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    30-06 mono bullets?

    I think the suggestion for lighter for caliber is good advice. I've used the 168 and 180 with success in the 30-06 and .300 WM but have the suspicion it should be driven at the higher velocity from the reaction of the animals. I've used the Barnes in 130g 270 and 225 grain in the .338 WM. All...
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    .30-06, 180gr Bullets, favorite powder?

    I have tried the Scirocco 2's but have not have success with their accuracy. Development continues and I'll experiment more with their seating depth. I had good accuracy with the original Scirocco, .270 130gn and it performed well on deer.
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    .30-06, 180gr Bullets, favorite powder?

    I've used all the listed powders of others with good results in three different rifles. My old Springfield 30-06 has a somewhat "slow" barrel with a slight wear in the rifling. It does well with IMR4350 and H4350. A load of Western Ramshot Hunter, 58gns, gives an average of 2,704 fps, very...