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    How Dung Paper Is Helping Elephant Conservation In Kenya

    I would say that the biggest threat is: human population growth and its encroachment into the land that was once only used by elephants.
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    Wildcat Husqvarna 9.3x63

    i could not find a price posted also, is it 9.3x62? or something else
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    Best 458 Win Mag ammo for North American game?

    I bought 3 boxes of the federal 400 gr bullets you mentioned. they shoot well in my rifle (intertarms) and I will be using this combo for backup on brown bear. I don't intend on using beyond 200 yards, but I will know the drops for this ammo. I suspect it will not bounce off of them. :)
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    Comment by '1dirthawker' in media 'Gaur'

    very cool photo!
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    Hunting distances- how far is too far?

    an interesting question. i suspect that a lot depends on what animal you are hunting. i can't imagine any PH allowing a client to shoot an unwounded elephant at 100 yards, not to mention 300 yards. or shooting a lion at 200 yards or an unwounded cape buffalo, etc. the clients that bear...
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    North Fork Bullets

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    Best Caliber for sheep hunting

    i would say a 25-06 to a 30-06 would be a fine sheep gun. if it shoots at 2900 fps or faster makes the drop on long shots easier. i think 243 cal is too light. get an accurate rifle in the caliber above, learn the drops and go kill sheep.
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    Ruger Guide Gun thoughts and reviews

    Mine is the alaskan model, 375 ruger. love the gun. If you want a whelen, i think the advice of buying 2 and having one rebored or re-barreled is the right idea. but if you get a 375 ruger, why bother? :)
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    Red Leg. I would disagree with this statement. He is pretty much an expert on this subject, and has offered to debate ANYONE that disagrees with his position. I have listened to his information and have to agree with him on this subject. there have been doctors and scientists that refuse...
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    Is 338 Win Mag adequate for brown bear?

    Hank, i'm gonna disagree. i think a .308 for a brown bear, not a "interior grizzly" is a bit light in caliber. can you do it? yup. is it adequate, i think it is light. like a .308 win is light on eland. will it work, yup. and a .243 will kill an elk. does not make it an elk cartridge. a...
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    Is 338 Win Mag adequate for brown bear?

    in a word, yes, it is. the .338 win is a great cartridge for brown bear. some people want more (many which are guides and are backup shooters) but if good bullets are used and shot placement is good it is a decent brown bear cartridge.
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    Cal Pappas Memorial Double Rifle Shoot

    if the timing was right i suspect i would go, i bet velo dog would attend as well if the date was right. for me, the 4th of july wont work (to close to the birthday of my accomplice) but, if timing is good, i'd go.
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    Brown Bear Bowhunting Video

    very nice work! congrats
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    Tungsten buckshot for leopard follow up?

    yeah, my buddy brown bear guide stated it best, "you never have problems with brown bears at 100 yards, but at 10 yards, thats where the problems start"
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    Tungsten buckshot for leopard follow up?

    It does if you don't want scars! :) i do see IVW's argument regarding a small shot pattern is not much different in coverage or hitting a target than a slug. I also am curious of the tss penetration and shock value. the slug will deform (maybe) and expend more energy and tissue damage. the...
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    W.J. Jeffery 450/400 3" Double Rifle Circa 1924

    +1 is it regulated to that short barrel?
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    FNG from NC

    welcome aboard!!
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    Starting to look for my first Double for Buffalo and need some advice from folks smarter than me...

    @Alaskajt, i am with kevin peacock on this one, get a 450-400 3" and don't look back. it is big enough for up to elephant, you will be able to shoot it well, be able to put sights on it (i use a scoped o/u zoli) and you will be able to shoot to 200 yards. there was a guy that verified...
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    Prayer Request

    @ArmyAV8tor, the above commentary is pretty standard for bypass patients. I suspect you will feel amazingly better soon. that said, i too believe that prayer works. i am praying for your speedy recovery. god bless you and yours.
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    If this is lion hunting…. You can have it

    hi doug, you should watch the bowhunting video from grizzly stick on hunting cape buffalo. probably 25-30 buffalo shot with a bow, (not sure if any were killed with a gun due to editing) and quite a few die on camera. archery gear is quite capable of killing the largest animals. that said...
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    Gravedigger Broadhead Test

    not a fan of mechanicals, but you do a great and consistent job of testing!
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    Modern Muzzle Brakes

    I have owned rifles with muzzle brakes and killed a bunch of moose and lesser animals with them. As i age, i hope wisdom from experience help me to make decisions sometimes different than i would have made 20+ years ago. use your muzzle brake to practice with, then take it off when actually on...
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    MAULED: Lessons Learned from a Grizzly Bear Attack

    and THATS how clients get separated or injured or drowned, or, or, or! good on ya for hanging in there, there was just plenty of downside on THAT particular course of action. makes a great story if you survive it tho. :)
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    MAULED: Lessons Learned from a Grizzly Bear Attack

    agreed. this is likely EXACTLY what happened. their transport was at risk, so the pilot moved it. was not much he could do for @pamtnman at the time. that is why it is SO CRITICAL in the alaska back country to have your own weapon, or method for self defense from 2 or 4 legged predators.
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    Bull Elephant Hunting Calibers. What Rifle Would You Choose?

    I've got a 450-400 with 400 gr north fork solids that have yet to be fired in anger. you buy me a hunt for elephant (of any kind) and i will be sure to give a solid report on whether or not it was enough gun. ;) A. its what i have (also have 458 win) B. it has been a historically good...
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    Trigger suggestions for Whitworth Interarms .375 H&H

    wow, nice wood! bet it does not come to alaska! ;)
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    If this is lion hunting…. You can have it

    As i have stated before, hunting lions with a bow is a stunt. if things go well, then a guy could survive one, maybe two. but you can't push an apex predator along, keep harassing him and then hit him with an arrow (even one properly placed and this one was not) and not expect a charge! what...
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    Ruger 458 Win Mag

    hmmm, and no rebuttal on these discrepancies from the seller yet? Methinks that there is a iffy deal going here.
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    bummer for you!! ;)
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    .458 Win or .448 Lot

    @Yaseen, you are an idiot!! you should sell that lousy rifle to me for what you paid for it and go right out and buy a 458 lott!! :ROFLMAO: nah, my suggestion is, load it up as it is capable for and enjoy it. if you lived in N. America, well, then i would continue to brow beat you till you...
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    Enough said

    .970 overkill!!
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    Barnes TSX or Northfork

    I use the 300 gr SS in my 375 ruger 20" bbl. I shoot it at 2450 fps. (yeah, could shoot it faster) the PP would also work, but i have had good luck with the SS. I guide brown bear hunters part time and this is one of my back up rifles. hope that helps
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    Purchases On AH References

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    Barnes TSX or Northfork

    i JUST looked at reloading international and they are selling North Fork flat point solids, cup nosed solids, SS AND PP in a bunch of calibers.
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    Barnes TSX or Northfork

    i have used both as well, the SS is the tougher bullet. the PP was made for cats and opens up more quickly. that said, because of the solid shank, the bullet does a pretty good job regardless, but the softer PP would be a better choice on a leopard/lion and the SS a better choice on buffalo or...
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    yeah, like he could juggle!
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    Cross wildebeest off the list?

    @HookMeUpII, I would recommend that you hunt the wildebeest. They are tough, on my second trip to africa, there were not one but two wounded wildebeest on the property. both were the result of poor shooting, one was recovered, the next day by the ph, one was not. my wildebeest experience was...
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    I'm back from safari #1

    @Stormy Kromer, pretty thorough report, thank you!!
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    Long Range Precision Hunting - Recoil/Caliber vs. Terminal Ballistics

    @HookMeUpII a couple thoughts. when i was in my 20's and 30's i had a 7 mag and chased velocity and ballistic coefficient. this is before rangefinders, etc. i shot at a deer at just beyond 500 yards (judged by bullet drop on where i hit) no wind (never took it into account back then) clipped...
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    In memoriam - My friend Baz has passed away

    +1 sorry for the loss of a good friend. nobody has enough of those.
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    kevin, the truth is, there is no right or wrong answer here. i wanted a couple before i could afford one, then when i could afford one, i bought a few. the one i am most enamored with is the 450-400. i also have three 9.3x74's (one of which i will part with soon) and a 577/500 BPE that i...
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    A Covid read for our Canadian friends

    i agree red leg, a reasonable time has passed and a calm and measured look back might be valuable to the "next thing" that is in our future. the part that chaps me the most; the "true believers" were willing to deny reluctant, non compliant people their rights to live in the same society and...
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    For Sale CZ 550 270 Win

    good looking rifle, fair price
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    FNG from California

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    Everything I hate about plastic guns in one picture

    Don't forget blow guns and sling shots!! :)
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    Everything I hate about plastic guns in one picture

    I also agree with you guys. @rookhawk, i do agree there are some goofy looking guns out there, but just like the dumbasses in liberal cities with failing schools, lives etc...not my problem. I too have an AR, and like it. I also have several working guns that are either stainless and...