try to squeeze your H&R single shot 12 ga in somewhere though @rinehart0050