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  1. gesch

    SOUTH AFRICA: Long Haul Cape Buffalo Hunt With BAYLY SIPPEL SAFARIS

    Congratulations! I enjoyed your report. Thanks. Your friend, Brian
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    April 2022 Hunt with Limcroma Safaris

    Wow. Great pics.
  3. gesch

    New member from Kansas

    Have a great time.
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    Do you or have you participated in Competitive Shooting?

    Thank you for this comprehensive answer to the question. I would certainly enjoy some coaching from you. Thanks again for your contributions. Your friend, Brian
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    Hello from north carolina

    Welcome. I sm confident you will really enjoy your safari! Tell us some more about your rifles and s local hunt!! Thanks. Your friend, Brian
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    Thanks for a good report. Both of you are great shots!! Your friend, Brian
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    CANADA: Antelope in Southern Alberta, Finally

    Thanks. I find this very helpful. Your friend. Brian
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    CANADA: Antelope in Southern Alberta, Finally

    What ammunition did you use?
  9. gesch

    CANADA: Antelope in Southern Alberta, Finally

    Really nice looking animal. I would enjoy having a chance to go for in in the future. Congratulations. Your friend , Brian
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Buffalo, Plains Game Hunt With JKO HUNTING SAFARIS

    Thanks for a great report. I really liked the format and detail. Nicely done. I’ve been thinking about s cow buffalo hunt. Do these folks do that sort of thing? What are your thoughts on that sort of hunt? Thanks, Your friend,Brian
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Back From SA Hunt With Kubusi Safaris

    Llooking forward to your report. Your friend, Brian
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Cull Hunt With Nick BOWKER HUNTING SOUTH AFRICA Aug 2022 Eastern Cape

    Thanks for your report. I have been watching N Bowker clients for s while. They all seem to be happy. Looks like great fun. Your friend, Brian
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    NAMIBIA: First Time African Hunt With KHOMAS HIGHLAND HUNTING SAFARIS Sept 3-11, 2022

    Great report. Thanks for the great write up. Your friend, Brian
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    How about a full report with pictures? Sounds fab! Thanks. Your friend, Brian
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    My daughter's first deer! - Kansas

    Congratulations. Great work! Your friend, Brian
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    New member

    Welcome. I would enjoy hearing about your hunting experiences and your rifles. Thanks in advsnce. Your new friend, Brian
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    Hello from Denmark!

    Thanks so much for the update. You have a great set of rifles. I have never shot a Blazer R 8, but I am fascinated by the system. I also try to train with a .22 LR and a .223 to save money on ammo. Thanks for joining our group. I look forward to learning alot from you! Your new friend, Brian
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    Hello from Denmark!

    Welcome Christian! What is your favorite rifle? Thanks. Your friend, Brian
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    Greetings from Southern Indiana

    Welcome. There is a tremendous amount of educational material here. Tell us abit about your dream Africa hunt and your favorite fire arms. Again welcome. Your new friend, Brian
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    Hello from the Lone Star State

    Welcome to a great place. What did you shoot that great pronghorn with? It reminds me of a springbuck! Your friend, Brian
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    The Long Road To Africa

    I read the sermon from Dr Baird. Really challenging. Thanks for referencing it. I never served in the US army, but I am a brother in Jesus army. Thanks for your testimony. Your friend, Brian
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    SOUTH AFRICA: BOWHUNT: First African Hunt Cape Buffalo With My Bow

    Thank you for telling your story. Encourage your friends to tell theirs. Your friend, Brian
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    Hello from Mississippi

    Welcome to a great forum. Tell us about your favorite rifle. Thanks. Your friend, Brian
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    Newb from Texas

    Welcome and thanks for your service to our country. What rifles do you like to use? Your friend, Brian
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Wonderful Eastern Cape, A Real Wild & Free Range Hunt With KMG Hunting Safaris

    Beautiful trophy animals. Great work! Your friend, Brian
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Classic Rifle Safari With KAROO WILD Safaris

    Thank you for a great writeup! We have some great writers on Africa Hunting and you are in the top few! What a fantastic Eland. I also appreciate the way you honor your PH and trackers. God has created s beautiful world and I feel I know it better after your report. Keep on writing for us. It...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Kudu & Impala With Bos en Dal SAFARIS

    I really enjoyed your report. Thank you. Your friend, Brian
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    Welcome to a great forum! Your new friend, Brian
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    Thanks for your write up! I enjoyed it. Yourftiend, Brian
  30. gesch

    SOUTH AFRICA: Classic Rifle Safari With KAROO WILD Safaris

    Thank you. I am hooked! Your friend, Brian
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    Hello ALL

    I am glad you joined. I am curious about what you do for a living. What type of hunting products have you worked on? Also, tell us about what type of firearms you used in Africa or in the states. Again welcome. Your new friend, Brian
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    In memoriam: My wife’s passing

    I am very sorry for your loss. I will pray for you regularly during this time of grief. Your friend, Brian
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    New here from Texas

    Thanks for the report. You have some beautiful trophies. I look forward to hearing more from you concerning all things hunting and shooting! Your friend, Brian
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    New from South Africa

    Good morning. Thanks for joining. Do you do your predator hunting with dogs? If so—what breed. Tell us about it if you would. Thanks and welcome. Your friend, Brian
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    Hello from Texas!

    Welcome. If you read s few safari reports you will be leaving soon! Tell us a bit about your rifles and other hunting. Thanks again for joining. Your friend, Brian
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Classic Rifle Safari With KAROO WILD Safaris

    Thank for the classic rifle story. It was fascinating. Looking forward to the actual hunt. It will be great! What kind of gaiters are you wearing? Thanks. Your friend, Brian
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    Very interesting report. Thank you. Question: how do compare this cull hunt with a more traditional trophy hunt? Thanks again. Your friend, Brian
  38. gesch

    Range Back Stop Building Project

    Really nice. It looks very safe. Way to go. Your WI friend, Brian
  39. gesch

    SOUTH AFRICA: Bos en Dal SAFARIS 20 days!

    Congratulations. What a great Safari!! Was the length of your trip about right? I am envious! Thanks for the lovely write up. Your friend Brian PS Like your footwear!
  40. gesch

    SOUTH AFRICA: Group Hunt In South Africa - KAROO WILD Safaris

    Congratulations on a wildly successful safari. I would think that in addition to being a great PH and working in such a beautiful part of God’s creation you must truly enjoy meeting people from all over rhe world. Thank ‘s for the report. Your friend, Brian
  41. gesch

    SOUTH AFRICA: Family, Rainbows, Kudu Bulls & Sunsets...

    No trophies yet! Just rifle!