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    For Sale CZ 500 Jeffery

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    For Sale CZ 500 Jeffery

    Barrel is 24" . Weight i think is just over 10 pounds.
  3. CZ 500 Jeffery Rifle

    CZ 500 Jeffery Rifle

  4. CZ 500 Jeffery Rifle

    CZ 500 Jeffery Rifle

  5. CZ 500 Jeffery Rifle

    CZ 500 Jeffery Rifle

  6. CZ 500 Jeffery Rifle

    CZ 500 Jeffery Rifle

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    For Sale CZ 500 Jeffery

    Forgot to mention that I think I have a couple boxes of Hornady new brass and some Woodleigh bullets I may also sell.
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    For Sale CZ 500 Jeffery

    I've made the hard decision to sell my CZ 500 Jeffery. The rifle is in good condition. I carried it on a deer hunt or two for kicks, but it has been babied. The stock is nicer in person than the pictures show. The rifle has been fired very little and I've had no feed issues running Kynoch...
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    12 Bore Schrifle project

    I'll be watching this. I've had my eye on a savage 20ga bolt action.
  10. CZ in 500 Jeffery Rifle with express sights

    CZ in 500 Jeffery Rifle with express sights

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    Who all is sitting in the woods with a rifle way to big for the critter they are after

    Hunted here in NC with my CZ in 500 jeffery with express sights. I just set up like I was bowhunting so I would have a close shot.
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    Interarms/Whitworth Mark X 458 Win For Sale

    I just looked and Greensboro is only 70 miles away....thinking really hard on this
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    Interarms/Whitworth Mark X 458 Win For Sale

    Man this is tempting me.
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    .458 Lott too much for North American Big game?

    I say go for it. I've been carrying either my 416 Rigby or 500 Jeff for whitetails.
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    Selling a rifle how to

    That 458 is a beauty. If I hadn't just moved out of state and bought a new home, I'd be interested.
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    Rifles & handguns you own and have owned

    Don't know that I even could remember all of them that have passed through my hands. Some I regret selling were an original Winchester 1885 lo wall in 25/20S S with the Ideal Loading tool. A Remington 30 express in 30/06. An LC Smith 12ga that was hell on ducks in the timber. A 375JDJ...
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    CZ550 American Magnum bolt knob Q's

    I've got two CZ's, in 500 Jeff & 416 Rigby, and I can't stand the hole in the bolt. I might have to order one of those Hornady knobs to try out. Otherwise I thought about filling it with something and blending to the bolt contour. I remember seeing one somebody did using either hippo or...
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    Library additions

    This store was in Jacksonville, FL but I do buy most of my books online.
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    Peep sight recomendation?

    I hadn't thought of changing out the front sight. Great idea. Thank you.
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    First range session with my new .375

    Excellent choice of rifle. My Whitworth 375 is one of my favorites.
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    Monometal bullets for Deer

    I have in 243 with success and a friend used them in 257 Robert's with no complaints.
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    Anybody ever purchased on

    I've had nothing but good transactions as a seller and buyer on gunbroker.
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    300 H&H has landed

    Love the rifle and the chambering.
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    Rigby 275

    Have to agree with you Mike. While the Corbett tribute rifle is incredible, its not my cup of tea. I like a rifle that looks like it could have been there, done that. Or one that has been there, done that and has the character marks to prove it. Do you have a pic of your old one?
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    Rigby 275

    Very nice rifles, especially the new one. One day.....
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    318 Westley Richards

    I've always been intrigued by the 318 WR. I'll be watching to see the finished rifle.
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    Rigby 275

    Thanks for the info. Sounds like it is an easier process than what I thought.
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    Hunting Bongo in Congo

    A dream hunt of mine.
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    Peep sight recomendation?

    I finally got to the range to sight it in and discovered that the elevation screw is too short. I called Williams to order but the tech I needed to speak to is off until Tuesday so I'll have to call back. The rifle shot my hand loads with the Midway bulk clearances bullets pretty good. Bottom...
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    Rigby 275

    I keep looking at these auction rifles overseas. Any idea how hard or expensive it is to import one after bidding/winning?
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    Contender / Encore thoughts

    I owned a Contender in pistol configuration. I had a 30-30 barrel for it which shot 125gr ballistic tips into tiny little groups. I also had an SSK barrel in 375JDJ which like Nosler partitions. Both barrels were extremely accurate. Unfortunately something came up and I sold it.
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    New SIACE Double

    Very nice looking rifle.
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    Just bought a rifled 20ga blank

    I like the second barrel, 20 ga double idea myself.
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    Rigby 275

    Very nice rifle.
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    Flooding in Louisiana

    The field behind my back fence has been used as an improvised airfield.
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    Flooding in Louisiana

    I am one of the lucky few in my area that did not flood, although we watched the bayou down the road very closely. Nearly every one of my friends and all but 5 of my employees were flooded. One employee lost everything during hurricane Katrina and just lost everything again in this flood...
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    Midway Sale On .375 Bullets

    Mine are also shooting well. I'm also using h4895.
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    Sauer Conversion Double Rifle In .450 3.25" NE

    This is very tempting. I'm going to have to think about this....
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    Ruger No. 1 African Adventure Series The Buffalo 450/400 Nitro

    I had one of these and sold it to a close friend. Unfortunately when he passed away in was not able to buy it back. I've been wanting another one since but the timing just hasn't been right.
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    Peep sight recomendation?

    I decided on a Williams receiver sight. I had to slightly modify my stock to fit but nothing major. I also gave the stock a fresh coat of paint. I haven't had as chance to shoot it and sight it in yet. I am concerned about the length of the elevation screw being so short. It will only...
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    Library additions

    I ordered many of the titles in my collection direct from Safari Press. Others I find searching online.
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    Library additions

    I have a copy of that one as well. Good read.
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    Library additions

    While on vacation last weekend I found a used bookstore near my sister in laws house. Added the following titles to my home library. Hunter, African Hunter, African Rifles and Cartridges, Ivory Ghosts, The White Lions of Timbavati, Among the Elephants, Maneater, and Maneater of India. Some of...
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    Are there any gun shops worth checking out in Jacksonville, FL?

    Thanks for the input. I'm hoping to have a moment to hit them up tomorrow.
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    Taking advantage of Midway USA's 375 blemishes

    Loaded up some more of the 270gr this morning. I used data from the Hornady manual. I believe my col was 3.6" but that was for a 375 H&H. The ones I shot so far grouped well.
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    Are there any gun shops worth checking out in Jacksonville, FL?

    I'll be in Jacksonville visiting family for a couple of days. Are there any gun shops worth checking out? Particularly any that stock larger caliber sporting rifles. I'm not really interested in the "tactical" type shops catering to the AR crowd (I own enough AR's for now). Thanks.
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    CZ 550 - .416 Rigby good choice for dangerous game?

    Add me to the list of CZ 416 Rigby owners. I love mine and it is one of the rifles I'll never part with.
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    B. Searcy 500/416 NE

    I'd be in for a raffle to help you out. I've been eyeing up a Searcy double locally that's a two barrel set - 470 & 375 Express. It's marked down to what I consider a fair price but after seeing the way Matt's issue has been handled I think I'll stear clear.
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    375 H&H die adjustment

    Thanks fro the feedback. I'll adjust the die down and run them through again and see what kind of results I get.