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    Hello from E Washington

    Welcome!! Former Walla Wallan here :)
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    Hello from Eastern Oregon

    Welcome!! Former Eastern Oregonian (Milton Freewater/Walla Walla) here. Are you looking for an archery hunt for plains game? I hunted June 2022 with African Barefoot Safaris and I have a hunt booked next August with Dries Visser (Cobus Pretorious),. Best of luck to you and I'm sure you will...
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    Greetings from Walla Walla, Washington

    Welcome!! I lived in Walla Walla from 1996-2012...and my oldest son still lives there. There is a lot of good info here regarding tipping. I went to SA last June and we tipped based off of our experience and what we were comfortable with for each person involved in our hunt. We had a great time...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: First Tiny 10

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    Questions regarding getting Trophies back to Midwest?

    Missouri hunter here who went on first South Africa hunt in June of this year. We had an amazing trip and will be returning!! Question is who do you recommend to help clear trophies (if it is needed) and where should I have them sent to? I am located 1 1/2 hours from St Louis airport but not...
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    Kudu Pictures

    Great hunt with Reon and his crew at African Barefoot Safaris this June. looking forward to a return trip in a couple of years.
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    Update COVID rules

    What kind of hassling were the doing to people with the digital version? That’s what we have and will be leaving Sunday. Just wondering if I should try to get a printed version as well.
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    New member from Wyoming

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    Newbie from Missouri

    As of now I’m looking at Baboon Wildebeest Zebra Impala Gemsbok Warthog Steenbuck Kudu
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    Newbie from Missouri

    New guy here to the forum. Headed to South Africa in early June with Reon at African Barefoot Safaris for 10 days. I appreciate all the great info here on the site and welcome any and all helpful tips. Thanks, Greg