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  1. Cleveland48

    Re-Barrel a .30-06 to ??

    I had 30/06 rebored to 9.3x62. If it were me I’d choose either 9.3x62, 35 whelen, or 338/06.
  2. Cleveland48

    USA: Nice 8 Point With My 416 Remington

    It’s still here lol. I carried it hunting a few times this year, but mainly carried my 416 rem.
  3. Cleveland48

    375 H&H vs 416 Rem

    Both are wonderful calibers. I went 416 because both brothers had 375’s and I wanted to be different [emoji16]. I’ve used both the 416 rem and 416 Taylor improved on whitetail the last few years. I don’t find the 416’s recoil to be much worse than the 375, although 20 plus rounds of load...
  4. Cleveland48

    Anyone loading .416 300gr Barnes TSX?

    I use the 300 tsx on whitetail in 416 Remington, and 416 Taylor improved. Both guns are very accurate with them using IMR 4064 and IMR 4166. They actually expand very well in deer also so far.
  5. Cleveland48

    338-06 & 35 Whelen Bolt Action

    If I had extra money to burn I’d be all over that 338/06, but unfortunately I have a lot of medical bills to deal with first. Beautiful rifles and good luck on the sale.
  6. Cleveland48

    .25 Caliber Rifle Cartridges and the Future of Them

    While I’ve never owned a 25 I would like to someday. I can see a 25/06 in my future. I’ve shot several 25/06 and 257 Weatherby on the range. The 25/06 and 270 win to me are the finest whitetail cartridges ever made. Plus I’d love to find a 257 Roberts for my daughter when she gets a little older.
  7. Cleveland48

    Why all the 6.5 Creedmoor Hate?

    Pretty much sums up the little 6.5 CM. I’ve owned 4 rifles in this caliber. To date this is the only caliber that I’ve had 4 different rifles in and everyone averaged around 1/2 moa with factory loads, yes factory loads. My current target rifle in this caliber shoots well below 1/4” moa with...
  8. Cleveland48

    USA: Nice 8 Point With My 416 Remington

    Lol thanks! I’m figuring deer hunting is a good time to practice with the big guns [emoji1787]. We are allowed 5 does and 3 bucks per season, so I usually get to try out a bunch of different loads and cartridges on them anyways.
  9. Whitetail Hunting

    Whitetail Hunting

    416 Remington Magnum cartridge
  10. Whitetail Hunting

    Whitetail Hunting

  11. Cleveland48

    USA: Nice 8 Point With My 416 Remington

    Was able to take a very good, and heavy bodied 8 pt with my Winchester safari 416 Rem yesterday. Load was 340 woodleigh PP at 2668 fps muzzle velocity. Shot was about 65 yards while I was sneaking up an old logging road. Bullet entered left shoulder and exited right shoulder. Bullet also showed...
  12. Cleveland48

    Bobs gonna disown me for this one.....

    My oldest brother has taken well over 100 whitetail with a carbine 243 when we hunted whitetails with hounds. He loves that gun even though it would be hard pressed to shoot 2.5” groups lol. Me personally never been a big fan of the caliber, and I believe the 25’s kill better without hardly any...
  13. Cleveland48

    .416 swift a frame penetration test

    Judging by all the A-frame pics and post on this forum I’ve realized, if I ever get to Africa I’ll have A-frames with me lol.
  14. Cleveland48

    What Happened to the 27 Nosler

    I would be interested in a 36 Nosler lol. I actually think they already patented the 36 nos it’s just never been released. As far as the 27 goes it’s specs look awesome, but honestly the old 270 win would cover all my hunting.
  15. Cleveland48


    Absolutely right! I just found out about the $600 PayPal threshold couple weeks ago. I hope all those Biden supporters who were all about the democrats going after the big money get a good feel on this one. Like always sell votes by going after the big money then turn around and tax the piss out...
  16. Cleveland48

    416 Rigby with a 450grn bullet

    I have also used the 300 TSX a lot in both my 416’s except only on whitetail. Always was curious if they might would work on buff, 350 gr prolly lowest I would go on a Buffalo. I would really like to know if anyone on here has used the 300 TSX on buffalo though.
  17. Cleveland48

    Why all the 6.5 Creedmoor Hate?

    In my opinion it is the long range internet crowd that hyped it up as a 800 yard elk cartridge. I honestly never remember Hornady claiming it as a super long range hunting round. I only remember them promoting it as an excellent target cartridge, which it truly is that. I’ve owned and reloaded...
  18. Cleveland48

    Mediums that perform

    I also went the 9.3x62 route, and have had great success on whitetail. I’ve never owned a 35 whelen, but I’ve shot many of them. Also cleaned or watched several whitetail get shot with them. Both are excellent cartridges. I do believe a 338-06 to be in my future though. I’ve just always wanted...
  19. Cleveland48

    Factory Rifle Ammo Feedback?

    I had my first “click” on reloads this summer as well. Actually had 4 so far from the same lot of federal small pistol match primers in 38 special. Not sure if I got a bad batch or what, but an ammo manufacturer or reloader could of got that same batch and had no idea there were some duds in it...
  20. Cleveland48

    M98 Mauser groups 7mm Mauser

    Beautiful rifle and a great shooter. 7x57 is a wonderful cartridge.
  21. Cleveland48

    Factory Rifle Ammo Feedback?

    The last time I bought factory ammo was when I purchased my sauer 9.3x62. I bought two boxes of the Norma 230 gr ecostrike for whitetail to try out. Boy that was a great load, and have not found anymore in a few years. I took 3 whitetails with that bullet with great results, never recovered a...
  22. Cleveland48

    Bullet Performance Database

    Can’t ask for any better than that!
  23. Cleveland48

    Woodleigh Bullets - re-opening ?

    Great news hopefully the 340 pp in 416 cal will become available pretty soon.
  24. Cleveland48

    Win M70: Quick release scope mounts and rings

    My model 70 416 Remington has the warne QD rings, so far they have held up great.
  25. Cleveland48

    My 404 is finally done

    That’s a gorgeous rifle!
  26. Cleveland48

    For Sale Sauer 100 9.3x62 Plus Components

    I have one of these in the same caliber, and it has been an absolute tack driver with any load I’ve fed it. Lightweight, great handling, and accurate. Also really like the synthetic stock, it’s well above a lot of synthetics on many of our US guns.
  27. Cleveland48

    416 Taylor loads

    My 416 Taylor is a supposedly “improved” version. All I can tell is a sharper shoulder and body taper blowed out. Anyways it’s on a 25.5” barrel interarms mark X, and is extremely accurate. I’d have to look at my loads to know the charges for sure, which they will prolly be different from yours...
  28. Cleveland48

    My new 9.3 x 62

    Love both of my 9.3x62’s. One of my favorite cartridges to load for.
  29. Cleveland48

    Woodleigh Bullets - re-opening ?

    Glad they will be starting back up!
  30. Cleveland48

    Woodleigh Bullets - re-opening ?

    My model 70 loves them. They are very accurate for me with IMR 4064
  31. Cleveland48

    Woodleigh Bullets - re-opening ?

    My model 70 416 Remington shoots amazing with the woodleigh 340 PP. they also performed great on deer this season. Can’t believe I won’t be able to get them again.
  32. Cleveland48

    404 Ruger

    Well for dangerous game I can see why those bullets would disappoint most folks. I will say though, they look like great bullets to use on whitetail deer. I may need to try some out in my 416’s.
  33. Cleveland48

    Medium bore white tail caliber

    What part of Alabama are you in? I live by the Tombigbee river in NE Mississippi.
  34. Cleveland48

    For Sale Vortex Viper PST GenII- 5-25x50 FFP NIB

    I have the same scope on my target rifle. It’s an excellent scope.
  35. Cleveland48

    How has Everyone’s Hunting Season at Home been?

    Love those ruger Africans! I have one in 275 rigby.
  36. Cleveland48

    Who likes the 7X57

    Great buck and beautiful rifle!
  37. Cleveland48

    9.3x62 factory ammo

    That’s good to know, thanks!
  38. Cleveland48

    9.3x62 factory ammo

    I’ve been seeing those on midway. Have you tried them out yet? Interested in the accuracy and muzzle velocity if you get to test them.
  39. Cleveland48

    Who likes the 7X57

    I have one of the little ruger Africans 275 rigby. Lovely little rifle. Of course I wish I had a real rigby, but this will have to do. Only took it hunting one time, and shot a doe with it. It’s been in the safe ever since, except for load development. I plan on it being my daughters first rifle...
  40. Cleveland48

    9.3x62 factory ammo

    The Norma 230 grain ecostrike is a great factory load. It clocked 2623 fps out of my sauer and shot well below sub moa. Quite a few times it was sub 1/2 moa for 5 shot groups. Took an 8pt, doe, and wild hog with it. Great performance and I would use them again in a heartbeat if I could find...
  41. Cleveland48

    Alec Baldwin Movie Set Accident

    Whew that apple seems like it never even belonged in the same tree as the great Thell Reed [emoji23]
  42. Cleveland48

    Alec Baldwin Movie Set Accident

    Yes you are right. I’m pretty sure he made several statements about Cheney and other gun owners after that happened. And it seems they are nothing but supporting one of their own after this incident. Truly a double standard if there ever was one.
  43. Cleveland48

    Settled on my hunting loads in the 416’s

    Yes my model 70 has been very accurate for me so far. I seem to have trouble with the 350 TTSX and BLC-2 powder though. Right at 1 1/2” groups is the best I’ve gotten with that combo, but everything else I’ve tried has been great. I had a pretty solid load with the 350 TTSX in the Taylor last...
  44. Cleveland48

    Settled on my hunting loads in the 416’s

    I used the 300 tsx last year for my Ruger #1 416 Remington on two whitetail. That load was 2712 FPS and worked great on those deer.
  45. Cleveland48

    Settled on my hunting loads in the 416’s

    That is some great looking performance. I can’t wait to try them out on some whitetail this fall.
  46. Cleveland48

    Settled on my hunting loads in the 416’s

    Finished settling on my load for deer season this year. My 416 Taylor Imp will be running 300 gr tsx at 2640 FPS. My 416 rem mag will be using 340 gr woodleigh pp at 2668 FPS. On my 416 rem I switched from Hornady brass to Norma, using the same load the Norma brass picked up 58 FPS. Both guns...
  47. Cleveland48

    Does removing all oil in a barrel reduce first shot variations?

    My howa target rifle in 6.5 creedmoor gets cleaned about every 150-200 rounds. A clean copper stripped barrel does not affect its first shot at all. I have some hunting rifles that actually take 1-4 shots before it settles on a clean barrel though.