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  1. mikeinarkansas

    SOUTH AFRICA: Warren Hates Jackals (Rhinoster Hoek)

    If you’ve ever been to Rhinoster Hoek you have no doubt Warrens feeling about jackals. Spawn of Satan comes to mind.
  2. mikeinarkansas

    Judging Kudu - Conservation Not Inches

    Hope you get him! You’ll have a great hunt with Warren. Went there last May and it was an awesome trip.
  3. mikeinarkansas

    Dangerous snake defense

    I second that! Dang cottonmouths scare the crap out of me. Struck twice while hunting the Mississippi Delta, fortunately had on snake boots.
  4. mikeinarkansas

    Old Books & Fred Bear Videos For Sale

    Albert I’ll take the TR book if you still have it
  5. mikeinarkansas

    .416 Ruger For Sale

    Charlie not my business but i wouldn’t want to part with a rifle you have that Much history with. Of course if it was a left hand I would be urging you to sell it!
  6. mikeinarkansas


    Wouldn’t disagree with that, experience is huge. Last I read, less than half of their tanks were not mission capable. If the tanks won’t run then experienced crews would be novice infantry?
  7. mikeinarkansas


    I wonder if there are any memes of the operational readiness of the German military?
  8. mikeinarkansas

    CZ 550 In 375 H&H With Aramid Stock For Sale

    As usual the bolt is on the wrong side...sigh
  9. mikeinarkansas


    Completely agree!
  10. mikeinarkansas

    Russell or Courteney - Safari Boots...

    The PH guiding my friend wore a pair of Rogue Trans Africa. He swore by them so I ordered a pair from a place (sorry would have to look it up). I have to say I like them as well as anything I’ve worn. Well enough I ordered their light hikers to try them out. Both boots comfortable and quiet...
  11. mikeinarkansas


    Never heard it put quite so well. Very true.
  12. mikeinarkansas

    Colorado Springs Urban Mule Deer

    I know nothing about Mule Deer but they look impressive to me!
  13. Von Gruff's Hunting Knives for Christmas

    Von Gruff's Hunting Knives for Christmas

    These are my nephews at the Christmas get together last night. Ordered a pair of knives for them back in September from Garry. Life time knives. They were thrilled lol. I asked Alex if he liked and he said no I LOVE it! Great job Garry!
  14. mikeinarkansas

    SOUTH AFRICA: Liam Urry Hunt Giveaway

    Wow just wow. Reading this story just made me smile the whole time!
  15. mikeinarkansas

    Budget Scopes - Sightron?

    I’ve got a Sightron (s2 maybe) thats mounted on a TC muzzleloader. It’s very clear, holds zero and the adjustments are accurate. That’s my only experience with them. I’d say go with it. He can always upgrade later if he wants.
  16. mikeinarkansas

    After Montana grizzly mauling, Hayden man attacked

    I believe someone on AH had posted this pic before. Easy for all these haters to brave on the internet.
  17. mikeinarkansas

    on a lighter note...

    Yeah but she makes it look good...
  18. mikeinarkansas


    I’ve been struck twice by cottonmouths during early bow season in the Mississippi Delta. Fortunately my snake boots protected me. Scared the living crap out of me (no pun intended). But it hasn’t left me with any love for them. Which has evolved to see the snake kill the snake. Not a benevolent...
  19. mikeinarkansas

    New addition to my African battery

    Good deal! Love number 1’s
  20. mikeinarkansas

    Darn you guys

    Think I’ll stick with 9mm and 45ACP in handguns. Shot a 500 sw in 4” version a few years ago and didn’t find it enjoyable
  21. mikeinarkansas

    Darn you guys

    I’d be tickled with those results too! Very nice. What load were you using?
  22. mikeinarkansas

    Kacee’s Bushbuck home from Taxidermist

    That’s awesome! Congrats!
  23. mikeinarkansas

    Darn you guys

    I like the looks of that rifle! And they make it in left hand which is good for me. I’m just partial to the Ruger no. 1 and couldn’t resist when I saw that one on gun broker.
  24. Ruger 1-H in 375 H&H Rifle

    Ruger 1-H in 375 H&H Rifle

  25. mikeinarkansas

    Darn you guys

    I took it to my gunsmith and he put a Limbsaver on it. I appreciated it Shooting off the bench to sight it in
  26. mikeinarkansas

    Darn you guys

    I blame all the AH members for this lol. My new (used) Ruger 1-H in 375 H&H. Alaska Arms QD rings with a Meopta 1x6x24 scope. I figured if I bought it I would have to return to Africa and use it. Apparently one trip is all it takes lol. I plan on using it this fall to whack a deer or two. My...
  27. mikeinarkansas

    New Zealand Council Plans To Ban All Pet Cats In Bid To Protect Native Bird Species

    Me either Hogpatrol. I’m pretty sure I would take a dim view of “the authorities” trying to take my cat.
  28. mikeinarkansas

    Thinking of getting a new "truck gun"

    My truck gun is an AR15 pistol in 300 blackout kept in a tennis racket bag. Slung over passenger seat rest behind seat half zipped for access. Sadly we have a lot of dangerous critters on two legs. 4 murders in 3 days in a town of less than 45k. Previous truck guns have been a Ruger 10-22 and...
  29. mikeinarkansas

    Birthday gift...

    Happy birthday! That’s a great picture
  30. mikeinarkansas

    SOUTH AFRICA: Great Hunt With Game 4 Africa Safaris

    Great hunt! Glad you guys had such success and thoroughly enjoyed the story.
  31. mikeinarkansas

    Rifle for your first safari- My personal experience

    Liked your post. You made some excellent points. Congrats on your trip!
  32. mikeinarkansas

    Shooting accuracy

    You didn’t mention your trigger but that can make a huge difference in shooting. A good trigger with a crisp 3 pound pull can sure improve your shooting. You’ve had lots of good advice here already. I shot a 180 grain Barnes ttsx in my 3006. Sight in 2 inches high and that’s dead on at 200. 8...
  33. mikeinarkansas

    Chinese farmers take over former white-owned farms in Zimbabwe to cash in on tobacco

    Agreed Redleg. I suspect we will see an huge increase in Chicom influence and acquisitions in Africa over the coming years.
  34. mikeinarkansas

    Super Proud Dad!!!!

    Excellent! Congratulations to her!
  35. mikeinarkansas

    Emirates and alcohol

    You go to another country you play by their rules. If you don’t want to then stay home. And anywhere you are getting aggressive with law enforcement is a poor strategy. She broke their law and had an out of just going home and didn’t take it.
  36. mikeinarkansas

    SOUTH AFRICA: First African Hunting Trip With Rhinoster Hoek

    With the sunset? I liked that one so well I had the photo turned into a canvas print.
  37. mikeinarkansas

    SOUTH AFRICA: First African Hunting Trip With Rhinoster Hoek

    “Where are you going to hunt? Well where do you want to hunt? Etc etc etc” LoL Arkansas to South Africa that ritual remains the same lol
  38. mikeinarkansas

    How many animals?

    I agree with Hogpatrol. I’ve only been to Africa once but it’s been on my mind every day. Like everyone my eyes are bigger than my stomach....or wallet. I’ve decided on two must haves for the next trip, possibly a third and culls to round out if possible. On my trip I didn’t get everything I...
  39. mikeinarkansas

    404 Finally Finished!

    If you gotta have a problem....that’s a good one to have!
  40. mikeinarkansas

    SOUTH AFRICA: First African Hunting Trip With Rhinoster Hoek

    To the point that I now own a pre-owned Ruger no. 1 tropical in 375 H&H. At the gunsmith now getting a proper recoil pad installed. I just felt the need. Didn’t help reading all the posts on here lol.
  41. mikeinarkansas

    NAMIBIA: Great Hunt With Michael & Tiene Duvenhage At Uitspan Hunting

    Thanks for sharing. Really enjoyed reading about your great hunt! And yes sir, Blue Wildebeest are TOUGH lol
  42. mikeinarkansas

    SOUTH AFRICA: First African Hunting Trip With Rhinoster Hoek

    It’s just a neat place. Warren and Belinda are awful nice folks and made us feel right at home. The food was excellent! And seeing those first kudu I was thinking “dang I’m really hunting in Africa” lol. Seems like once is all it takes to get you hooked.
  43. mikeinarkansas

    SOUTH AFRICA: First African Hunting Trip With Rhinoster Hoek

    Seemed like the time to go would never get here and then boom it was right there. My buddy Mark and I flew out of Little Rock to Atlanta with Delta and then on to Johannesburg on May the 6th getting there at 5 pm local time that Monday. Thanks to all the folks on here posting their stories, we...