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  1. StickFlicker AZ

    New US Customs policy pertaining to bows & arrows for hunting

    I have experienced the boot spraying in Atlanta each of the seven times I have returned from Africa, beginning in 2008 and every trip since. My friend that was with me in 2008 seemed shocked by this at the time, and he had been to South Africa countless times, and I believe normally returned...
  2. StickFlicker AZ

    Question about websites from clients perspective, we are building a new one!

    As others have said, if there are not prices, I move on to another company. Don't make us request pricing! Pricing is the number one most important thing I look for before going any further in my research. I too like the link to maps showing the location of the lodge. Size of the properties...
  3. StickFlicker AZ

    How many arrows

    For a 10-day hunt, I usually take 15-18, although I've never come close to using them all. Incidental animals & birds, follow-up shots on wounded animals, etc. can all take more arrows than expected. Although, the number of broadheads is probably more crucial than arrows since you can often...
  4. StickFlicker AZ

    Deep Thoughts on trophy shipping

    Mikecatt13, you mentioned that your trophy importer had their own storage facility to avoid airport storage charges if there was a delay. Who do you use, and what port of entry do you have them come into?
  5. StickFlicker AZ

    Please Vote for My DIY, Public Land, Muley Bowhunt Video!

    375er, That's one of the things that was very discouraging. Some people had no problem voting, but MANY spent huge amounts of time in what seemed like an endless registration loop that never resulted in an actual vote. I do appreciate your trying (or maybe succeeding?) to vote for me...
  6. StickFlicker AZ

    Please Vote for My DIY, Public Land, Muley Bowhunt Video!

    buck, I wasn't aware that you could do that with a YT channel. I host all of my videos on Vimeo, and likewise, only have the set so that I can share links/passwords with friends but never make them public. This was the first time that I ever made one of my videos public, as an embedded link on...
  7. StickFlicker AZ

    Please Vote for My DIY, Public Land, Muley Bowhunt Video!

    I needed to finish in the Top 5 to move on to the judged round, and I thought I had that locked up. I posted it on this site hoping to get some extra votes to make sure I had enough for any last minute vote surges by the other people behind me. However, I was disappointed that it didn't appear...
  8. StickFlicker AZ

    Please Vote for My DIY, Public Land, Muley Bowhunt Video!

    This contest has ended and the link to the video mentioned has been disabled. I would edit or delete the thread, but I don't see that there is a way to do this. Thank you.
  9. StickFlicker AZ

    Please Vote for My DIY, Public Land, Muley Bowhunt Video!

    Guys, I submitted a bowhunting video to my first-ever Film Festival (LESS THAN 14 MINS LONG), Western Hunter Film Fest 2023. It's a DIY, solo hunt, self-filmed, self-edited, no sponsors, video of my 2020 hunt for a 218" Mule Deer (the last one listed in the Amateur Short category). I have no...
  10. StickFlicker AZ

    United to discontinue taking guns to SA

    shootist, I'm glad you were able to take advantage of it. I've only ever booked my own trips, so not sure about using it for upgrades. The amount of SkyMiles it will take varies daily, just like the price paying cash can change daily. I just start watching the dates I want as early as they...
  11. StickFlicker AZ

    United to discontinue taking guns to SA

    AMEX Delta Card - 90,000 Mile Welcome Offer I long ago realized that Delta was the only airline for me when flying to Johannesburg! I always fly for free with Delta SkyMiles. They have what I think is an all-time high 90,000 mile welcome offer for new card holders (when referred by a current...
  12. StickFlicker AZ

    New US Customs policy pertaining to bows & arrows for hunting

    As of my trip last August, through Atlanta, the process was pretty much identical as described in the original post. The only minor change was that they took the hunters as they were ordered in line, not necessarily bows first. They also did not wait until they had received all cases from the...
  13. StickFlicker AZ

    Father & son first trip to africa

    As has been said, July and August are the winter months. As such, the grass and brush are dry and noisy. Bowhunters usually prefer those months because the game is more dependent on water holes. Firearms hunters often prefer April thru June because it is still somewhat green and stalking is...
  14. StickFlicker AZ

    A happy hunter shares his pictures and testimonial

    What's in the wooden box?
  15. StickFlicker AZ

    Bowhunting in South Africa - hunters testimonial and amazing photos

    Thank you for sharing something other than bowhunting equipment tests! It seems like there is never any hunting in this Bowhunting section, just one broadhead test after another. Glad you had a great time.
  16. StickFlicker AZ

    Package hunt vs. Day rate + trophy fees, which do you prefer?

    I have done both individual trophy pricing and package hunts. When I compare the hunts from two different places, I have a hypothetical list of common animals that I compare, and a specified number of days to hunt. For example, I'm a bowhunter so I normally use 10 hunting days and maybe 5...
  17. StickFlicker AZ

    What do people think about “non-trophy” hunts

    Earlier in my hunting career the prospect of non-trophies would have probably had less interest for me. But my walls are now full, and I'm not going to mount another of the same animal just because I take one with a few inches longer horn. For the most part, I'd prefer to hunt more animals for...
  18. StickFlicker AZ

    Nyala Passion With BAYLY SIPPEL SAFARIS

    Thanks for the info. Odd that it could produce enough testosterone for those great horns but not change color. It's definitely a unique and beautiful trophy.
  19. StickFlicker AZ

    Nyala Passion With BAYLY SIPPEL SAFARIS

    What's the story with the coloring of this Nyala? If it didn't have horns, I would think it would be a cow. Is it a bull with odd coloring (for a bull this mature), or a cow with horns?
  20. StickFlicker AZ

    What makes or breaks your decision to book a hunt

    Items I Consider When Booking African Safaris Great topic, and the fact that you care enough to post it speaks volumes for you! Sorry, I’m a little late to respond, but I wanted to give it some thought and give a thorough response. I’ll apologize in advance for the length of it! I’ve hunted...
  21. StickFlicker AZ

    U.S. Ends Requirement for Covid Testing for Int'l Travel!

    It was just announced today that the U.S. is going to end the requirement to test for Covid before returning to the United States on international flights! The change starts this Sunday, June 12. CNN News
  22. StickFlicker AZ

    Delta Update

    What about taking the Covid test in South Africa before boarding the flight to return to the U.S.? When it was three days prior to the flight in 2021, it was doable. Now that it is one day, I'm not sure how much faith I have in the South African pharmacies to get the test done that quickly...
  23. StickFlicker AZ

    New Member - Won Auction for Van Wijk Safaris

    npaden, glad you have reached a decision you are happy with. Personally, when a safari company isn't willing to post their price list on their website, I move on in my search. I just don't feel I should have to contact them to get such basic information. I also stay clear of companies that...
  24. StickFlicker AZ

    Got my Zebra Rug in! Erongo Taxidermy did a great job!

    I just recently brought home my zebra skin from Africa as well, and I've been pondering the same question. I haven't reached a decision yet. Yours has a uniquely high amount of shadow stripes. It seems like usually, they are more predominant on the back half of the animal and less so on the...
  25. StickFlicker AZ

    G5 Megameat broadhead on Plains Game

    I've never been a fan of the G-5 Montec (although they make some other great products). For me, I have a lot of trouble sharpening them and the blood trails are never very good.
  26. StickFlicker AZ

    Delta Update

    You guys would prefer to add 15 hours to your total flight time than fly Delta?! You are still making a stop, either way. I'll take Delta!
  27. StickFlicker AZ

    New US Customs policy pertaining to bows & arrows for hunting

    Thanks Nick. I also want to remind people of the new checked baggage rule that went into place earlier this year at Tambo Airport in Jburg.
  28. StickFlicker AZ

    New US Customs policy pertaining to bows & arrows for hunting

    Any recent experiences in Atlanta in 2019 as to bow inspections as discussed above? I assume they are still doing this as well as the boots?