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  1. Curtisstykbow

    Kaokoland Leopard Hunt Namibia End Of Year Special

    Is it too hot to do this hunt the first week of December?
  2. Curtisstykbow

    SOUTH AFRICA: BAYLY SIPPEL SAFARIS Safaris March 13 - 20, 2022

    Great write up! This is a top-notch group to hunt with. I was with them last year and am booked for next.
  3. Curtisstykbow


    Good Morning Fellow AH members! Bear with me a little bit as I set the stage for our August 2021 bowhunting adventure with @BAYLY SIPPEL SAFARIS. This was my third trip to Africa, and I might add the most enjoyable so far. My first two experiences were with other outfitters which did a fine job...
  4. Curtisstykbow

    Arrow building

    For what it is worth- several years ago I had two arrow setups for Africa. I tried some of the more popular "heavy" arrow setups, but was not satisfied. I found a setup that worked for me and the arrows flew like darts! I was shooting 73#'s @30" I used a 250 spine small diameter VAP arrow...
  5. Curtisstykbow

    Driving from Johannesburg to Polokwane

    I have done both. Rented a car and drove to Krueger the first time I went to Africa. We got in late and spent the night at a B&B and drove the next day. The next time we went we payed for a pickup and deliver by the outfitter. we had no problems driving ourselves, but this next year when I go...
  6. Bow Hunting Kudu

    Bow Hunting Kudu

  7. Bow Hunting Cape Buffalo

    Bow Hunting Cape Buffalo

  8. Bow Hunting Buffalo

    Bow Hunting Buffalo

  9. Curtisstykbow

    An observation on African bowhunting

    Agreed. I am not looking for a drawn out discussion on the merits of every critical point that results in proper tuning, shot placement etc. I agree wholeheartedly with you about delving into the nitty-gritty of the analytical and scientific aspects of getting the most out of your equipment...
  10. Curtisstykbow

    An observation on African bowhunting

    . Shot placement AND a well tuned bow. Problem solved!!
  11. Curtisstykbow

    An observation on African bowhunting

    I’ve been a bow hunter for 38 years. In the 80’s and 90’s I only hunted with traditionallongbows and recurves. For the last 18 years I have hunted with a compound. I have killed numerous elk and mule deer throughout the years. I have heard all of the arguments about penetration, arrow speed...
  12. Curtisstykbow

    Just joined up! I’m doing the Africa thing backwards. Bull in the picture was from first trip to...

    Just joined up! I’m doing the Africa thing backwards. Bull in the picture was from first trip to Africa two years ago.