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  1. Red Leg

    R8 3 accidental discharges, human error or?

    I own Mausers, clones of Mausers, and push feeds equipped with three position safeties, flag safeties, and two position slide safeties. I have used them all extensively and unlike most critics of the R8, I own and use the Blaser extensively as well - to include dangerous game. Based upon my...
  2. Red Leg

    R8 3 accidental discharges, human error or?

    I own three R8's and six barrels. Have used them extensively here and in Africa (Mozambique and RSA). I have used loaners extensively in Europe. I have never had a AD, but I am very experienced with the rifle. The factory trigger pull is superb, but at approx 2lbs, it is lighter than the...
  3. Red Leg

    Issac Hollis & Sons Double 9.3x74R

    While it might be an issue for you personally, this would not detract from its value at all in this country. Rifles and shotguns imported for sale in this country by a firearms business will be marked. Someone is missing out on really fine rifle. I have three 9.3x74R rifles and they are...
  4. Red Leg

    My favourite all-arround rifle

    Bet it is interesting for the tracker and PH when that thing goes off with the muzzle brake mounted. Does it have a cap for hunting without the brake or can?
  5. Red Leg

    Fallow Deer in Limpopo

    I can highly recommend southern Austria.
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    This guy's analysis of the technical aspects of the war in Ukraine has been spot on. The people who embrace this sort of conspiracy craziness (pick the event - the moon landing, 911, Ukraine is bribing every member of Congress and the administration, etc :rolleyes: ) are not merely oblivious of...
  7. Red Leg

    What’s the best watch to wear on safari?

    An Omega without a mechanical or wind movement?!? Rather like decaf coffee - what's the point? ;)
  8. Red Leg

    Captain Gadget and his Barrel Coolers

    I am retired - I can take the time to let them cool - but that is pretty darn nifty. :A Way To Go:
  9. Red Leg

    TANZANIA: Selous Hunt With Alan Vincent From Vincent Safaris

    What a grand adventure.
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    Another short clip that says a lot about Western technology vs. that of Russia. Approximately a week ago, the Ukrainian air Force struck Russian S400 air defense systems in Crimea with Storm Shadow cruise missiles launched from Ukrainian aircraft and drones launched from southern Ukraine. Four...
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    That seems like a pretty legitimate question - particularly if I am leading a country in an existential war with my one of my ally's two most dangerous potential adversaries. Like Zelensky, I too am also curious how Trump plans to end the war in 24 hours. As far as I can tell, he has failed to...
  12. Red Leg

    ROMANIA: Romanian Red Stag

    Lovely stag! Need to work on that carry though. ;) That long carrying strap is so you can carry the rifle tucked under the left arm. Will give yo a rather dashing Euro-look. :A Way To Go:
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    That is absolutely true. But Putin didn’t assume power on 22 Feb 2022, and he and his ilk will never leave power until the Russian people take it back.
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    Oh, I think Thomas Jefferson had it exactly correct - "The government you elect is the government you deserve." Like everything he wrote, it was well considered and he deliberately chose to use the second person singular rather than a collective pronoun. He was pointing that finger at me just...
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    You - not the devil nor some mysterious force - invaded Ukraine - You initiated this bloody fiasco. You have no one to blame but yourselves. You personally share in that blame by allowing your government to drag you into and keep you in this military and economic catastrophe. NATO was never...
  16. Red Leg


    I am afraid that DOD is pushing back pretty hard. They have not been in full rate production for a while which means the production line is cold. To my understanding, it is being pushed back on line quickly, but until they are flowing DOD would love to keep the current inventory for war reserve.
  17. Red Leg

    Merkel 140 vs. Blaser S2

    Totally so. I have 30-06, .375, and 500-416 barrels for mine. Just like a R8 they remain perfectly sighted in with their dedicated scope when switching them.
  18. Red Leg

    Beretta S56E

    The issue of balance and stock length is driven by barrel length. Based upon what you need to shorten this gun, I suspect the result would be barrel heavy in her hands. I would find something with 26" tubes as my base gun - not that hard with 20's. With respect to these Berettas, they are...
  19. Red Leg

    7x57 info

    Actually that is a 156gr 7mm Oryx. In any case, it and the 170 are terrific on largish game with a .275 / 7x57.
  20. Red Leg

    When should a Professional Hunter provide follow up shots?

    In four different African countries, I have never hunted plains game where my PH was carrying anything other than a handgun and the shooting sticks - usually just the latter. Any and all shooting was up to me. When hunting DG, a PH will always be armed. Normally, usually, most of the time a...
  21. Red Leg

    7x57 info

    The 150 and 170 gr Oryx are both very effective on bear and plains game.
  22. Red Leg

    USA: First Fenced Hunt

    Depends. if you are going to “hunt“ him in a 500 acre cross fenced enclosure it will be “shooting” the designated animal. If your quarry is ranging over 20k acres, whether a Hawaiian island or South African game ranch, then the experience will be very different. Sadly, throughout North...
  23. Red Leg


    Your MOD is going to send someone's son or husband in a T-62/64's to trade direct fire with Leopards, Challengers and the M1A2. That should work out almost as well as how the out-ranged Russian artillery is doing against 155mm howitzers, HIMARS, and M270's. Probably missed this over on RT -...
  24. Red Leg

    REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO: Bongo In The Congo

    Have a great experience. I have a nagging suspicion we may not hear anything else until he is on the way out. Hope he brought a sat phone.
  25. Red Leg


    Zeihan on the coming election. I do not agree with all of his assumptions and conclusions, but as always, there are nuggets of real wisdom. Some should take medication before watching.
  26. Red Leg

    CANADA: Central Barren Ground Caribou With Canada North

    Congratulations on a very fine and well earned bull. Look forward to reading the conclusion of the quest.
  27. Red Leg


    Very. I can remember at least three talks over the last forty years or so at various off-sights or academic forums conducted by well respected economic experts predicting the imminent demise of China. What I find interesting about Zeihan is his less rigid and far more wholistic view of...
  28. Red Leg

    Need advice: pistols and tripods

    Use a rifle?
  29. Red Leg

    470 nitro purchase

    A .375 will do anything either of the .40's will do in the hands of a client regardless of action. So, you do not "need" it. If you "want" the rifle and its acquisition doesn't adversely affect those who are dependent on your resources, then buy it.
  30. Red Leg


    With respect to news, it is almost as closed a society as North Korea.
  31. Red Leg


    Just need the right candidates - local and national. To remind, Ron DeSantis won Florida by NINETEEN percentage points against a very moderate Democrat. He even carried Miami Dade. Greg Abbot won the governorship of Texas by 11%.
  32. Red Leg


    Two photos of the "damaged" Kilo class submarine struck in drydock have emerged from Crimea. This is a pretty good illustration of what is called non-repairable. :oops: Looks like it was hit with two Storm Shadow cruise missiles or one that traversed the length with an impressive exit wound...
  33. Red Leg


    Strieff's latest update on the war in Ukraine at RedState. Thorough as always, the military aid discussion and comparisons are worth reading. Sadly the update is longer than four paragraphs. That will be a challenge for some, but it would be a useful slog for those who remain convinced that...
  34. Red Leg


    Really? Need to check out why blue is never considered a power tie. Trump probably needs your guidance. I digress. I have no clue what you ar e trying to say with respect to getting excited over “BLAMING”?!? It is considered common word usage. What I did do is simply offer the generally...
  35. Red Leg

    MOZAMBIQUE: Mozambique With Russell Lovemore

    Great adventure and really well told.
  36. Red Leg


    You can blame it on Nancy Reagan. Red was her favorite color and she always wore the color for election and campaign events (and darn near everything else). It gradually became the republican color on all networks during election cycles of the Reagan years. Besides, red is the classic power...
  37. Red Leg


    And Turley on the likelihood of Hunter seeing any jail time with respect to the gun charge. I said when the indictment came out that first of all, the 25-year period is unrealistic. He's [Hunter Biden] a first offender. But more importantly, these are not going to be daisy chain. They're not...
  38. Red Leg


    Latest opinion piece from Jonathan Turley. Even the main stream press won't continue to ignore this - particularly as sensible moderates like Turley (who is read by other sensible moderates) continue to underscore the critical evidence...
  39. Red Leg

    Using mill surplus ammo for hunting rifle

    If it is military 30-06, the production code is what matters. This is from CMP - Any.30-’06 Ball with zinc plated primers with headstamp of FA 47 or later is non-corrosive. FA.30-’06 "Special Match" headstamped FA 53, FA 54, or FA 56 with red, purple or green primer waterproofing is CORROSIVE...
  40. Red Leg


    Probably so. The prosecution would be hard pressed to say something has changed where the charge is no longer suitable for diversion.
  41. Red Leg


    This is not a good sign for Hunter beyond the gun charges. No income tax charges were included in this, and yet they also were part of the plea deal. I suspect there is some chance he is looking at another set of charges to be filed in California with respect to tax evasion. The other wild...
  42. Leopard Full Mount Taxidermy

    Leopard Full Mount Taxidermy

  43. Red Leg

    What else is in your trophy room?

    The dove is extraordinary.
  44. Red Leg

    Wanted Merkel/ Blaser Grip Cap
  45. Red Leg

    Cat hunters

    Cats are fascinating. I have never hunted a mountain lion, but have several bobcats and a leopard to my credit. Finding a taxidermist with a clue how to realistically portray any of them is the challenge.
  46. Red Leg

    Politics I wonder if this doesn't make him a RINO (or molting swamp thing) to some? :unsure: In any case, I am pleasantly surprised to see Tuberville showing practical common sense with respect to...
  47. Red Leg

    NAMIBIA: Namibia, The First Time. A Family Affair

    A great story well told. Great job using dialogue. And sincerest congrats on an amazing adventure.
  48. Red Leg

    Wanted Pre 64 Model 70 In 416 Rigby

    I personally would not want a .416 on that action.
  49. Red Leg


    It would appear that Ukraine carried out a successful missile strike against the Russian naval base at Sevastopol overnight. Initial reports indicate a Ropcuha-class Landing ship and Kilo class submarine, both of which were in dry dock were damaged. Social media photographs indicate the...