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  1. Denvir Tire

    Purchases On AH References

    Purchased some shoes from Mark Biggerstaff and I;m very pleased with the entire process and hope to do business with him again soon.
  2. Denvir Tire

    Overnight Johannesburg Recommendation

    I have also done this and it's a good plan for hunters and PH
  3. Denvir Tire

    Overnight Johannesburg Recommendation

    I spent a night in Afton House in June, rooms were clean and the food was excellent. Dinner and breakfast were included. It's apparently under newer ownership, I never stayed prior to that, so I cannot comment regarding changes. My wife and I will be staying at Afton in a few weeks enroute to...
  4. Denvir Tire

    Recent RSA taxidermists experience

    Okay, here's some thoughts.... I've used 4 different taxidermy studios in Africa and 1 in the US. I've been happy with all of the work done by all 5. The African studios were recommended by the PH we were hunting with. I've recently used True Reflection Taxidermy in Grahamstown, SA and Nyati...
  5. Denvir Tire

    Favorite Lubricants 2023?

    0W16 synthetic motor oil for AR types and auto shotguns.
  6. Denvir Tire

    Help me compile a list of all the must-read books on African Hunting

    Yes without reservation, Kevin Thomas is a terrific writer and all his books are worth your time. I will also recommend "Adrift on the Veldt" by Denys Reitz. Not a hunting book but a biography about an amazing life in South Africa and beyond.
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    Site Slowing Down?

    I too thought the problem was at my end It's a bit frustrating
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    1903 Mannlicher Help

    That appears to be a very nice rifle, I certainly have rifle envy...
  9. Denvir Tire

    Anybody Else?

    What a nice idea! Okay, my wife and are on United 188 Friday Sep 15.....
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    1 MOA Hoax

    Okay, I realize that I'm hijacking this thread and possibly throwing a bomb, but honestly.... How is it possible to shoot and kill 50 MILLION buffalo with the resources available in 1850-1870???? How much black powder is that? How many tons of lead?
  11. Denvir Tire

    Hunting distances- how far is too far?

    I agree 100%. This very topic was the subject of a long and at times heated discussion between multiple hunters in Limpopo during a June hunt. I'm not sure what the distance is, but we all know that at some point the verb "hunting" no longer applies and "shooting" does.
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    Driving In Namibia

    If you do drive yourself, bring plenty of water. Sometimes cars breakdown and the roads in Namibia can be lonely places......
  13. Denvir Tire

    First trip to Namibia: Nyati Wildlife Art

    I have used them twice and the work is very good. The facility in Windhoek is modern, clean and well organized. Marike is the office manager and she's very thorough and efficient. I plan on using them again in a few months if I can connect with a buff. My advice to you is ask to visit the...
  14. Denvir Tire

    SOUTH AFRICA: Kuche Safaris

    The frequency and and almost pathological nature of some of the posters regarding this topic is getting somewhat suspicious...... Indeed it's even more curious considering the bulk is coming from one poster who, apparently, has only visited one outfitter two times. Every time I try to get out...
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    Brno 375 H&H For Sale

    PM sent
  16. Denvir Tire

    SOUTH AFRICA: Kuche Safaris

    I've been following this thread with interest after my few comments at the beginning. It's heartening so see so many people defend Kuche Safari and I'm genuinely happy that so many hunters had such a good hunt with happy memories. Regarding the many comments refuting my first hand and recent...
  17. Denvir Tire

    SOUTH AFRICA: Kuche Safaris

    Kuche Safari mess hall
  18. Denvir Tire

    SOUTH AFRICA: Kuche Safaris

    If you enjoy an adult beverage other than Lion or Black Label beer, you must bring it yourself. Soft drinks and water readily available. There are rooms in what must be the old lodge and also detached cabins that sleep two. I was in a cabin. It's not luxury and it's also not deluxe. The bathroom...
  19. Denvir Tire

    SOUTH AFRICA: Kuche Safaris

    Wow, that's an attention getting first post. I also just returned from a week at Kuche safari, in fact I was there the day the OP joined this forum. In addition, I've also been to Africa multiple times, 4 to Namibia and 5 to SA. My personal take on the entire Kuche experience was one of...
  20. Denvir Tire

    Best 20 Airlines Ranked 2022

    TAP Portugal provided my wife and I the worst travel experience last year in every way. Never. Ever. Again. If you choose to fly TAP; 1. You've been warned 2. Please look for my wife's luggage
  21. Denvir Tire

    SOUTH AFRICA: First-Timer Success With Kuche Safaris May 2023

    Thanks for this well written and timely report. On the way to Kuche in two weeks observing, with three friends who are hunting on the same type of package
  22. Denvir Tire

    Weird stuff to bring for tips / gratuities

    I always ask if the PH needs anything from the states, in three weeks I'm bringing Goldfish/cheddar/jalapeño crackers per request. On my first safari I brought along some tee shirts with my company logo and gave them away. Second trip I gave away Michelin, Continental and Cooper Tire corporate...
  23. Denvir Tire

    Want to buy Safari Binos

    I have the Steiner and very happy with them
  24. Denvir Tire

    Alec Baldwin Movie Set Accident

    This hits close to home for a guy named Denvir Tire, guess what I do for a living... While your premise is valid at face value, some other factors need to be considered. If a person is a "transportation specialist, of sorts" one might assume that person is familiar with the machine they're...
  25. Denvir Tire

    Fausti Express Double Rifle - thoughts please

    Twenty five years ago I spent a few weeks a year visiting and working on new products with a number of gunmakers in Italy. The Fausti sisters run a clean, modern factory that produce sturdy workaday guns. Like most gunmakers in Italy and Spain at that time, they purchased the larger components...
  26. Denvir Tire

    Travel with prescriptions, hearing aids and what would minimum rifle bbl length be for Namibia or South Africa?

    I've been through Joberg and Windhoek many times with my meds in the daily dispenser pack, never once any issue
  27. Denvir Tire

    Perfect Safari or Tropical Hunting Shirt

    I have a Cabelas outfitter shirt with the best pocket on any shirt anywhere It's a narrow, long zippered pocket designed for eyeglasses... This is behind the left front breast pocket and it's perfect
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    Same question, however destination Windhoek
  29. Denvir Tire


    That was worth reading, thanks
  30. Denvir Tire

    Wanted 375 H&H

    Have any of you fellows had difficulty mounting Talley rings and bases on the Whitworth rifles? Yesterday I attempted to install a scope on a recent Whitworth purchase and using Wheeler scope centers shows a real problem...
  31. Denvir Tire

    HELP NEEDED!! Ducks Unlimited Auction hunt with Kuche Safaris

    I'm on the way to Kuche Safari this June with a friend who purchased a rifle and gets a free Safari. Full disclosure, I've never been to Kuche farm, however I asked numerous PH's while at the GOAS Harrisburg Show and they all confirmed it's a good outfit. I spoke to the principle, Koos, on...
  32. Denvir Tire

    SOUTH AFRICA: Kuche Safaris

    I spoke with Koos via WhattsApp last week hoping to arrange a meeting at the GAOS in Harrisburg. He indicated that some sort of problem at the farm required his attention and he returned home early......
  33. Denvir Tire

    on a lighter note...

    No, it's someones job to corral and return carts. If you do it, a job is lost forever
  34. Denvir Tire

    Thoughts on type of camps

    I agree with this idea of a spike camp. Living in the bush for 10-14 days is fine for some people but no longer for me. It would be fun to hunt until real darkness falls and start again pre dawn from a rough camp somewhere on the farm. A cot, tent,fire and beer are truly the only requirements...
  35. Denvir Tire

    Using Thermal Imaging for Hunting

    I have an ATN mounted on an AR upper for night coyotes in Maine. The first night I actually used it I was disappointed with the clarity of the image until I used a flashlight to leave the blind..... It was snowing so hard it looked like a wall of white. Subsequent hunts proved it's worth many...
  36. Denvir Tire

    My new Model 70 pre 64- 375 H&H "working" rifle- Have sight question

    I have genuine envy, it's everything I like about rifles.... Find an older Redfield or Lyman receiver sight, peep, diopter made for for the M70 and try that before drilling, cutting, machining etc For tense shooting at close range, unscrew the "peep" part and look through the remaining hole...
  37. Denvir Tire

    on a lighter note...

    Pack my box with six dozen liquor jugs.
  38. Denvir Tire

    Empty single piece of brass in backpack South Africa

    On the same trip, companion left JFK and met the group in Frankfurt, we spent the day downtown for lunch and shopping and then through security to continue on to Joberg. JFK missed a folding knife in my buddies carry on but rest assured the Germans found it. He was arrested and interviewed about...
  39. Denvir Tire

    Empty single piece of brass in backpack South Africa

    Recently went through Logan Airport Boston enroute to Frankfurt and then to Joberg Carry on had a single complete .223 ball in the bottom, had to wait for MA State Trooper to interview, 10 minute talk and then on the way
  40. Denvir Tire

    Harrisburg show 2023- Who’s going?

    I try to go every year, it's really worth it
  41. Denvir Tire

    Ghost ring on rear base

    Yes, I've been thinking about that also
  42. Denvir Tire

    Ghost ring on rear base

    Thanks to all for the help I went with Tally QD and their rear base peep to mount a Zeiss Conquest V6 1-6
  43. Denvir Tire

    Ghost ring on rear base

    I've just purchased my first DG rifle, a Whitworth Mark X .375 H&H, very exciting! I'm now in the process of replacing the current mounts and scope for something a bit nicer. My first choice is the EAW swing off from NECG however Mark tells me I can no longer get the "Ghost Ring" rear sight that...
  44. Denvir Tire

    What do I take to Namibia? 30-06

    The PH you'll be hunting with will be happy to advise.
  45. Denvir Tire

    New/used vehicle prices

    All tires are beyond belief regarding the cost at my level. I've been selling tires at retail for 21 years and not only is the cost up, availability is difficult to impossible. In addition, used cars are scarce and expensive...
  46. Denvir Tire

    The next best calibre?

    7x57 Mauser or 30-06