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    I don’t have that choice to stay at home, I work construction, all over the Midwest, I do my best to protect myself and others I come in contact to. I’m scared of this virus So I might be asymtomatic, idk but I don’t want to infect others, I can’t get tested And yes when I come home I stay at...
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    Yes fight what you believe for, you call it government oppression, I believe the governors you think are trying to bring socialism, lol, are actually more worried about saving lives Everyone’s lives
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    Yes but remember trump administration is using their guidelines, even today. If trump wants the country opened up he’d change the guidelines they put out.
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    Agree experts don’t know shit about this virus, that’s why it’s a novel virus But their experience in this field helps, need to trust them
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    Ok don’t accept the impotus has anything to do with this, Ebola killed 2 Americans and the rightwanted Obama to resign,40,000 plus dead in 7 weeks and trump doing a great job
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    Open it up, Georgia, South Carolina are starting to, we’ll see how that goes. And yes trump tweeted out liberate Michigan,virginia So he’s encouraging protests
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    Why would they? Trump takes no responsibility, and is encouraging these protests.
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    Dont visit grandma for a few weeks? I thought we would all be at Easter service together, now trump says April 30, I don’t think I can take his word
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    Trump, “I don’t want the cure to be worse than the problem” suicides will be more deaths than the virus, trust our leader! Back to normal people!
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    Trump at his fox town hall today said we should be open for business by Easter. He said he’d love to see all the churches full across the country. I’m healthy so I’ll be going to church!
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    Curious to see what action people are taking for the Coronavirus

    Trump said tonight we should all be able to go back to work very soon! Great news!
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    Alaska - Halibut / Salmon guide recommendations

    Is the king salmon in the Kenai river still artificial bait only?
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    For Sale Ruger African 275 Rigby

    Ruger not tiger
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    For Sale Ruger African 275 Rigby

    Ok never thought tiger would only produce 250 of a certain caliber, without some grandiose
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    For Sale Ruger African 275 Rigby

    Nice rifle, only 250 made? Is it a commemorative rifle? Limited edition?
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    For Sale Skinning Knives Group Buy

    Sign me up Von Gruff, the AH knife is awesome, love a skinning knife
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    My Lion...Finally!

    Congrats! Beautiful trophy!
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Has Anyone Hunted With Game 4 Africa Safaris?

    Hunted with game4africa in sept. 2017. Excellent hunt/trophies, Wik is an excellent ph, I suspect his brother Colin is also top notch! Very gracious hosts, excellent food, a great time, I did post a report.
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    Hand Position on Shooting Sticks

    My ph Lionel, helped me with this, pretty close to same.
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    .505 Gibbs Browning By Dumoulin Herstal Belgium For Sale

    Little out of my price range... but beautiful gun!
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    KMG Hunting Safaris AH Members Group Hunt With BRICKBURN In 2020

    I see we fly into pze. How far to camp?
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    Heading back for third trip

    Looking for black wildebeest, black springbok, white blesbuck and an ostrich + kudu gemsbok bushbuck which I already have, but want to hunt again
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    Heading back for third trip

    Heading to hunt frontier safaris in the east cape Flying out on the 4th of April
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    Dominant eye

    Thanks, I feel my right eye is getting weaker. I’ll keep shooting both eyes open
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    Dominant eye

    Years ago I was in a car accident, my right eyebrow and eye lid were plastic surgery repairs, now I’m starting to see results. I am now left eye dominate. I shoot with both eyes open. My question to all the knowledge here, is should I start shooting left handed?
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    Now this is cool! Bolt action Double rifle!

    If I was rich, I’d buy it for another toy
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    Best places to see and maybe hunt bears?

    Im from Wisconsin, seen a few black bears in the wild but not too common, the family took a trip to Yellowstone a few years back, seen lots in the wild. The most I’ve seen in the wild was in Alaska on a fishing trip.
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    Who has the most luxurious hunting lodges?

    i hope the op responded to a few of these outfitters who graciously responded
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    Plains Game rifle choice... Am I crazy???

    my dad is going on his third safari in april, I'm going also, he's taking his 30/06 for the third time, just saying
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    Tipping Guide

    See your from the buckeye, I’m in central Wisconsin, nice to see another cheesehead here!
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    Tipping Guide

    2017 hunted 2-1 with a buddy, I gave my tip he gave his, so guess this don’t help! Lol
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    Warning for New Hunters

    Addiction is real First time I went told my sister I was going, she said I want to go too. Told dad ren and I were going to Africa, he said well I’m going too(he’s been before). I went again with a buddy 4 years later, now going back for round 3 with dad my sister and my buddy and 3 other friends!
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    First time taking 2 rifles

    Thanks for the insight fellas!
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    First time taking 2 rifles

    Question to all the knowledge here, I’m taking two rifles, did my 4457 both on one form, so with saps520, do I need to do two? Sorry new to two rifles
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    Gun rights to travel

    Hey all, just heard SC is hearing a case for New York residents to be able to travel with their legally owned firearms. Don’t know the details, anybody hear about this? Could be big for all gun carrying legal people.
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    For Sale Four Best Quality Rifles 7x57, .270, .375, .416

    Beautiful rifles! Good luck with your sale!
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    Bushbuck Pictures

    Taken with game4africa
  38. Eland burgers in the bush

    Eland burgers in the bush

  39. brandondd24

    NOW We Are Going To BRAAI....!

    Eland burgers in the bush with game4africa