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  1. BenKK

    Aside from Africa, what are some memorable guided hunts around the world that rival the experience of an African Safari?

    I’ve started doing a backpacking hunt with my brother in Arnhem Land each year, and it is the equal (in my opinion) of my African adventures. Sleeping in hammocks, needing to stay alert for buffalo and bulls throughout the night, the campfire, stars… and some epic encounters with the big bovines!
  2. BenKK

    RCBS Chargemaster opinions?

    I’ve been using the RCBS Chargemaster for close to fifteen years, it’s excellent.
  3. BenKK

    Water buffalo and double rifles up close

    I’ve done it lots, and it sucks. Culling to get rid of buffalo from cattle areas; culling to protect springs; culling because there’re too many and they’re struggling waiting for the rains to come. Even when you get as much meat as possible it still isn’t enjoyable. My understanding is that the...
  4. BenKK

    Water buffalo and double rifles up close

    Go for the bulls and perhaps one gigantic old cow. Shooting ordinary cows is, to me, not a great experience.
  5. BenKK

    Water buffalo and double rifles up close

    I’ve met one of them on the road years ago, had a beer with him. But both outfits have an excellent reputation here in Australia and Mark and Tim (members here) can readily and very happily vouch for Big Country, I believe. I know some of the country these blokes hunt and it is magnificent...
  6. BenKK

    Water buffalo and double rifles up close

    True Wild Outfitters and Big Country Safaris.
  7. BenKK

    My 425 Express journey so far...

    Awesome! Well done Anthony and BBM!
  8. BenKK

    AUSTRALIA: Harry's First Deer Hunt

    Congratulations, BBM! Very special!
  9. Water Buffalo Hunt Australia

    Water Buffalo Hunt Australia

  10. BenKK

    Shooting the British Double Rifle For Sale (AU)

    All yours, Mark, PM inbound. Cheers!
  11. BenKK

    Shooting the British Double Rifle For Sale (AU)

    $250 including postage (Australia only at this point), in good condition but has my .500NE notes.
  12. BenKK

    Blaser R8 & Dangerous Game?

    Magnificent old bull for the dog today, first crack with my new Swaro glass, 1-6x30! A single 350 grain Woodleigh RNSN HD did the trick, and that was that. He even did the death bellow which is unusual but does happen. His right was busted off, a truly awesome old bull and greatly appreciated by us.
  13. BenKK

    Which Woodleigh 300gn Projectile for Water Buffalo

    The book written by his Dad is one of my favourites.
  14. BenKK

    Which Woodleigh 300gn Projectile for Water Buffalo

    Hydros will pass through for sure, but it has never been an issue for me (the bulls are rarely in mobs and even when they are they’re not densely packed and there’ll be a safe angle). The benefit of the Hydro is straight-line travel and penetration no matter the angle. However, they kind-of zip...
  15. BenKK

    Which Woodleigh 300gn Projectile for Water Buffalo

    From your list I would pick the Hydros or the HDs. The PPSNs would be fine as well. The FMJs work, of course, but do less damage and would be my last choice.
  16. BenKK

    Has anyone here read this book on Howard Hill?

    Bought it from Amazon with my first paycheque twenty years ago and straight-away bought a recurve instead of the compound I had my heart set on initially. Ended-up owning at least five Howard Hill longbows (made by Craig Ekin) but never did kill a buffalo with one. Got a few buffalo with Black...
  17. BenKK

    A Win for South African Hunters!

    How to negate a true wilderness hunt in Tanzania? Shoot from or near the vehicle instead of walking your arse off. I see quite a few YouTube vids showing this happening in proper wild areas, and usually it’s an accusation reserved for RSA. Wherever you go… walk!
  18. BenKK

    Woodleigh Hydro for buffalo?

    Yep, those 180s are out of a .300H&H, and I’ve also loaded them for a bloke with a .300WM. The shopkeeper loaded some that I gave him for his .308 and was impressed. The 150s out of the .30-30 are not as empathetic but still massively up the game for the little lever-action.
  19. BenKK

    Woodleigh Hydro for buffalo?

    Probably seen over a hundred buffalo sink very rapidly when shot with the 180 grain Hydros. And some more with the 300 grain Hydros and 570 grain Hydros. It’s a brilliant bullet.
  20. BenKK

    Is the 275 Rigby up to larger Plains Game like kudu?

    Shot many big buffalo bulls with my old Rigby .275 from 1898 using 175 grain Woodleigh PPSNs. Wish I still had that rifle!
  21. BenKK

    In memoriam - My friend Baz has passed away

    Sorry for your loss. I enjoyed reading of his adventures with Aaron up here.
  22. BenKK

    Blaser R8 & Dangerous Game?

    As I mentioned recently, I’ve owned an R8 in .375H&H for about seven months now and killed about six buffalo with it. I really like it. Most buffalo hunts are straightforward, but my first with the R8 was a known troublemaker and inbound, a single 350 grain Woodleigh soft to the chest sorted...
  23. BenKK

    Blaser -- What is all the excitement about?

    Had an R8 .375H&H for about seven months now, fired seventeen shots (Woodleigh 350 grain RNSN HDs) including the first four at a termite hill to test the open sights and the next thirteen have been spent on six buffalo, I think. Love it!
  24. BenKK

    SOUTH AFRICA: Buffalo, Sable & More With Chris Troskie Safaris

    I really enjoyed reading about your adventures! Congratulations!
  25. BenKK

    Please forgive my ignorance - Is there such a thing as a high fence croc hunt?

    I’ve seen big wild crocodiles in the Mogol River. From what I recall there is a special permit required for a wild crocodile (as opposed to something from a farm).
  26. BenKK

    Hunting SA or "Wild" Africa - Which is Better

    My opinion, which is worth nothing: If you stalk your impala properly in South Africa you are ahead of the bloke who shoots his lesser kudu from or by the vehicle in Tanzania in terms of experience. If you’re in a position to properly hunt in a remote area, that is absolutely awesome!
  27. BenKK

    What is your go to 375h&h load and what do you use it on?

    350 grain Woodleigh RNSN HD is my new favourite on buffalo.
  28. BenKK

    best bolt action for dangerous games

    Or both. I like both. They both work just fine.
  29. BenKK

    Water buffalo caliber recommendation

    Yep, burning is essential to find them.
  30. BenKK

    Water buffalo caliber recommendation

    June to August is nice and cool, my favourite time of the year for stretching the legs and enjoying a good campfire and feeling cold at nighttime. September to early December is adventurous with some fantastic contacts but dangerous heat, so for me that’s early morning and late afternoon.
  31. BenKK

    How many here are bowhunters only?

    Quit bowhunting a few years back because of a health problem but as I’ve recovered this year I’ve gotten back into it again and loving it! Bought a V3X which is a massive advance over my longbows and recurves! Still going to try to get back into it with the Black Widow recurve when some lighter...
  32. BenKK

    Blaser R8 for Dangerous Game

    Relatively new to my R8, it’s a .375H&H. I’m using handloaded Woodleigh 350 grain RNSN HDs. First bull got stroppy 200m away, a known mischief maker, and eventually decided to have a go. I got ready to repel boarders and as he hit the 50m or 60m mark I hit him in his chest and he tipped-over...
  33. BenKK

    220 grain FMJ bullets in .308" - supplier?

    Buffalo. Have killed many dozens quite effortlessly with 180 grain CEB Solids and Hydros (.300H&H).
  34. BenKK

    ZIMBABWE: The Dogs Of Night - Hunting Hyena In The Omay

    Love that Wagonwheel song!
  35. BenKK

    In memoriam - Sebastian Wicker

    Very sorry to hear this.
  36. BenKK

    SOUTH AFRICA: RIFLE: BOWHUNT: 2022 East Cape Adventure With KMG Hunting Safaris

    Stalking a bushbuck with a bow… awesome! What sight were you using? What bow/arrow setup? Cheers!
  37. BenKK

    SOUTH AFRICA: ZIMBABWE: Mark & Tim's Big Bull Safari With KMG Hunting Safaris

    Awesome, Tim! What an amazing animal and earned properly! Congrats!
  38. BenKK

    SOUTH AFRICA: BOWHUNT: My Bow Hunt With 4 Aces Outfitters 2022

    Very interesting, thank you. I’m new to building arrows for compound, and am currently using AAE Max Stealth straight onto the carbon with no wraps, using Blazer Bond glue. Can’t get them to come off no matter how hard I try!
  39. BenKK

    SOUTH AFRICA: BOWHUNT: My Bow Hunt With 4 Aces Outfitters 2022

    What an incredible wildebeest! Congratulations! As an old trad guy now using a compound I’m interested in the fletching you’re using, it looks to be feathers.
  40. BenKK

    ZIMBABWE: Black Death In The Omay

    Again, well done, mate!
  41. BenKK

    Of Rat Calibers, Elephant and Buffalo, In Witness Protection

    Toby, well done! Very, very excellent, man!
  42. BenKK

    ZIMBABWE: Off To Zimbabwe With AH Friends

    Awesome stuff, Toby and Team!
  43. BenKK

    Mr. Gary's long bow zebra with Limcroma Safaris

    Absolutely awesome! But that looks to be a Black Widow recurve (apologies for being pedantic)… You guys at Limcroma sure do good work for bowhunters! Looking forward to the next one! Cheers!