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  1. JakeH

    Black Bear outfits here in the States...

    Never been myself, but I know lots of people that rave about the aforementioned Conman’s and have talked with him a time or two on the NC hunting forums. Good dude.
  2. USA Hunting White-tailed Deer

    USA Hunting White-tailed Deer

  3. JakeH

    How has Everyone’s Hunting Season at Home been?

    Brother and I doubled up the other day. Same stand, no more than 10min apart. I’ve got the hams off the top one in the slow cooker with onions, garlic, potatoes, and carrots now.
  4. JakeH

    A couple of fun days with family fishing the Florida Keys

    I’m jealous! My wife and I spent part of a day in Key West last week as part of our anniversary cruise. Fishing was on MY list of things to do but time didn’t allow for it.
  5. JakeH

    Hunting fenced in Buffalo...

    Even then, give me one of the guns being used. If I wounded the buff then I should be one of the ones facing it, not somebody else. Like I said, I may be naive in this regard but I couldn’t stand holding a camera and watching this happen while somebody else put themselves in the line of danger...
  6. JakeH

    Hunting fenced in Buffalo...

    Never been in that situation so I may be naive, but as a hunter how do you let someone else follow up on your wounded animal? I got us here, give me a gun!
  7. JakeH

    Fallow deer ammo choice

    No experience with a fallow, but whitetail have never gone very far with 130gr Fusions in my .270Win. And in the grand scheme of things what’s 0.2mm and 10gr worth of difference?
  8. JakeH

    Best Classic Plains Game and Cat Caliber Advise

    Put me down for a .30 cal for your choice. If the .30-06 doesn’t tickle your fancy then I’d bump up to Holland and Holland’s Super-Thirty.
  9. JakeH

    Conservation at work

    Giz, I can not tell you enough how awesome this is!
  10. JakeH

    Resurrecting the 270 Win

    Factories always report a on the hot side, but according to Swift they sell a 150gr A Frame in the .270 loaded to 2986 FPS.
  11. JakeH

    Leupold Rifleman Scope Opinions

    The Rifleman was around when the VX1-2 were and from my understanding, it has fully coated glass and friction ring adjustments as opposed to the fully multi-coated glass and click adjustments on the VX1-2 and now the VX-Freedom which replaced VX2 quality at the VX1 price. I guess it really...
  12. JakeH

    Savage 116 in .375H&H

    It also has to do with Savage not being able to decide how the hell they want to remove the bolt. I can’t speak to the .375, but I’ve owned several Savages and all of them were well-built and more accurate that I am. If this one was stateside, I’d want it.
  13. JakeH

    Burris Veracity any good for Dangerous Game?

    My only experience with a Burris has been a Fullfield II, and it’s been on a .30-06 and a .270 hunting whitetail. It’s been excellent for that.
  14. JakeH

    Dangerous snake defense

    I have to echo the effectiveness of riding lawn mowers for snake defense. May not help in stalking an animal, but they’re hell on a snake.
  15. JakeH

    Conservation at work

    That’s awesome Gizmo, and true conservation at work. I love seeing animals returning to their traditional homeland.
  16. JakeH

    North Americas Big Five

    Hey, if we’re going this way then I think we’ve got to swap out a deer for a bear. Grizzly, black, polar, doesn’t matter. They’re just as iconic as any of the rest.
  17. JakeH

    North Americas Big Five

    According to Yellowstone Park from 1978-2000, two and a half times as many were attacked by bison in the park as there were by grizzly bears, and they killed the same number of people in that time frame.
  18. JakeH

    Savage weather warrior .300 Win Mag???

    In a word...YES! Savage’s are accurate out of the box and you can have one tuned up very nicely. Since it’s such a great deal, you should probably go ahead and get a Bell and Carlson stock for it...
  19. JakeH

    Cyclone in Mozambique and Zimbabwe

    Prayers to all those effected. We went through some major flooding during both Matthew and Florence so I have a whole new appreciation for the horrors that water can cause.
  20. JakeH

    Refurbished Optics?

    Some of these optics have been on test rifles, sent out to pro staff, or been display models. They get sent back to the factory for a once-over then sold as refurbished but my experience with a refurbished Zeiss has been a very good one.
  21. JakeH

    My .416 Rigby application has been approved!

    Congratulations on being approved, but dear lord it makes me thankful to live in America.
  22. JakeH

    Which caliber to keep?

    Hey man, I’m all for having just a few nice rifles but TWO? A man needs to have, at minimum: A .22LR for pot shooting and plinking A medium game “deer” rifle, be it a .270, .30-30, .243, 7x57, any of the wide variety of 6.5’s....something of the like. A big game rifle for those animals with a...
  23. JakeH

    ZAMBIA: 2018 Luangwa To Livingstone With Strang Middleton

    Finally got the conclusion! Great write-up, I felt as if I was there with you! Maybe next time I will be. (y)
  24. JakeH

    Your 3 favorite hunting cartridges of all time

    Guns? What guns? I lost all of mine in a tragic boating accident.
  25. JakeH

    Plains Game rifle choice... Am I crazy???

    Unless you decide to add a cow buffalo to your plains game hunt. You still get to a hunt a buff and it’s cheaper...
  26. JakeH

    Well, I did it

    Congrats on the ‘06....and the .404! Can’t wait to see pictures of both.
  27. JakeH

    If you hunt Whitetail in N.C....

    Old green jeans always has his way to get ya. Hopefully the fine is the end of it all and you haven’t gotten ahold of one of the several wardens in NC that thinks he is far more important than he actually is...
  28. JakeH

    375 more than I need?

    1.) Congratulations are in order! 2.) That post is worthless without pictures!
  29. JakeH

    Why not 30-06 paired with .416?

    Won’t try to derail this thread much more but we’d do them like that and always used them in place of chicken in chicken bog too. Dang good eating.
  30. JakeH

    Why not 30-06 paired with .416?

    We used to do some pretty high volume dove shooting around here and it didn’t take very long to switch from 12ga back to 20ga. With loads how they are now, there’s really not that much difference and with high volume shooting I’m not going to take the pounding on my shoulder if I don’t have to.
  31. JakeH

    Hello from North Carolina

    Welcome to another Tar Heel!
  32. JakeH

    .30-06 host gun ideas

    My goal has always been to try to have a small number of nice, versatile rifles. Things like a .223, .30-06, .375 etc. This place sure does make the “small number” really hard to stick to.
  33. JakeH

    .30-06 host gun ideas

    Don’t let me discourage you from getting something bigger and cooler for the sake of bigger and cooler, but don’t discount what the ‘06 can do with heavy bullets. The 220gr bullets turn it into an entirely different animal if you ask me... If I was making the change, I’d go with a .35 Whelen...
  34. JakeH

    What is the worst rifle you have ever owned?

    I had a Winchester 94 that WOULD. NOT. GROUP. The first two shots would be touching and the third would be almost off the damned target. Tried different ammo, tightening all screws to the same specs, checked scope, rings, mounts, waited minutes between shots..... Piece of crap would not group...
  35. JakeH

    375 more than I need?

    At this point you’l need to decide whether you want the old classic H&H or the hot newcomer Ruger. That will go a long way in determining which rifle to pick. The Ruger fits in a shorter action and may be a tad hotter, but it does not have near the class or availability of the H&H. And if you...
  36. JakeH

    In your opinion what makes a Big Game Hunter

    I’ll echo what most here have said, but I love a quote from Ruark for this... “Already I was beginning to fall into the African way of thinking: that if you properly respect what you are after, and shoot it cleanly and on the animal’s terrain, if you imprison in your mind all the wonder of the...
  37. JakeH

    Damned cold in Germany.....

    I wore shorts in NC on Sunday. It snowed Tuesday morning.
  38. JakeH

    375 more than I need?

    You do know the .30-06 and the .375 is the classic pairing, right? You’d be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t give your .30-06 his big brother... That’s not to say you shouldn’t end up with something that’s .40 caliber or higher, though. I’ve got a desire for something in .450/400 Nitro...
  39. JakeH

    Plains Game Species Selection for a First Timer

    Most outfitters offer a beginner or introductory package for first time safaris. KMG has a seven-day offer a kudu, blue/black wildebeest, impala, and common duiker. I think that’d be a great place to start.
  40. JakeH

    375 more than I need?

    Well, that sounds more like a job for a .470 NE! Better buy a double to be prepared for that event. Though I suppose a Ruger No 1 would do in a pinch...
  41. JakeH

    Flashlight advice

    Not so much Safari-specific but one of these gets stuck in my pocket everyday. That’s coupled with a Streamlight Nano on my keys and a Maglite with...
  42. JakeH

    375 more than I need?

    Don’t have one yet due to budgetary constraints but this line of reasoning has worked with my wife. “Listen honey, there’s bears here and I’m going to be in the woods with them. And yes, my .270 could kill a bear but when I’m faced with something 400lbs and willing to eat me, wouldn’t you want...
  43. JakeH

    DALL SHEEP Taxidermy MAGIC

    More like the “Wizard of Wildlife”! Outstanding work!
  44. JakeH

    .375 vs .404 jeffry

    I’ll stick with my Boyd’s and B&C stocks, thanks. I already have a list of rifles and calibers I want. Last thing I need is doubling my costs by putting new wood on these jokers...
  45. JakeH

    .375 vs .404 jeffry

    That thread about the custom wood stocks had my eyes bugging out of my head! I’d spend as much on two or three gun/scope setups as one of those stocks!
  46. JakeH

    20 gauge shotgun questions

    They ain’t expensive, or ornate, or even damn fancy. But there sure have been a lot of dove, quail, squirrel, and rabbit killed around here with a Stevens 311.
  47. JakeH

    Starting my 98 build

    Glad to hear you’re doing better. Take it easy for a while until you’re 100%.
  48. JakeH

    Plains Game rifle choice... Am I crazy???

    Take what you want, as long as you can shoot it well and it’s enough fun for what you’re trying to take. There’s no such thing as “too dead”.