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    FREE Wisconsin Baited Bear Hunt

    I would also like to offer this free hunt to a disabled veteran,must have harvest tag for zone B. call Jim for more info at 715-330-1545.
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    FREE Wisconsin Baited Bear Hunt

    I think thats a bunch of crap, these kids are suffering, and to have them go to the bottom for a chance at great joy is very wrong. these kids go through a lot, thats why I try to help. hopefully all the great people on this forum will spread the word. thanks.
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    FREE Wisconsin Baited Bear Hunt

    I would like to offer a free hunt to a critically ill or disabled child. This hunt is on private land for 2012 zone B. Must have harvest tag. I know it's getting late but the charity I work with is having a hard time getting tags, so I thought I would try to get my own child. I'm set up for all...
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    Buffalo Calibers

    Thanks for all the info. if I go with a M70 in .375 ( more versatility ) with a leupold scope, barnes bullets and practice practice practice I should be fine, I dont want to mess it up with buffalo.
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    Buffalo Calibers

    I dont mind recoil, I have shot rifles up to the .460 weatherby but the wby was a bit to much
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    Buffalo Calibers

    I was wondering how much more effective the larger calibers (over .375) were on buffalo. I know proper shot placement and bullet construction are essential, but all else being equal is there a difference? also whats a good bolt-action rifle for buffalo? is bigger better or should I go with a .375?
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    Accubonds and Eland

    Sestoppelman When you say 2800fps is way beyond any factory load, buffalo-barnes has a 2800fps TSX load, also Ammo& ballistics #4 list two factory loads a 225 partition and 225 accubond at 2800fps. as far as my magic, fastest barreled whelen in existence and you have never seen such velocity...
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    Accubonds and Eland

    everyone has there own opinion, dont knock till you try it.
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    Accubonds and Eland

    Yes book speeds and real speeds differ considerably, but I have great success with nosler #6, you should try it.
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    Accubonds and Eland

    I have had great success with the velocities from nosler #6. it also shows 2789fps with 59 grs of R15.
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    Accubonds and Eland

    Yes I chrono that load. 20 shot 2805fps ave from a rem 700 cdl 24in bl. why do you think its a dangerous load? 60.5 gr of varget is right from nosler reloading guide #6. 200fps over the federal load makes a bit flatter shooting but no difference on game. I've always had great weight retention...
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    Accubonds and Eland

    I used 225gr accubonds at 2800 fps in the 35 whelen. I shot Kudu, Blue Wildebeest, Zebra, Impala, Blesbok, Warthog, all shot within 40-100 yards. great damage to vitals. I only recoverd 2 bullets, great weight retention and expansion. I also use same load for Black Bear and Whitetail Deer, same...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: South Afrrica Outfitter "Kwalata Wilderness", A +++ Outfitters / PH

    After being at Kwalata Wilderness and joining this Africa Hunting . Com I started looking at many other Africa hunting websites I have noticed that Kwalata Wilderness doesn't charge for curtain things like some places do. For examples: Don't charge for airport Pick up or Drop off, Don't charge...
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    Comment by 'wildlifehunter' in media '52+ Kudu Bull'

    I forgot to mention that this Kudu had 12 ï½½ inch bases
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    Leaving 35Whelen ammunition in Africa with PH

    Take the whelen and bring the ammo home. the whelen with 225gr accubonds is awesome on plains game. you brought the ammo there why not take it home? 11lbs there 5lbs home thats not excess baggage.
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    Recommend a Bullet for Me?

    On my hunt I used the Nosler Accubond on Kudu, Wildebeest, Zebra, Impala, Blesbok, Warthog. all 1 shot kills. most went right down, farthest blood trail 40-50 yards(wildebeest). only 2 bullets recoverd (wildebeest zebra). very accurate,a bonded core bullet, I used Nosler Partitions for years but...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: South Afrrica Outfitter "Kwalata Wilderness", A +++ Outfitters / PH

    After several years of looking at websites for the right outfitter to host our very first Africa hunt, we wanted curtain animals from our wish list and they had to be in the same location because we didn't want to spend more time on the road getting form one location to another like some...
  18. Zebra


    This is A.J.'s Zebra on our Trip to Africa.
  19. Blue Wildebeest

    Blue Wildebeest

    This is A.J.'s Blue Wildebeest on our Trip to Africa.
  20. Warthog


    This is A.J.'s warthog on our Trip to Africa.
  21. Impala


    This is my Impala Bull on our Trip to Africa.
  22. Blesbok Bull

    Blesbok Bull

    This is my Blesbok Bull on our Trip to Africa.
  23. 52+ Kudu Bull

    52+ Kudu Bull

    This is my 52+ Kudu Bull on our Trip to Africa. It was a long Trip up the mountain, but Well worth it.
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    Hello from Wisconsin USA

    HI, my name is Jim. I live in northern wisconsin Im 43 and I have been dreaming of hunting africa since I was a boy. I've read most of the great africa books. I went on my first africa hunt in june 2011 (I say first because now I've got the africa bug and will go back) it was dream come true. I...