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    NAMIBIA: Did Someone Go Hunting With Sumsare Safaris?

    i believe he was charged in namibia for illegal activity.
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    rifle suppressors

    i used one as well in both namibia and r.s.a. the ones that i used, didnt seem to make the rifle that quiet. why cant we use them on this side of the pond?
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    african hunting show coming to canada

    just a reminder that the african hunting show is coming to toronto on january 20-21 and calgary jan. 27-28.
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    i attended the african only show in toronto and booked my trip after the show. the reason for the number of outfitters is to keep it small and personal. you can talk to the different outfitters and have quality time with them. their are more than enough outfitters to make your choice. and one...
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    taxidermy questions

    the price of dip and pack, shipping ,taxi work is greater than the price of your plains game safari. if you dont take anything home, you can go twice.
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    Cost for Namibia airfare

    i travelled from toronto to frankfurt and then direct to windhoek. this avoids going through jo-burg, a much better way. i also used lori at travel express and everything was handled very well. my seats were pre-booked, and had lots of leg room. i had a row of 5 all to myself on the return...
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    Disciplinary Action Taken Against Outfitter Conducting Leopard Hunt with Hounds

    i also believe that he was a victim of the situation. when hunters book a hunt in africa, they would certainly think that they were not going down to participate in an illegal hunt.
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    Disciplinary Action Taken Against Outfitter Conducting Leopard Hunt with Hounds

    i have contacted the fish and game club that he is an executive member of. they responded that it was non of their business if he was involved in an illegal hunt. i replyed that i believe it should be their business if an executive member was involved in an illegal hunt as it reflects poorly on...
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    Disciplinary Action Taken Against Outfitter Conducting Leopard Hunt with Hounds

    i am inquiring as to whether he is indeed the secretary. i know some locals.
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    Borrowing Firearms

    i rented rifles on my last hunt for 30 a day and $4 a round. i travelled for 2 weeks first and this was a great option.
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    Namibia Trophies

    i dont know if mountain zebra are found in this region.
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    Is Anyone Interested in a Seven Day African Hunting Safari for two? Cannot use trip and must sell...

    the prices are VERY some cases, 3x the normal rate. you see these donated hunts all the time like this. they offer i animal for 7 days. so after the first morning, you are done hunting and then you start shooting off the trophy list. so in reality, there is no deal.
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    species in the caprivi... what you shouldn't leave behind.

    i spent some time in the caprivi on my last trip. i was not hunting there, but went to see some of the species that could only be found in this region. sable roan tseesebe lechwe were some that were seen and would make a great addition to a trophy room.
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    Travel Insurance

    listen to lori, she took care of all my travel needs including insurance.
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    Travel Insurance

    i always buy travel insurance. it cost me a little over 200 last trip. a very small price to pay for piece of mind. you would be crazy not to.
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    Leopard hunt in Namibia at an incredible price!

    great deal. is this the same hunt fron a few weeks ago?
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    Fast / First Responders

    there are some great last minute hunts offered on this forum regularly. to avoid the paperwork hassle, rent a gun, book your flights and ENJOY.
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    Hunting Leopard with hounds in Namibia - NAPHA Special General Meeting to be held

    i understand that it is a real nice hunt when done properly. it turned into a real sh?t show before and that is why it was cancelled. hopefully the outfitters will stay on the straight and narrow this time around if reinstated.
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    NAMIBIA: My Safari Went Like A Dream What An Experience

    i spent 2 weeks on a self drive myself. where did you drive? sounds like you also had a great hunt. that kudu is a monster. awaiting the pics.
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    My Rage against RAGE Broadheads - With Video evidence

    countless bad stories of moose hunts gone bad with expandables. i watched my friend shoot a moose with an expandable, the arrow almost stopped when it hit the moose when the blades opened and then it penetrated 5 inches. it was an unbelievable sight, it was like slow motion. we couldnt believe...
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    Hunting concession opportunity

    i would have a pretty tough time investing in anything in zim.
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    Our Hunting Travel Specialist on AH

    i used lori for my namibiam adventure and was very satisfied.
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    Brain fart - Ever have one? I did.

    yas indeed, i forgot to check the archery only box on our moose application this year and our group received a rifle tag. my friends wife was able to talk to the women in charge, and she changed it to an archery tag. this saved me from a sure linching.
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    Big Differences in Trophy Fees?

    if the outfitter owns the land, you will get a better rate then an outfitter who may have to lease land.
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    Judging Zebra

    the malea are black with white stripes and the females are white with black stripes. haha
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    Namibian Animals

    no problem shooting a hartmans zebra for me. very challenging hunt. dik dik, klipspringer, steenbok, gemsbok. have fun
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    Hello from Ontario, Canada

    hi nim. i am from thunder bay. just returned from 25 days in namibia. welcome aboard.
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    Safari truck gun care?

    my p.h. had a piece made for the butts of the rifle on the bed of the truck and another was mounted behind the cab to hold the barrels. the guns were transported verticle and were held in place very securely. this was a great idea.
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    NAMIBIA: Trip Report Die Keiler Namibia

    as far as the taxi work goes, the zebra rug and everything else is getting euroed in namibia. thats 15 different species now, and the wall is getting full. i was only going to get the rug done and picture of everything else, but decided on euros for the rest as i would kick myself for leaving...
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    Hello from Saskatchewan

    welcome mitch, you will learn lots from this forum. i live in ontario and might venture to sask. this fall for whiteys.
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    NAMIBIA: Trip Report Die Keiler Namibia

    maybe next time, i will have a little more time for a visit. i was on a fixed schedule this time. that sun is pretty intense for a fair skinned canadian.
  32. Springbok Namibia

    Springbok Namibia

  33. Blue Wildebeest Namibia

    Blue Wildebeest Namibia

  34. Red Hartebeest Namibia

    Red Hartebeest Namibia

  35. Black Wildebeest Namibia

    Black Wildebeest Namibia

  36. Springbok Namibia

    Springbok Namibia

  37. Baboon Namibia

    Baboon Namibia

  38. Steenbok Namibia

    Steenbok Namibia

  39. Gemsbok Namibia

    Gemsbok Namibia

  40. Zebra Namibia

    Zebra Namibia

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    NAMIBIA: Trip Report Die Keiler Namibia

    pictures- die keiler namibia finally got some help with the pics. sorry for the wait.
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    NAMIBIA: Trip Report Die Keiler Namibia

    i have recently returned from a 25 day holiday in namibia. the flights were booked by lori of Travel Express. from seating to confirmations and flight updates, everything was handled greatly and would highly recommend using travel express. the first 14 days included a self drive around namibia...
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    NAMIBIA: Anyone Hunting Namibia In 2011

    leaving in 3 hours. i will post trip details upon return. 25 days in namibia.
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    Tiger Fish

    i am leaving on friday, and will try my luck in the caprivi. i will let you know what happens.
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    10 more days

    leaving in 7 days myself. 2 week self drive and 10 day hunt.
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    Just 36 hours until I leave!!!

    take care, have a good hunt and a cold castle.
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    Cold Hunting Mornings

    it depends on where you live. cold in canada is different than cold in africa. they make so many great products now. polar fleece is very good and layering is the way to go.
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    Preparing for Namibia

    i just spoke with my outfitter. weather is cool and the vegetation is very thick this year because of the rains. should make for a very challenging hunt. good luck.
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    A Safari without your own rifles?

    i am leaving in 2 weeks.most airlines now make you pay for second bags, AND for firearms. the cost of getting my firearm to namibia from northern canada is $300. the paperwork involved is a pain in the butt. i will be travelling for 2 weeks besides my hunt and then spending time in amsterdam...