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    The team there at Khomas is second to none! Congratulations and thanks for posting.
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    NEW ZEALAND: Tahr Hunt May 2023

    Congrats! Your pictures bring back fond memories of my Tahr hunt. I also appreciate that you hunted without the aid of a helicopter, much more rewarding in my opinion. NZ is hard to beat when it comes to hunting and touring. Great place to enjoy a couple weeks resetting the circuits.
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    Wife and I will be there Wed. to help thin out the uglies (cull hunt). Safe travels and Shoot straight!
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    Hunting Namibia With KHOMAS HIGHLAND HUNTING SAFARIS Wir liebe Südwest

    I like the piggie Philip. Hope to find one like that later this year! We are looking forward to it!!
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    Beautiful Sable…maybe wrap that surfboard in Nguni hide and it will be truly spectacular!
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    What type and brand of cell phone do you use?

    Ha!…In a pig’s eye! I phone 13 here, great mini computer. Does everything I need and more. Will get the latest iteration soon. Apple is on the cutting edge of all things technology. From phone /computer to ear pods to airtags( great for tracking your luggage), TV etc…car likely forthcoming...
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    Man Kills Kodiak Bear Inside Home

    I would venture to guess there was more than just bear feces dropped in that house! wow!
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    Cull Hunt Examples

    Unless you are looking for something specific, ie ...your "Trophy" animal, cull hunting can be just as great of an adventure as Trophy hunting. In fact, if you are looking for a safari with more trigger time, less stress, and are not concerned with Taxidermy, cull hunting may fit the bill. I...
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    How do you determine what to have mounted and what type of mount?

    I'm all about adventure/experiences and I struggle justifying the cash outlay for any taxidermy, which reduces my opportunity for further adventures. I do have 2 wall ped. mounts from my first safari and a few rugs/skins (Zebra, Hartebeest, Wildebeest, Impala). To this day I regret paying the...
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    Best Wet Weather/Mountain Boots?

    Others here with more experience likely, but my go to mountain boot is the Crispi Nevada. I also have a pair of Danner Highground insulated, for late season hunts. Both have been very comfortable, worn well and will likely be purchased again when the time comes. Good luck in your search.
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    CANADA: British Columbia Moose Hunt???? Tenaka River Outfitters

    FYI....These guys are still at it. They have a hunt up for auction at the Western Hunting and Conservation Expo in SLC here in a few days. Outfit is now called Trophy Zone Outfitting.
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    Real Africa experience or luxury accommodation

    Ranked in order of importance: 1-Good free range hunting and fairly priced. 2-reference #1 3-see #2... Much further down the list are accommodations/ food/ drink. The only hitch in my hunting giddy-up occurs when the Mrs accompanies me...need a bit more than h20/freeze dried meals and out-house..
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    Free Range Barbary Sheep Backpack Hunt South Africa

    This is the type of hunting I really enjoy and am looking for, but the cost seems a bit high. Different country/species, but my wilderness Tahr (also considered pests) hunt(out of tents) last year in NZ was half the price. Additional animals if happened upon(Tahr/Chamois/Stag) were 1/4 of what...
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    Trophy Room Pictures

    You could charge admission for this collection! It appears you have done a fair bit of "chasing". Which hunt is most memorable and why?
  15. European Skull Mounts Taxidermy

    European Skull Mounts Taxidermy

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    Which animal makes the most impressive taxidermy mount?

    The recently revived post requesting euro mount pics got me thinking. Most of my mounts are euros, but one animal I would open the wallet to have hide on form taxi. completed on would be a big bull Elk. I have often thought a big Bull Elk, more than any other animal when well taxidermied...
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    Euro Mount Displays

    I have a couple mounts up, but the majority are euros I clean up myself. They take up much less space and save $$. If I kill a big majestic Bull Elk in the next 5 years or so, I could see coughing up the cash for a wall ped. Outside of that, I plan on euros and pics.
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    2020 Alaska Caribou hunt

    Rick, if you need/want a second let me know. This is a hunt I have wanted to do for sometime, but just haven’t pulled the trigger. Have done a little research. 40 mile and Tok air are the best I have found, but unless one is a repeat customer or extremely lucky and finds a cancellation it is...
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    30-06 Factory ammo for elk

    Off the shelf TTSx in 180gr has served me well on both Elk and Moose. Find a quality round your rifle "likes" and get on with it! :-)
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    MOZAMBIQUE: Hunting Buffalo In Coutada Luabo Mozambique

    A hunt you won't soon forget I'm sure! Great synopsis of the hunt and the I appreciate the photos. They tell the story themselves. Congratulations Hallgeir!
  21. Moose Hunt

    Moose Hunt

  22. Bow Hunt Coues Deer

    Bow Hunt Coues Deer

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    How has Everyone’s Hunting Season at Home been?

    Late summer Coues buck and a mid- October Alces alces. Chased bugles for a week in Sept.and Mulies late Oct., both great hunts, but no animals were harmed in the adventures making.
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    Alaska - Halibut / Salmon guide recommendations

    Some great options mentioned above. You might also look at Alaska Sportfishing Expeditions out of Ketchikan. I have fished with them 8-10x over the past 15 years. They have 3 different set-ups to choose from... Cedars "lodge" is in town if you want charters for Salomon/Halibut/rockfish...
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    Namibia Greater Kudu & Eland Hunt With Khomas Highland Hunting Safaris

    I'm interested. Check your PM's.
  26. Tahr Hunting New Zealand

    Tahr Hunting New Zealand

  27. Hunting in New Zealand

    Hunting in New Zealand

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    NEW ZEALAND: A Short Hunt, Some Epic Fly Fishing & A Little Touring On The South Island NZ

    Just time for a quick summary...We toured the south island only. Started in Christchurch and via rental car made a big figure eight. Initially going west across the island and north to Able Tasman (beautiful park/ beaches/hiking, cruise) for a few days then back east and south through Kaikoura...
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    NEW ZEALAND: A Short Hunt, Some Epic Fly Fishing & A Little Touring On The South Island NZ

    Fire, I too just returned from a hunt with Peter. I believe I followed yours, although mine was a wilderness Tahr hunt. I hunted for just four days and the rest of the three weeks we spent touring. NZ is an amazingly beautiful country with welcoming friendly people. Sounds like your time...
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    Mule Deer outfitter in Alberta

    What is your idea of a trophy? If 8k -10k for a 6-7 days hunt (bow/rifle) and a descent opportunity at a +/-180” buck is in your wheelhouse, the two outfitters below are great choices. Mikes Outfitting. Mike runs a great outfit and they take some great bucks each year. Another is Graham...
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    How Do Y'all Pay for these Safaris?

    You can always make more money, but more time... no. Cut the check and really enjoy life.
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    In memoriam - Jason Hairston Kuiu Founder has passed away

    Latest is Jason took his own life...CTE may have played a role. See Kuiu website. RIP fellow hunter... Prayers for his family.