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  1. Macs B

    a quality rifle for a lefty?

    You can't go wrong with a good Browning, and left handed rifles are not difficult to fin in your caliber of choice. Blaser would be another great choice but the money will be tight.
  2. Macs B

    European Boar Hunt Up Close and Personal

    Sneaky little devils!
  3. Macs B

    Question on Searcy Rifles

    My understanding is that if Butch chooses to fully retire he may close his doors instead of selling the business. I guess Butch is the only one who knows for sure, maybe he'll shed some light on his plans in the near future.
  4. Macs B

    Need some help looking for a new used double

    A lot of high end arms makers provide a life time warranty to the original owner of the firearm. As you are not the original owner of that 125 year old Holland & Holland rifle why would you expect to be offered warranty service? Searcy is not offering the life time warranty on new purchases...
  5. Macs B

    Need some help looking for a new used double

    I would never knock Searcy's quality but his warranty is becoming questionable in my mind. Three recent purchasers of Searcy doubles have stated the life time warranty is no longer offered. I would certainly verify the specifics of his warranty and settle any question you may have before...
  6. Macs B

    Sauer 202 Forest Takedown 9.3x62 / .30-06 Combo Review

    Spike you are spot on, comparing a Ruger/WIN/CZ to a take down Sauer, it doesn't make any sense. Enysse you may not like the cost of a fine European rifle but in this case it does something that the named comparable rifles won't do. the Sauer 202 take down will come apart into three pieces...
  7. Macs B

    Sauer 202 Forest Takedown 9.3x62 / .30-06 Combo Review

    Find me a Winchester, Ruger, or CZ that you can change the barrel and caliber on, without tools, while sitting on the tail gate of your truck, and not lose zero on the optics. That is the difference in a European take down and a standard bolt gun. It's like comparing apples and oranges. For...
  8. Macs B

    Most Expensive Hunts Worldwide

    What about the most expensive camps? Who runs these camps the Saudi sheiks and royalty from around the world hunt out of? Is their an outfitter to the rich and famous that specializes in ultra lux camps and hunting.
  9. Macs B

    Browning rifles

    I'm a life long A-bolt and Browning enthusiast in general. I have owned several and still own four A-bolts in calibers from .223, 30-06, 7mm Rem Mag, and 375 HH. Not only is Browning one of the easier rifles to pick up in left hand they are relatively unchanged, making the use of different...
  10. Macs B

    Firearms Confiscation - Frankfurt Airport

    While living and working in Germany I had many occasions to travel back to the US as part of my job. On one such occasion I landed in Charlotte NC, I had brought two rifles back with me to trade and swap before heading back to the fatherland. Due to some delays I knew I was afraid that I would...
  11. Macs B

    Short Notice Florida gator hunts by Gulfcoast Airboat Charters

    Aw come on Brick, you've seen those Zebco reel attachments for your bow.
  12. Macs B

    multi-barreled guns..

    The true functionality of a multi barreled gun is readily found in Europe. The drilling (three barrel) and vierling (four barrel) are the most practical choice for the type of year round multi species hunting that is common to countries like Germany. The utility of a small rifle caliber insert...
  13. Macs B

    Other 1st time safari tips needed

    You can usually count on the larger hotels for night life. Choose a popular hotel with clubs and enjoy a few nights in J-burg. If you choose to venture out work it with your bellman to get you transportation and play it smart. Any city can be dangerous, foreign travelers over seas can be a...
  14. Macs B


    In Germany these were called Flemish Torches. They were cut from shed dried pine and then sawed vertically with a chain saw. If you lok at some of my photos of the post hunt in Germany you will see them burning in the background around the streck. I've never tried to cook off of one, but...
  15. Macs B

    AGENT: Information About Tusk & Hide Safaris Inc. / agent based In USA

    Heres a question for an of the attorneys that are members. How many people would it take to put together a group, like a class action law suit, to go after this character. No one individual has enough loss to justify the attorney fees, but all complainants together might be able to do...
  16. Macs B

    Golden Eagle catching Fox

    They are amazing hunters, in Europe they have been used to take small deer like the roe, see:
  17. Macs B

    My first big wild boar (200 lbs) in driven hunt: video from Bordeaux, France

    That was a great shot on a running boar, it looked like you had to hustle to cut him off. Waidmansheil!
  18. Macs B

    Manitoba Black Bear Hunt

    Kelly, its great to see you back here on AH! The website looks great , hope your hunting is going well. Macs
  19. Macs B

    .375H&H mag...sabots?

    They've sold sub caliber ammo over the years Accuracy is the typical shortcoming in commercial sub caliber ammo.
  20. Macs B

    Lefties on TV, why so many?

    "Seems way out of proportion to the public in general. :-) " We lefties are taking over! All you wrong hand hunters (righties) need to take note, we lefties are moving in, shooting all the good trophies, and getting all the free stuff. It's true, I saw it on TV!
  21. Macs B

    Hunting Elephant with a recurve?

    According to Fred Bear's "Bowhunting Diary" he hunted elephant in the 60s with a 75 pound draw Bear made recurve bow and a "twist" string. His arrow was a large diameter aluminum shaft with a fiberglass arrow blank fitted inside for additional weight. He used the Bear classic two blade...
  22. Macs B

    Using a Double Trigger Shotgun as Training for a Doubel Rifle

    After doing a little web shopping at the website I found that the "Classic" double rifle is offered with intecahngeable barrels down to varmint calibers. The rifle inserts are only avaiable in the double rifle drilling, the insert fitting the shotgun barrel. Drop in sub caliber...
  23. Macs B

    Using a Double Trigger Shotgun as Training for a Doubel Rifle

    You might look into a sub caliber insert option for your Krieghoff. Many European rifle makers offer a sub caliber "insert or sleeve" option for double rifles and drillings. IF one is available for your particular Krieghoff model, using 22 cal or even standard hunting rounds for training will...
  24. Macs B

    Need help identifying explorer...

    AH member "Monish" may be a good source for this one, he seems to have a wealth of historical resources.
  25. Macs B

    SOUTH AFRICA: Ingogo Safaris

    I did not find any information on Ingogo. Several of our members here provided insights into some alternative outfitters. I do recall that one of our Tanzanian outfitters pointed out that the Ingogo website was listing prices from the previous year, not the current years new pricing. Based on...
  26. Macs B

    Retirement planning......

    It's good to know that even after all these years since university, my initial retirement plan is proven valid and still working.
  27. Macs B

    Ok question for PH ,outfitters and who ever would like to comment

    Germany certainly has a different take on who is responsible for making the final decision on trophies. Our 1x1 Red Deer trophy hunts are all priced on a sliding scale. I've briefed every hunter I've ever taken out that it is my responsibility as a guide to judge the trophy for him prior to the...
  28. Macs B

    My Latest 450 NE Double Rifle

    Regulated by driving a wedge between the butt stocks? Too funny!
  29. Macs B

    South African men are REAL MEN!

    A "real man" with a pony tail and a set in his hand. Is this South Africa or San Fransico?
  30. Macs B


    I read a great article that debunked the myth of increasingly heavier caliber rifles for increasingly larger African game. I don't remember the exact comparisons but the premise of the article was that if a rifle x, say a Winchester 30-06 was considered acceptable for Gazelle, and then by...
  31. Macs B

    Stock for Empire action

    Any chance there are more of thse left handed Empire actions where you got that one? That is one heck of a find.
  32. Macs B

    Rifle for 14 year old

    Phil, I have been going thru the exact same search that you have. My middle daughter is a little short for her age. Essentially she is in between the youth and a full size rifle. Her length of pull should ideally be 12.0-13.0 in my opinion. I would like to put her in a 30-06 shooting reduced...
  33. Macs B

    spot and stalk black bear hunt wanted

    You might inquire with one of our members, Kelly Ross. He is a Canadian guide and outfitter. I haven't hunted with him myself but have corresponded at length with him regarding hunting in general. I imagine he can put you on the kind of hunt you are looking for, if not he might have a...
  34. Macs B

    Upcoming US Elections

    I can think of no social circumstance that would justify taking away a person's right to vote. By social circumstance I am addressing the question of property ownership, welfare recipient, etc etc. If you violate the laws of the land and lose your right to vote due to felony convictions, acts of...
  35. Macs B

    Upcoming US Elections

    That's a great old joke, I get it. Funny thing is that I'm a life long republican and a thirty year veteran of the US Army, although just recently retired. Voted against Obama in the last election and most likely will do so again. You see politics and careers have little to do with any of...
  36. Macs B

    Upcoming US Elections

    I was perfectly content just reading thru this thread until I got to your post. All I can say is "Wow"! Let me see if I am following your logic. If I am a felon I loose my right to vote, got that. If I have been convicted of a drug crime of any type, I should loose my right to vote, got that...
  37. Macs B

    Upcoming US Elections

    One of the reasons European citizens can live like they do is the social systems put in place for them. Those systems come at a very high cost to the working citizen and the government. In Germany the average income tax paid is nearly 35%. In exchange for those taxes you get good roads...
  38. Macs B

    Charging antelopes!

    A lot of my German hunting buddies used jack russel terriers to blood trail and locate boar. I thought they were kidding the first time they turned the "tiny" pack loose on a fresh boar track. Sure enough the little guys were all over a keiler in the thick, swinging from esar and other...
  39. Macs B

    Happy Birthday to the 375 H&H

    I noticed the Holland & Holland web page lists a special anniversary 375 H&H rifle. It looks like only one hundred are being built. Beautiful rifles, no price listed, go figure.
  40. Macs B

    Worst level of service in 36 years!

    Luftansan is still good, I have always been impressed with their employees and overall performance. Delta and United are absolutely the worst in my opinion. Disgruntled employees in positions to frustrate your day, never a good mix. I'll fork out the extra for Luftansa any time it is an option.
  41. Macs B

    Looking for information on shotgun to double rifle conversion

    There was a gun maker in Fayetteville Arkansas who made a 3 barrel shotgun/rifle set for my father; however that was a long time ago. I'll check the barrels for some indication of his name, but I highly doubt the gentleman is still alive let alone building guns after all these years. One...
  42. Macs B

    Unfortunately that is the easiest way to verify your claim. Would you be willing to provide...

    Unfortunately that is the easiest way to verify your claim. Would you be willing to provide your husband's unit, telephone number, and a point of contact? My AKO address is
  43. Macs B

    Looking for a quality light gathering scope for .308 BLR

    Large diameter scopes may not "gather" light but they certainly due transmit light, and the more light that is allowed to pass thru the objective lens the better, and larger lens allow more light to pass thru. Anyone who tells you differently is simply incorrect. You can debate the exit...
  44. Macs B

    Caveat Emptor: Buyer Beware, do your research! Hunter, Outfitter, Agent, Taxidermist Complaints

    Brickburn I noticed that you have Mark Sullivan listed. Though a controversial character I can't recall any discussion of Mark Sullivan conducting shady business. I think that is one of the reasons I disagree with these internet forum efforts to "warn" people about outfitters and agents. If...
  45. Macs B

    Looking for a quality light gathering scope for .308 BLR

    As a European hunter I hunt well past last light and well before first light. I've found that the best low light scope for me is the Trijicon Accupoint in 56mm objective. The lower magnification range will run you less than 900 USD depending on where you shop. I have two of the accupoints and...
  46. Macs B

    Next Generation Mobile Hunting Blind Truck

    I've got a brother that is wheelchair bound and this set up would be a god send. I've played around over the years with various aids that allow people with limited mobility to hunt, the market is so specialized that it is next to impossible to find a quality built product unless you build it...
  47. Macs B

    Ohio animal farm......

    Similiar incidents have happened in Ohio at least twice that I can recall, albeit without the sad aspect of an associated suicide. In the early 1980s a Zanesville Ohio game ranch was ordered by the courts to drop his fences within 24 hours. He had a full 1000 acre block of land fenced for...
  48. Macs B

    From a Giraffe

    How suitable is a Giraffe's hide for "flat" rug type applications? I once watched a video of a Giraffe skinning and it seemed the hide was unusually thick and spongy. Can it be thinned down to make it usefull for rug like use?
  49. Macs B

    Spear hunting africa

    I recall reading Peter Capstick's account of hunting and killing a Cape buff with a thrown spear. It was one of his collections of short stories and articles, if memory serves he also claimed to have caped the buff with his Swiss Army knife, maybe some kind of a "double or nothing"!
  50. Macs B

    Borrowing Firearms

    My boss has a great policy when it comes to "camp" guns or "rentals", whatever you want to call them. He set's aside funds every year to purchase client rifles of appropriate caliber and quality optics. After a couple of years he offers them up for sale to the guides and foresters, keeping his...