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    Krieger 411 Barrel Blank

    Would that work for 405 win for a encore barrel ? I probably wouldn't shoot over 350 gr and mostly 210 to 300 grain .I know that's more accurate than the barrels you get for most 405 win .
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    For Sale CZ 550 .416 Rigby Fancy Grade/NIB Unfired

    Those are awesome rifles in 416 Rigby I had ro go with the 416 rem mag because of ammo in Alaska. I just bought 37 pcs of new Norma 416 Rigby brass that would help shoot this beautiful rifle. GOOD luck with your sale just pm if you need brass
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    Wanted .333 Bullets & 405 Win Brass & Bullets

    It worked with the original scope rings but they would scratch and Mar any scope made today. THEY were the old clip on weaver mounts .I think a one piece mount and Burris signature zee rings would fix it right up .The Busnell scope I have on it won't last long on a 338 .I mainly mounted it to...
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    Book Elmer Keith Classic

    Jack O'Conner was the one that his own best friend said he was a total jerk .A friend from Alaska went to Idaho with a friend to meet Elmer keith .They talked and shot many of his guns. ELMER invited them t9 dinner then they talked late into the night and Elmer said why don't yall stay the night...
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    Sale Norma Large Game 308 Winchester 180gr Oryx $144.95 / 5 Boxes (100 Rounds)

    Norma is building a ammo plant in Savanah GA and will be making their own primers .I hope they made the big Weatherby calibers their too .
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    Your favorite hunting rifle of all time

    My ruger 77 tang safety in 338 win mag .I hunted with it 35 years and have taken over 200 head of big game with it
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    Why avoid Hornady DG bullets and ammunition?

    I don't like or trust anything Hornady makes except their xtp pistol bullets .My ruger 77 338 win mag which shoot clover leafs with Winchester bullets shoots buckshot patterns with Hornady bullets .I have had problems with their dies and brass and ammo. I LIVED in alasks 12 years and no one...
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    .360 Remington Buckhammer!

    I really liked the 375 win the littlest big bore .I used aa1680 powder to push the 220 grain 2400 fps .I even shot 300 grain fmj bullets as first shot bear loads. There is another one coming the 400 legend super 10mm .I might get one for fun we will see.
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    Weatherby Mark V question

    I have a mark v 6 lug that was a 257 Weatherby that was remarried into my favorite 416 rem mag .The guy put a Douglas barrel and a McMillian stock on it .I sm about to but either a muzzkebreak or see if I can get a ec tuner made for it .The only thing I don't like on Weatherby v is the safety. I...
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    Wanted .333 Bullets & 405 Win Brass & Bullets

    It's the scope body that is between the bells that's the problem .I gotta find someone to make a one piece mount .My scope that's on there is 2 feet off st 25 yards with the adjustment all the way over
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    Wanted .333 Bullets & 405 Win Brass & Bullets

    I can't post pictures from my phone
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    Wanted .333 Bullets & 405 Win Brass & Bullets

    Send me your phone number .It's two weaver bases they used weaver extended rings the old clamp on type to put the scope on .It had a 3x9 Redfield and I shouldn't have bit I sold it and too late discovered that it waa one of the few scopes that the main body length fit between the rings .I tried...
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    Wanted .333 Bullets & 405 Win Brass & Bullets

    I need help on my 333 belted mag rifle needs awesome recoil pad and a picney one piece scope rail .I think the scope bases are drilled crooked I can't get a scope to fit between the too far apart rings .I have one scope that fits but this rifle will tear if up a busnell 3x9 x50 fit but I don't...
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    Book Elmer Keith Classic

    I have Elmer Keith's p17 333 okh belted mag rifle thankfully it came with dies and 600 bullets the he and Fred Barnes had made .That rifle went to Alaska killed a 10 foot griz 10 elk In Idaho and Charlie O'Neal who Made it took it to Africa and shot a ton of plains game .This is the caliber that...
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    Ruger M77 Hawkeye .264Win

    That was too good to be true .I have two of those stainless ruger 77 in 264 mags and I wanted to buy it .That's about half price or less mine shoot cloverleaf with lapua bullets. one of mine is a paddlesrock which I hated so I changed the stock still super accurate .If you can find one under...
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    Powder At Bruno Shooters Supply

    Brunos usually has alot more powder and bullets than anyone else. I AM not buying any more Hornady junk I will wait on good stuff
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    Wanted .333 Bullets & 405 Win Brass & Bullets

    Elmer keith took this 333 okh belted mag to Alaska and shot a huge grizzly .Charlie O'Neal who Made it took to Africa for plains game. I HAVE got to get a one piece scope rail made for it so i can mount regular scopes on it .I sold the 3x9 Redfield thar was on it and it's the only scope with the...
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    Wanted .333 Bullets & 405 Win Brass & Bullets

    I just had a friend here in Ga who is going to work for Norma at the new ammo plant when it opens .They were asking what calibers did hunters want them to produce I said 405 win .I also tried to get a bunch of hunters to call starline brass to call and ask for it .I had 357 rem max and 444...
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    Norma is building a new ammo plant in Gs and will make primers

    I just heard this from a gun dealer today that Norma is going to make their own primers at their new ammo plant in Georgia .This is huge there have been no primers the last 3 year .I hope their ammo brass and primers are awesome. I hope they make the Weatherby cartridges and make them more...
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    Wanted .333 Bullets & 405 Win Brass & Bullets

    Starline brass needs to make 405 win brass they are awesome .If 100 people call anf ask for it to be msde they will put it on their list to make .
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    Wanted .333 Bullets & 405 Win Brass & Bullets

    Gary Reeder is out of 405 brass .I found some 3040 Krag brass but I hate to use it in this Teddy Roosevelt model.I am wondering which way is the best to neck up 7x65 brass to .412 caliber that's a long ways up
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    10mm Hard Cast: Underwood vs Buffalo Bore

    I have a tnw 10 mm carbine can't wait to hunt with it .I am going to try coated Hardcast bullets in it 200 gr
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    Model 70-super express vs safari express?

    I have the 416 model 70 with the cheek piece but want a good kevelar stock for it without cheek piece .They are awesome guns fun to shoot
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    Wanted .333 Bullets & 405 Win Brass & Bullets

    I was seeing if anyone had any laying around you would be surprised what people have. I HAVE some bullets that Fred Barnes made for Elmer just hate to shoot them up .I need 250 gr or smaller for the .333 I got enough 300 grain bullets
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    Wanted .405 Winchester Projectiles, Cases & Information

    I am going to try 7x65 r brass and 9.3x74 brass to make 405 brass out of .I shoot alot of 41 mag bullets out of my 405 win Easier to find kick less .
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    Wanted .333 Bullets & 405 Win Brass & Bullets

    I am looking for .333 bullets for my Elmer Keith 333 okh belted mag 1917 end field it's awesome. I ALso need some 405 brass or some 7x65 r or 9.3x74 brass to make it out of .I also need some .411 bullets. I have a teddy Roosevelt 1895 that I shoot with alot .
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    Wanted .40 Cal Handgun

    40s are very fun to shoot and alot more power than 9 mm .
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    Remington 416 Rem Mag Ammo

    That's awesome ammo I use it all the time for Alaska
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    Baikal MR/MP-221 45-70

    Bikals are tough guns I used double 20 ga and 12 ga and put them through the ringer in Alaska 12 years
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    Heads Up Reloader 15 Powder In Stock

    My 416 rem mags eat up kegs of r15 .They have been quite for a while .
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    Your 3 favorite hunting cartridges of all time

    The 260 rem 338-378 Weatherby and 416 rem mag .I have had a good tome with all three. I needed the 338 win mag in there I hunted with it 35 years
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    Your favorite hunting rifle of all time

    My old ruger 77 in 338 win mag .I hunted with it 35 years and took over 250 heads of big game with it .I took it too Alaska but changed to a Weatherby 338-378 accumark to shoot longer range .I still hunt with both of them though
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    Elmer Keith Handgun Hunter & Firearm Enthusiast

    Oh yes he did he greatly designed many firearms .Bill Ruger always held his ideas high and listened to him to design alot of his guns . He sat around a campfire with a couple of other guys and out came the model 70 .He helped win Chester develop the .338 win mag they changed it to .338 instead...
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    Martin Johnson & Osa Johnson Adventurers

    Their adventures shall never be repeated .Osa was an awesome shot and would shoot charging rhinos and elephants and lions and her husband would film it .She was an excellent flier of her plane osas arc.She was not afraid of anything including head hunters .She got to know them too .They were...
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    Elmer Keith Handgun Hunter & Firearm Enthusiast

    His books are awesome he was way ahead of his time .Me helped develop the model 70 Winchester the ruger 1 ruger 77 ruger Blackhawk .He was an awesome shot too .I have one of his rifles a 1917 endfield p17 in .333 okh belted mag made by charlie O'Neal.Elmer shot ten elk with this rifle and a ten...
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    Robert Ruark Adventurer

    I am kin to Robert Ruark on my dad's side .We never meet him but my dad's second cousins who are all Ruarks knew him well .I love his books and bought my English setters because of his Old Man and the boy books .I ended up with alot of his books that came from a warehouse of his in Atlanta where...
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    Theodore Teddy Roosevelt African Safari & Scientific Expedition

    Teddy Roosevelt was one of the greatest hunters and conservationist .He could have easily won another term as president bit he wanted to hunt Africa before he got to old to go he said .His adventures there shall never be repeated .I have all his hunting books and bought a 150th 1895 Winchester...
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    Hello from Georgia

    I am from Georgia and lived in Alaska 12 years and hope to return there .I love shooting 416s and my 405 win .I am a huge Elmer Keith fan and have an awesome African book collection .I had to choose between Alaska or Africa but hope to go to Africa some day .