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    Covid-19 NZ AU bubble suspended

    NZ had an election in October of last year, and the Labour government won 50% of the vote (first time in NZ history one party could government alone under MMP). The only party against lockdowns got less than 1% of the vote and did not make it into parliment.
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    Covid-19 NZ AU bubble suspended

    We must have about the lowest vaccination rates in the developed world. 12.8% (628) fully vaccinated and 18.8% (925K) partially vaccinated.
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    Curious to see what action people are taking for the Coronavirus

    Yes. All hunting, fishing, tramping, swimming, boating or any activity that could require search and rescue is banned until 22 April at the earliest. Will mean there will not be any hunting in the roar this year for deer. Duck shooting also starts in May so hopefully it is over by then.
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    Captive Lions For Sale At Safari Club International

    Putting aside people's feelings on captive-bred lion hunting, the main question that needs to be asked is were the exhibitors trying to sell these hunts at the convention? If you watch the video carefully you will see there are a larger number of cuts and questions to try to get the exhibitors...
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    The spiral slam and a buffalo on one hunt? What is a spiral slam?

    Here is one list of all the spiral-horned antelopes of Africa. This gives 26 species, 25 of which are huntable in the wild (although the Kenya bongo can be hunted in Texas). I remember reading that in 2015 Rick Warren (owner of the Warren Wildlife Gallery) was the 6th person to hunt all 25 in...
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    Record Rhino for Sale

    From Jens Ulrik Hogh on facebook Rhino auction update. The auction is over. Non-hunters showed no interest in buying this problem animal whatsoever. The bull will, therefore, be hunted in the near future and the money from the sale will be reinvested in nature conservation. Once again the...
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    Terms I am tired of hearing

    Military-style semi-automatic, assault rifle and assault weapon which the New Zealand government and media seem very good at calling any firearm here which has recently been banned, even if they are a .22 or shotgun .
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    Southern African Countries Warn Trevor Noah Against Misinformed Anti-hunting Lobby

    This was the video he posted. Shows what an idiot he is when at 2.30 he calls the bushbuck a deer
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    Rare Spotted Zebra Foal

    From the Maasai Mara Reserve in Kenya
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    Trump administration approved importation of lion trophy, documents show

    Washington (CNN)A lion trophy from Tanzania has been approved for import to the US, the first such case since lions began receiving protections in January 2016 as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act, a conservation group says. Documents obtained by the Center for Biological...
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    Gordon Ramsay sparks outrage by shooting a goat on his new Uncharted TV show

    I wondered the same thing when I first saw the video. A shot like that with no rest and a reasonable distance as well would be difficult for someone who does not hunt often.
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    Botswana’s Elephant Conundrum

    A great article explaining the issues in Botswana. A pity that many people will not listen to this.
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    Huntress interview on giraffe scandal and CBS documentary

    I watched the shorter 24-minute version and it was actually not that bad. Remember, this video is not from a hunting organization trying to make hunting look good. I did not like how they kept going back to the person from HSI like she is some expert on conservation in africa.
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    NAMIBIA: Johnnyblues V.S. Mr. Spots Round Two

    A nice kudu and zebra. I have always thought the mountain zebra is much prettier than the Burchells, and the kudu is a nice one also. What an end to an awesome safari.
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    NAMIBIA: Johnnyblues V.S. Mr. Spots Round Two

    Congratulation on a nice leopard. And the best part is that everyone is still safe.
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    Zambian Hippo Cull Program Cancelled

    It is always a pity when governments listen to the anti's, not facts. I can understand your relief at this finally being over though, as no one likes it when their family is threatened. I have seen anti-hunting groups celebrating and sharing this thread over facebook.
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    Trophy Hunting May Drive Extinctions, Due to Climate Change

    This article was from November 2017 so is a bit old. Although the author buts a slightly negative twist on trophy hunting, all the professors/researchers seem to support it. Most hunters do only target the older males, which has been demonstrated on here multiple times.
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    Hollywood PR Firm Will NOT Defend Botswana’s Proposal to Allow Elephant Hunting

    I see how this could look confusing, and that I could have made it more clear the content was from the article. Like Royal27 has said, I just copied and pasted the article's text in, as a few people (myself included), has posted on the thread...
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    Botswana hires Hollywood firm to fight elephant hunting PR

    The thread seems to have been disappeared, as I can not see it anywhere anymore.
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    Hollywood PR Firm Will NOT Defend Botswana’s Proposal to Allow Elephant Hunting

    Source: No one can figure this out. Reports circulated starting almost a week ago that Hollywood PR firm 42 West had taken on the country of Botswana as a client specifically to defend their new law allowing...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: 10 Day Northern Cape Safari

    Looks like a very good trip with lots of nice trophies. I never knew Hartmann's Mountain Zebra could be hunted in South Africa.
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    Botswana Reopens Hunting

    More details on lifting the ban from the Botswana Government Facebook page. LIFTING OF THE HUNTING SUSPENSION AND CREATION OF A CITIZEN EMPOWERMENT MODEL FOR TOURISM IN BOTSWANA 1. In June 2018, a Presidential Sub-Committee of Cabinet was tasked to initiate a social dialogue aimed at reviewing...
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    Botswana hires Hollywood firm to fight elephant hunting PR

    A good idea for Botswana. I think it is time for more pro-hunting groups/countries to do the same thing.
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    Canadian High Schoolers On Fat-tire Bikes Hunted A 1,500-pound Bison During A Field Trip

    Great way to teach the students how to ethically hunt and process all the meat afterward. They do something similar in rural schools in NZ where students get taken on field trips and get taught how to trap, kill, and skin possums. Unfortunately, the anti's do not see it that way. There was a...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: 10 Day Northern Cape Safari

    Looks like some nice trophies
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    Communique - Kasane Elephant Summit

    Good to see these countries coming up with a plan on how to manage their elephants. The elephant foot stools handed over by President Mokgweetsi Masisi to his counterparts from the other countries did not seem to go down as well with the animal rights activists.:whistle:
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    NEW ZEALAND: Free Range Red Stag & Tahr Hunt With Kiwi Wilderness Safaris

    A nice stag for a free range one. A pity about no tahr.
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    Ron Thomson On Good Morning Britain - Piers Morgan Rages As Elephant Killer Tells Him I Feel Nothing

    I love reading some of the comments. I found this one particularly funny. "Given that animals possess harmonic consciousness (i.e. in harmony with all of nature - they instinctively stop breeding when then is a shortage of food) whereas humans will breed themselves into extinction because...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Great South African Success

    Great nyala. I especially like the shape.
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    Ron Thomson On Good Morning Britain - Piers Morgan Rages As Elephant Killer Tells Him I Feel Nothing

    Ron Thomson on Good Morning Britain. This article was from a few days ago. Source: ITV Good Morning Britain: Piers Morgan RAGES as elephant killer tells...
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    Fishing Angola rock and surf information/contact details?

    I know I am a bit late here but check out Shawn Mey from GO Fish Mosselbay Ninjas Extreme Rock and surf Angling Adventures. I have not fished with him but I follow him on Facebook. He specialises in shore and surf fishing in South Africa and takes numerous trips to Angola a year.
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    SOUTH AFRICA: MOZAMBIQUE: Off To Southern Africa With KMG & TMS & PPS

    Sorry I am a bit late to this discussion as I only just joined african hunting but who did your taxidermy especially the blue duiker as I want one on my next trip. Thanks